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Editing and Proofreading by yurtgc548


									EDITING AND
                  ARTICLE REVIEW

    Sabrina Ngo
    How is the website organized?
   Four sections
     Difference between editing and proofreading
     Tips about revision

     Levels of editing

     Proofreading process
   Editing                                Proofreading
       The process of re-reading             The process of correcting
        and modifying an                       mechanical or grammatical
        individual’s writing or work.          errors within an individual's
                                               work or writing.
      Example:                               Example:
          Smooth transitions                     Punctuations
          Well organized                         Spelling
What are some tips about revising?

   1. Don’t try to finish all at once.
   2. Change the look or medium of the writing.
   3. Go to a quiet area.
   4. Prioritize.
            How do I edit my paper?

   Levels of Editing
       Content
         Accurate information
         Completion of assignment
         Consistent and valid argument
       Overall structure
         Sequence of paragraphs
         Transitions
         Introduction and conclusion
       Structure within paragraphs
         Main idea
         Topic sentence
     How do I edit my paper?
 Clarity
   No ambiguous pronouns
   Proper vocabulary usage
   Clear sentence meanings
 Style
   Tone (informal, persuasive)
   Active voice
   No unnecessary phrasing
 Citations
   Correct format
   Proper citations (MLA, APA)
Are there any tips on proofreading?
   1. Spell check does not always work.
   2. Look for only one type of error at a time.
   3. Read out loud or slowly.
   4. Read it backwards.
   5. Look it up.
       How is this website useful?
   Distinguishes the difference between editing and
   Discusses how to improve your ability to find
    mistakes in your writing.
   Divides the website very clearly into distinct sections
    to draw the readers’ attention towards certain
    strategies that he or she would like to work on.
       How is this website useful?
   Explains each of its tips to clarify to the reader why
    he or she should utilize this particular advice.
   Even purposefully includes
    spelling errors, punctuation
    errors and grammatical errors
    so that the reader can practice
    the tips that the website
What does the website look like?

         Where are the website errors?

In red are the mistakes.

The first mistake is that the
word ‘process’ is misspelled
and the second mistake is a
grammatical error.
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