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					                    Reduce, reuse and recycle
The recycle sign with the green arrows chasing each other in a circle is something you will
see at most construction sites. Is just a token gesture or are construction companies really
committed to reducing and recycling? From the sight of overflowing dumpsters at most
construction sites, the answer may not be what we are expecting.

While large waste volume means increased business for construction dumpster rental
companies, it definitely is not something we can ignore, and this was brought to our
attention by a group of people who claimed to be conducting a survey regarding
environmental responsibility within the construction industry.

There are probably very thick recycling manuals sitting somewhere on the desks of all chief.
These manuals most definitely will contain a chapter or perhaps more than one chapter
devoted to the economic benefits of recycling. However, it is debatable how many people
working in construction have read the pages in the manual.

It would not be surprising to find out that the recycle manual is gathering dust in a corner,
taken out and referred to once in a while during one a periodic health, safety and
environment meeting. How can we find out how much of the waste produced at construction
sites is unavoidable and how much of it is due to negligence? This challenging question was
examined recently by an unnamed environmental group.

Representatives from this green outfit tried to visit several construction sites in New Jersey
to examine the various materials that were being disposed of in construction dumpsters.
This was not an easy task because construction sites are very strict about safety

As an alternative, the environmental group contacted dumpster rental companies in New
Jersey to find out more in regards to the contents within roll off dumpster at construction
sites . The environmental company concluded that there is much room for increased
recycling of materials on construction sites, but due to lack of time and job site space
constraints, recylcling is simply not always a top priority.

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