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                                       Wine List
         Blue Lagoon Bar
        330 The Kingsway
            East Sussex
            BN3 4LW
          01273 413402
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Wines supplied by ViVAS Wine Limited
White Wine                                                             Red Wine

Tini Trebbiano/Chardonnay Rubicone 2                                   Tini Sangiovese Rubicone B
Italy                                                                  Italy
A fresh white with flavours of green apple, pear and a nutty finish.   Full of cherry fruit with velvety tannins and a firm body.
                               175ml £3.30           Bottle £11.99                                    175ml £3.30            Bottle £11.99

The Gumnut Chardonnay 2                                                The Gumnut Shiraz D
Australia                                                              Australia
Benchmark Aussie Chardonnay – sunshine in a glass. Ripe tropical       Bursting with bags of blackcurrant and cherry flavours
fruit flavours punctuated with a touch of refreshing citrus.           and a touch of savoury black pepper on the side.

                               175ml £3.50           Bottle £12.99                                    175ml £3.50            Bottle £12.99

Conti Rossi Pinot Grigio Provincia di Verona 2                         Cambio 7 Merlot,Valle Central C
Italy                                                                  Chile
A light wine with pears, almonds and a citrus zingy finish.            Spices, plums and black cherries in a bottle, lovely stuff.
This is the reason that Pinot Grigio is so popular.                                                   175ml £3.70            Bottle £13.99
                               175ml £3.70           Bottle £13.99

                                                                                Go large for an extra
Cambio 7 Sauvignon Blanc,Valle Central 1
Chile                                                                                        £1.00
Tantalising tropical fruit aromas overlay a solid base of citrus
and herbaceous characters. Young, fruity and refreshing with
                                                                                          (250ml glass)
well balanced acidity.
                               175ml £3.70           Bottle £13.99
                                                                       Sparkling & Champagne

                                                                       Marquis de la Tour Brut 1
Rosé Wine                                                              France
                                                                       A delicious, sparkling Cremant from a quality producer.
                                                                       Fresh green apples, lime and citrus makes this a perfect
Tini Sangiovese Rosato Rubicone 2                                      choice for any occasion that demands a touch of indulgence.
Italy                                                                                                                      Bottle £16.99
A bright, vibrant rosé with light red cherry aromas and wild
strawberry flavours.
                               175ml £3.30           Bottle £11.99     Marquis de la Tour Rosé 2
                                                                       A great alternative to Champagne, this sparkler has strawberry
                                                                       and red cherry flavours, perfect for any ocassion.
Conti Rossi Pinot Grigio Blush 2                                                                                           Bottle £16.99
Delicate pale pink in colour, the nose is fruity with some
gentle floral hints, opening up to a crisp zesty palate full           Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 1
of summer fruit flavours.                                              Champagne
                                                                       Distinctive aromas of brioche and crunchy green apples
                               175ml £3.50           Bottle £12.99     with a crisp acidity on the palate.
                                                                                                                           Bottle £39.99

Furious Boar Zinfandel Rosé 3
California                                                             Key to Wine Styles
There’s a reason why this is one of our top sellers, it’s               1            2               3             4            5
simply a cracking wine for the price. Ideal for the new                Dry                        Medium                      Sweet

generation of wine drinkers or those that like their wines              A            B              C              D            E
a little sweeter. Raspberry ripple in a glass.                         Light                      Medium                      Heavy

                               175ml £3.70           Bottle £13.99                       125ml available on request

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