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Enterprise Hubs presentation for SREPs by yurtgc548


									David Morrall, Head of East of England Programmes
   Department for Communities and Local Government
  The East of England in Context
 £100bn economy
 5.5m people
 >500,000 businesses
~7,000 miles2 /19,000km2
A true ideas region…
 Europe’s leading innovation region:
   – > 26% UK commercial R&D expenditure
   – 20% - £1 in every £5 of venture capital
     investment in the UK
   – Some of world’s leading
     research institutes and
   – Europe’s most mature and
     successful clusters
 Innovation is key foundation for
   – economic recovery
   – competitive advantage
   – sustainable solutions to climate change
 ..with proven innovation strengths…

Top three performer amongst the 12 UK regions for
21 out of 36 measures of innovation performance
…and a strategy to consolidate innovation
   – to be the most R&D intensive region in the United Kingdom and
     the most successful at converting this activity into commercial
   – Create the conditions to stimulate innovation.
   – Build success by investing in knowledge sectors; (Low
     Carbon, Life Sciences and Healthcare and Digital Industries).
   – Build partnerships to deliver regional and national innovation
  …with the right tactics to the make best of our
  comparative advantage…
 Innovation Programme Priorities:
   – Extend Cambridge’s innovation model across the region:
     Enterprise Hubs
   – Open up supply chains of multi-nationals to the region’s businesses
     and universities:
     Next Generation Science Parks
   – Establish new mechanisms to stimulate innovation:
     Market-led procurement (SBRI)
   – Increase the transfer of knowledge from HE to business:
     Innovation Vouchers, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships,
   – Support innovative businesses with financial products to accelerate
     Grants for R&D; Proof of Market; Angel co-investment fund, Low
     Carbon VC fund (ERDF), understanding finance for business (Uf4B)
…significant existing industrial strengths…

                       Peterborough                                               Great Yarmouth

National                  CAMBS                                                   Lowestoft

                                                    Bury St Edmunds
             Bedford                               SUFFOLK
            BEDS                                       Ipswich

           Luton   Stevenage
                       HERTS           Stansted                                               ICT
       St Albans                                                                              Finance and Business Services
                  Hertford               ESSEX         Colchester                             Creative Industries
            Watford            Harlow                                                         Life science/pharmaceutical/agritech
                                    Chelmsford                                                Engineering
                                      Basildon                                                Environment/water
      London                                      Southend-on-Sea
                                                                                              Slide courtesy Matthew Bullock
…Clusters of Excellence & Enterprise Hubs…
EcoInnovation                                                                         InCrops:
Centre: Water                                                                         BioRenewables
& Environment
 St. Johns                                                                                        Hethel: Advanced
                          Peterborough                                                            Manufacturing
                                                                                             Great Yarmouth
Babraham                                                  NORFOLK
                                                                                                  & Automotive
                              CAMBS                                                          Lowestoft

                                                              Bury St Edmunds    Health
 Colworth       Bedford
                                                                                Enterprise           OrbisEnergy:
                                                          SUFFOLK                  East              Off-shore
   Park        BEDS                                             Ipswich
                                                                                  Cardio             Renewables
              Luton   Stevenage
   My                     HERTS           Stansted
                                                                                 Thorasic                ICT
                                                                                                         Finance and Business Services
Incubator St Albans   Hertford              ESSEX              Colchester                                Creative Industries
               Watford             Harlow                                                                Life sciences and Healthcare
                                         Chelmsford                                                      Advanced Manufacturing
 BioPark                                                                                                 Off-shore Renewable Energy
                                         Basildon                                                        Environment/water
BRE: Building                                                                                            Slide courtesy Matthew Bullock
Research                                               ICT: Innovation
Establishment                                          Martlesham
       … but coordinating our products to support
      opportunities in key sectors & supply chains.
A2F    Access-2- Finance
 •Grants (GRAD,PoM)   •Equity (LCIF)
 •Loans               •UF4B
 •Angel               •Tax Credits

 •Science Parks & Enterprise Hubs
 •Supply Chain networks
 •SBRI Small Business Research Initiative
 •UKT&I Inward investment & export advice

       Access-2-Skills & Knowledge
 •Workplace cluster support       •KTPs = universities
 •Supply Chain skills             •MAS = manufacturing
 •Innovation Vouchers
Strategic Investments are critical to our
 Enterprise Hubs
  • make a valuable contribution to the region’s ‘knowledge-based

  • has national and international significance

  • empowers high growth potential SMEs in knowledge based
    sectors to start up, grow and innovate

  • stimulates universities to share their knowledge and research with
    these organisations

  • connects SMEs to larger, research-intensive corporate
    businesses in the same field of activity, cluster or technology area
  …to support technology clusters through
  conceptual models…
                            Knowledge based economy
                   eg universities, NHS, Technology Organisations

                                                                    1: Improved performance
                                                                    in innovation and
  Science and                                                       knowledge transfer
                                                                    across the economy
Industry Council
                                  Enterprise                              2: A thriving
  Strategic           Support for                                         enterprise society
  direction            Start-Ups     Hub Networking                       for SMEs
                                               & Knowledge
                              Research   Technology                  3: International-class
                              Linkages     Centres                   leadership in
                                                                     developing and
                                                                     realising innovation

                    Entrepreneurs and small to medium sized
                   businesses in high growth, high tech sectors
…which deliver proven economic impacts.
15 Enterprise Hubs
  – £50 million EEDA investment
  – £90 million public / private
Independent audit concludes
 Successful model
More to be done
  – Promotion
  – Networking
  – Minimum set of business support
 Case study: InCrops ‘hub’
 East of England has world-class knowledge in plant science
13 partners, includes 4 universities, 4 R&D organisations
Case study: InCrops ‘hub’

        Virtual ‘hub’ connects SMEs with knowledge base
        stimulates commercialisation of alternative / non-food
         crops and plant derived renewable products
        levers world class research capability to
          – facilitate supply chain development,
          – market integration
          – product innovation to widen the scope for
            technology transfer
          – accelerate the rate of successful technology
Case study: InCrops ‘hub’
        InCrops project will stimulate the rural economy
         through high value enterprises and deliver low carbon
          – Assist 200 SMEs - Create > 70 new jobs
          – Start-up / spin-out > 50 new businesses
        Total investment £4.06m
          – £1.15m ERDF, £1.05m EEDA
          – £1.86m partners
        Contact: Dr. John French, University of East Anglia
World-class technology clusters…
…offering real opportunities to work with corporates
through strategic investments in Science Parks…

 Region has high R&D spend                    MNEs
 Need to improve commercialisation
 Most of that R&D (75%) is spent by
  region’s Multi-National Enterprises (MNE)
 MNE Science Park offers
   – SE co-location with HEI and Large            MEs
   – improve growth of SEs into MEs              SEs
   – Much higher potential for inward
     investment                                 startups
 Extension of EEDA’s Enterprise Hub model
…which deliver even greater economic

Multi-National   Location   New      Sector
Enterprise                  Jobs
Unilever         Bedford      750 Life Sciences (Food)

BT (British      Ipswich    2,000 ICT
Lotus            Norwich    1,200 Automotive (low carbon)

GlaxoSmithKline Stevenage   1,500 Life Sciences (Pharma)

Ford             Dunton            - Automotive (low carbon)
Delivering innovation – with the same coordinated
     products in key sectors & supply chains.
A2F   Access-2- Finance
 •Grants (GRAD,PoM)   •Equity (LCIF)
 •Loans               •UF4B
 •Angel               •Tax Credits

 •Science Parks & Enterprise Hubs
 •Supply Chain networks
 •SBRI Small Business Research Initiative
 •UKT&I Inward investment & export advice

      Access-2-Skills & Knowledge
 •Workplace cluster support       •KTPs = universities
 •Supply Chain skills             •MAS = manufacturing
 •Innovation Vouchers
Colworth/Unilever: a case study for strategic
investments as a driver of “Open Innovation”
 “Knowledge Hub”
   – EEDA support for office space for two business
   – MBA research and lectures in Open Innovation
   – Cambridge and Cranfield
 Innovation Centre
   – Start-ups
   – EEDA support for
      • lab/office space for
        scientific academics
      • academic / industry
        liaison manager
   – Research institutes
The Open Innovation concept is central to
the development of regional clusters…
EEDA helps businesses that want
  to compete through innovation
  – Strengthening world-leading Cluster
Consolidating strengths in
  Life Sciences and ICT
Developing Strengths for
  Low Carbon Economy
  – Low carbon vehicles
  – Built Environment
  – Renewable Energy
The challenge is to increase the rate of
Open Innovation…
 Open supply chains to SMEs
   – Utilise Enterprise Hubs and
     Science Parks
   – Inward investment (attracting
     Multi Nationals to region)
   – Public Sector procurement
 Collaboration (in addition to above…)
   – Utilise HEIs
   – Industry Challenges
   – Standardisation
 Internationalisation
…and not to do it in isolation but to do it as
an international partner.

 Good transport, access to international markets
 Highest number of employees engaged in R&D activity
 Continuous stream of new ideas, new technologies,
  new companies
 Leading Universities
 The leading R&D economy in the UK with the highest
  per capita R&D expenditure
 Proximity to London, financial markets, media channels
 Open Innovation Culture
   A local innovation future

 Regional Development Agencies
  abolished by coalition government.
 9 RDAs replaced by ~37 Local
  Enterprise Partnerships.
   – Partnerships between local
     authorities and businesses
   – Guided by business-lead board
   – Determine local economic
     priorities Drive economic growth
     and local job creation.
   – LEP cover “meaningful economic
     areas” not aligned with regions.
   A local innovation future

 Does innovation thrive on networks?
 Cambridge has 47 network groups1
 New research indicates that most
  research / innovation is so
  specialised that wide networks play
  no part2
 Knowledge sharing as likely to occur
  on-line with other specialists
  – where ever they are
 Benefits may relate more to the
  labour market, broader business
  opportunities and perhaps image /


    A national innovation future

 Department for Business Innovation & Skills
   – “We want to make sure that Britain is the best place in the world to run
     an innovative business or service - this is critical to the UK's future
     prosperity, our quality of life and future job prospects”
 Technology Strategy Board
   – UK’s national innovation agency. £317m budget 2011/12 covers
        •   Grants for R&D to single businesses,
        •   Collaborative R&D programmes in key technologies
        •   SBRI – Small Business Research Initiative (public procurement)
        •   Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Networks
        •   New Technology Innovation Centres: Advanced Manufacturing, Cell
            Therapy, Off-shore Renewable Energy. More to follow…
 Broadband Delivery UK
    – Investing >£500m in super fast broadband
East of England : Space for Ideas

David Morrall
Head of East of England Programmes
Department for Communities & Local Government
+44 303 444 6400
David Morrall, Head of East of England Programmes
   Department for Communities and Local Government

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