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					#1. Solve:

Let f(x) = (x-8)²; Find x so that f(x) =100

#2. Write a quadratic equation having the give numbers as solutions:

4i, -4i

#3. Complete the square by filling in two blanks so as to produce a true equation:

Choose correct answer: Show your work


     2. x² +
     3. x²+
     4. x²+

#4. Solve by applying the quadratic formula; all radicals should be simplified as far as possible.
Show your work:

#5. Use the discriminate to determine whether the following equations have solutions that are:
two different rational solutions; two different irrational solutions; exactly one rational solution;
or two different imaginary solutions:

Choose correct answer: Show your work


     1. Two different irrational solutions
     2. Two different imaginary solutions
3. Exactly one rational solution
4. Two different rational solutions

#6. Solve by applying quadratic formula; all radicals should be simplified as far as possible:
Show your work:


#7. Use the quadratic formula to determine the x-intercepts (if any) of the following
function. The evaluate the function for several values of x, and use the resulting points to
graph the function. Show your work and points for graph to be done:


#8 Solve the problem:

A basketball player has a vertical leap of about 36” If the equation d=8t²

Describes his hang time t as a function of his vertical leap d, what is his hang time? Show
your work:

#9. Translate the problem situation to a system of equations (DO NOT SOLVE)

Choose correct answer; show your work:

Bill and Jose’s discount cinema sold adults’ tickets for $4.10 each and children’s tickets for
$2.70 each. Last Tuesday, a total of $331.30 was collected from 89 movie watchers. How
many of each type of ticket were sold? (Let x represent the number of adults’ and y
represent the number of children’s tickets)

1.     X +y =89, 4.10x +2.70y= 331.30
2.     X + y = 6.80, 4.10x +2.70= 331.30
3.     X-y-89, 4,10x + 2.79y = 331.30
4.     X + y = 331.30, 4.10x + 2.70y = 89

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