The Fastest Way to Get Started in MLM

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					The Fastest Way to
Get Started in MLM
The Fastest Way to Get Started in MLM

Being successful in MLM is challenging, but the great thing about it is that it doesn't
take any special talent. It does take some hard work and an intelligent approach to
growing your business. Once you have those in place, you can look forward to an
exciting experience!

Follow these steps to get off to a fast start:

   1. Make a decision.Nothing significant can happen until you make the decision to
      do something. Making a decision means that you cut yourself off from all other
      possibilities. So decide that you're going to be successful and that no challenge can
      stop you from moving forward in your business.

   2. Schedule your time.Most folks decide to fit their MLM activities around
      everything else. That is, they do it whenever they have time. This is the wrong
      approach. You should schedule this work just like you would anything else
      that's important to you. Make a schedule and stick to it.

           Consider spending about 80% of your time growing your business and 20%
           learning more. Most people tend to do it just the opposite and are never
           successful because of it. Track how much time you're actually spending on
           activities that can make you money.

   3. Get a success team.Surround yourself with like-minded people that are
      successful at what you're trying to do. Find some people locally if you can; use
      an online community if you must. It keeps the motivation high, and you have a
      source to turn to for answers. Remember that this is part of the 20% and not

                                        the 80%.

                                      4. Limit your prospecting.After you tell your friends, family, and neighbors what
                                         you're up to, give most of the prospecting a rest. There are better ways to spend
                                         your time.

                                      5. Market.One of the M's in MLM is for marketing. This is where you should spend
                                         a lot of your 80%. Marketing is the ultimate source of your success. Whether
                                         you're looking for downline members or customers, it's a lot easier to convert
                                         leads to dollars when the leads are contacting you. Trying to turn a cold call /
                                         cold approach into a payday is tough!

                                              Utilize technology. The great thing about the Internet, Twitter, Facebook,
                                              and other technology is the tremendous leverage. They’re essentially free
                                              and allow you to reach a large number of people.

                                      6. Find a successful mentor.A successful mentor is someone that started where
                                         you are and has reached where you want to be. Don't get a mentor that makes
                                         $1,000 a month if you want to make $10,000 a month. Spend some time and
                                         find the right person.

                                              Keep in mind that the most successful MLM-ers don't waste a lot of time.
                                              You might want to offer them something besides the benefit of a warm
                                              fuzzy feeling. Maybe you could do some work for them. Maybe you can
                                              give them a percentage. Be prepared to reciprocate your time.

                                   MLM is a great business for those that are determined and take intelligent action.
                                   While there are no shortcuts, there are plenty of less than direct routes to get to where
                                   you want to go. Follow these tips and you can get off to a fast start. That first check is
                                   closer than you think.


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