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									Five Steps to Matrimonial Bliss
By: Laura Taylor

                                            So, you are planning a wedding? Are you excited? We sure
                                            hope you are. You are probably overjoyed and
                                            overwhelmed at the prospect of planning a wedding. Our
                                            experts are ready to help guide you on your journey to
                                            matrimonial bliss. Here are five tips for planning the perfect

                                            1. Do Not Rush the Process

                                            So, you have found the beau of your life. You are convinced
                                            he is your soul mate. Why rush the process of planning the
                                            wedding? You spent years finding the perfect mate. You
                                            should plan an event that celebrates your love to be
                                            equally as spectacular.

                                            Many brides eager to “jump the broom” have cut corners
                                            and sacrificed the wedding of their dreams because they
                                            think something may go wrong between the engagement
and the wedding or because they just do not want to wait any longer. Years later, brides may look back
on the occasion and wish they had planned more.

What can brides do to prepare? Start by looking at bridal magazines, wedding videos and the Wedding
Channel. Completely immerse yourself in wedding and bridal information. Read wedding blogs and go to
as many weddings as you can. Before you select a date, a dress, a venue, colors, a caterer, bridesmaids
or vehicles, determine what the ideal event is to you.

What you may decide in haste, may not be what you truly would have wanted if you planned. Perform
copious research before making any decisions. You will be pleased when you plan a wedding celebration
that is uniquely you and memorable for a lifetime.

2. Select a Budget

We all have dreams, but we also have budgets. Luckily, many magazines and blogs cater to brides of all
budgets. Wedding planners can make a backyard soiree for a budget bride into an elegant affair with
proper planning and ingenuity. The key is finding a wedding planner that specializes in people with your

Whether you are planning a wedding at the Waldorf-Astoria or in the back yard of your parent’s ranch
home, there are ways to make every type of event stellar, memorable and enjoyable for all involved. If
you know your budget is limited, do not over spend to meet your dream wedding. Instead, modify your
dream to meet the budget you have. Later, when your budget increases, you and your husband can plan
a more elaborate party for your friends and family that better approximates your dream.

For instance, maybe your dream is the Waldorf-Astoria, but your budget is more the backyard wedding.
Consider the free venue of a backyard and rent an air-conditioned tent. Include upgraded items such as
up-lighting and elaborate centerpieces to dress up the venue. Include a dance floor and splurge on
flowers instead of the elaborate venue. The event will be equally as stellar but without the cost of the

3. Decide on a Theme

Involve others in the process and decide on a theme. Are you having a country wedding or a
cosmopolitan wedding? Is your wedding a sophisticated affair or a fun-loving casual affair? The answers
to these questions will depend on your personality, your guests and your ideal wedding dream.

Some people have an ideal wedding idea in mind but many of their guests would not feel comfortable.
At the event, you and your groom should be happy, but the guests’ happiness should also be
considered. Otherwise, you will not have a good time. Many people have chosen rock and roll theme
weddings, gothic-themed weddings, island-themed weddings or other uncommon wedding themes. As
long as the majority of your guests will feel comfortable, wedding themes are entirely up to you.

4. Select Vendors

From the wedding dress to the caterer, vendor selection is an important part of the wedding planning
process. Each vendor must help to bring your vision to reality. Experts suggest using a vendor directory
to select the best vendors. Some vendor catalogs feature vendors from all over the United States. Each
vendor is reviewed to help brides select the best one available.

By reviewing evaluations, brides can be assured they choose vendors that are reputable, prompt and
professional. Quality service is instrumental to a flawless event.

5. Select Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Couples should select one bridesmaid and groomsmen for every 50 guests. After you decide how many
guests you will have at your wedding, select the appropriate number of attendants. There can be an
uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but most people try to balance the wedding party.

Many brides and grooms will include close family members and close friends in the wedding party. As a
general rule of thumb, close family members take precedence over close friends, but this is not a “hard-
and-fast” rule. When asking bridesmaids, do not select based on what you think they can afford.
Instead, select the people who will be most supportive and then, ask them about their budgetary
concerns. If they cannot afford to be in the wedding, they will politely decline.

If you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings, consider asking the person to play another role in
the wedding. The person may be responsible for handing out programs, performing a song or
conducting a poetry reading. Keep in mind that a male can have a female attendant, and a female can
have a male attendant. Do not be afraid to ask people who genuinely have your best interest at heart.

 Planning a Wedding Can Be Fun with Proper Preparation
Planning a wedding can be fun if you prepare in advance. With proper planning, you can have a
memorable event that comes close to your ideal wedding. Consider these tips and get started planning
the event of your dreams.

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