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                                    AXE FOR UNCIVIL SERVANTS

                                              THE Government department which hunts benefits
                                              cheats sacked 684 of its staff for slacking off last
                                              year, we can reveal.
                                              The civil servants – fired for poor attendance – were
                                              among 1,106 employees axed by the Department for
                                              Work and Pensions.

                                              Among the remaining 422, 372 were given the boot for
                                              “misconduct”, which can include unauthorised access to
                                              computers and criminal activity.

                                              The DWP, which lost £3.2billion last year to benefit fraud
                                              and error, also had to devote huge resources to
                                              disciplining badly-behaved staff.

                                              Figures obtained by the Daily Star Sunday under
                                              Freedom of Information laws show there were 2,636
                                              disciplinary cases among the 98,928 workers.

                                              More than 900 involved “disclosure of information” and
                                              710 were for “computer misuse”, which includes
                                              browsing Facebook in work time and writing blogs.

                                             A further 29 involved “serious criminal offences”, while
                              23 cited “fraud, theft and loss of official funds”.

                              In March of this year DWP employee Samantha Douglas, 30, from
                              Wrexham, North Wales, narrowly avoided jail after diverting more than
                              £24,000 in benefits she administered into her own bank account.

                              Matthew Elliott of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said the level of bad
                              behaviour was worrying.

                           He said: “While it’s right that the DWP should get rid of failing staff, it is
deeply worrying there are so many employed there in the first place.

“Taxpayers cannot afford slacking at a department which is vital to getting people back into work
and off benefits.”

The DWP told the Daily Star Sunday: “The vast majority of our employees demonstrate the -
highest standards in relation to the performance of their duties and their dealings with the public
and fellow employees”.

It added: “Where an employee breaches these standards, disciplinary procedures will be followed
and action taken depending on the individual circumstances of the case.”

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Description: THE Government department which hunts benefits cheats sacked 684 of its staff for -slacking off last year, we can reveal.