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									Follow the Trends for 2012: Discover the
Best Wedding Ideas
By: Laura Taylor

                                            Are you in search of wedding ideas? We have countless
                                            available for you to select from. The latest trends in
                                            weddings are affordable and tres chic. Here are several
                                            wedding ideas that will have people talking about your event
                                            for many years to come:

                                            1. Trends in Wedding Dresses

                                              According to
(, Victorian wedding dresses are the new trend for
2012. Brides are taking the Victorian theme to the next level. Dresses are featuring high necklines,
chokers and corsets. The skirts are full and long.

Instead of fancy designer heels, brides are wearing Victorian-style, lace-up booties. The trends are
formal and elaborate. Because the dresses are so elaborate, many brides are opting for a second, more
casual dress for the reception party. This dress is typically more modern, fun and playful. The hem-line is
shorter for the reception dress.

Women are embracing the trends as if they were inspired by Carrie in her fashion photo shoot in Sex in
the City. Perhaps, it is simply our recession woes. Whatever the reason, these brides have transformed
and transported the Victorian-era into year 2012, and these wedding ideas for dresses are attractive and

2. Trends in Wedding Colors

In 2011, brides used many bold colors for their wedding parties (
pantone-colors-for-womens-fashion-spring-2011). In 2012, the same bold colors carried over and some
neutral colors also stepped onto the scene. Bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets featured colors such as:
Lavender, Silver Cloud, Pink Peony, Peapod, Beeswax, Coral Rose, Regatta, Blue Curacao, Russet and
Honeysuckle. Ivories are also incorporated into the color palette by adding pearls, sashes and other
accessories to complement the primary colors.
Even brides' dresses are being featured in some of these colors for 2012 weddings. Brides are tired of
the same old white dress and would like to be featured in a dress with a hint of color. Designers are
assisting brides with this request.

The colors set a mood for the wedding soiree. Pinks and sunny yellows paint a playful, cheerful and
upbeat mood. Pale blues, beiges and neutral grays communicate a more tranquil and peaceful mood to
guests of the event. Colors play a huge role in the entire theme and elegance of the 2012 weddings.

When selecting wedding ideas, brides should consider the colors and the event venue. An outdoor,
daytime reception may work best with bright and cheerful colors. While another venue, such as a
country wedding, may work best with neutrals, yellows and browns. Follow the trends and select the
best color scheme for your wedding.

3. Trends in Catering

From the main course to the desserts, food is becoming more of a work of art than in past years.
Themed treats have been incorporated into a wedding affair. Groom’s cakes are becoming as important
and elaborate as the primary or bride’s cake. Instead of just a cake, full dessert tables are planned. Petit
fours, cupcakes, candies, pies, chocolates and cookies are all being featured on these elaborate dessert

The trend has been towards providing more variety of gourmet sweet treats that truly melt in the
mouth. Brides following this trend will not disappoint her guests. Everyone loves sweets, and many
come to weddings simply to have one sinful day of indulgence and celebration.

It is not uncommon for brides to incorporate liquor tasting stations, coffee bars, juice bars, wine bars or
cheese bars into the reception ( Do you
love ice cream? Why shouldn't you have an ice cream sundae bar or a sorbet bar? Guests love variety
and will appreciate the effort put into providing delectable treats to make the affair special.

4. Trends in Wedding Themes

Whether the food is centered on pub-type sports food or a Caribbean-style affair, guests will enjoy
themed-style weddings. Oscar-themed weddings and 1920s-style weddings are also common in 2012.

Wedding themes give the bride a framework to work within. Sometimes planning a wedding seems
daunting without a general theme, brides choose themes because it helps them bring a more cohesive
event and plan to life. Themes also reveal something about the bride and groom’s personalities or
dating history together. If you and your significant other went to numerous sporting events together, a
sports-themed wedding reception may be ideal.

5. Trends in Honeymoons

Couples are no longer sticking to the tried and true destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica.
Instead, couples are heading to Morocco, Bali and Nepal. Many adventurous couples are engaging in
activities such as scuba diving, horseback riding and kite surfing. Instead of lying on the beach, couples
are learning how to interact with one another and start building their relationship skills together.
Couples who play together stay together.

 Follow the Trends and Find the Best Wedding Ideas
The trends will reveal the best wedding ideas available. Research the trends before selecting your final
ideas for your wedding. You will not regret the decision.

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