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					Governance Matters
Now more than ever!

       Kent Annual
   Governors Conference

      12th May 2011
         Liz Cross
300k Governors
• Big Picture
  – Creating some shared perspectives on current
• Leadership & Governance
  – Delivering for Children and Young People
• Our Response
  – Making choices about what matters
What are the big challenges?
          Challenging Context
• Political context

• Social context

• Economic context
Big Society
• Structural Reform Plan
  – Power shifted to people and
  – Greater autonomy for schools
  – Reduction in bureaucratic targets
• Improved Parental Choice
• More support for poorest
• Whole system improvements
   10 traits for Generation Z-ers
• Essentially transient workforce
• Relentlessly tested -constant appraisal and
  feedback is the norm
• Diversity and equality will be a fundamental way
  of doing business
• More degrees, certificates and diplomas - but will
  need encouragement to notch up meaningful
  work experience.
• Many schools and colleges will be sponsored by
  employers in a bid to secure young talent early
                 10 Traits (2)
• High salaries will be less crucial as mortgages,
  bank loans and even private car ownership will
  be limited
• Life -primarily via the web and for those who
  find work less than satisfying, a virtual or second
  life will be key
• Loyalty to employers and engagement at work
  will become an urgent priority as young workers
  switch jobs and locations more often.
               10 Traits (3)
• Generous access to technology as children,
  but limited physical freedom means Gen Z
  will grow up fast. The erosion of their
  childhood may see many of them breaking
  out of the rat race later on in life.
• Political life will become less significant as
  Gen Z-ers exercise power via their online
  identities, not the ballot box.
      Economic and Global
“If its likely that someone in China or India
can do your work more cheaply than you
can, or if a computer can do your work
faster than you can.........”

“The future belongs to a different kind of
person with a different kind of mind:
designers, inventors, teachers, story tellers-
creative and emphatic right brain thinkers
whose abilities mark the fault line between
who gets ahead and who doesn't”
         A Whole New Mind – why right brainers will rule the future
         Daniel H Pink
       The     21st     Century Focus
               High concept / high touch

• Conceptual age                             21st century
  – Creators & empathiser
• Information age                            20th century
  – Knowledge workers
  – Factory workers
• Agricultural age                           18th century
  – Farmers
• Industrial age                             19th century

              A Whole New Mind – why right brainers will rule the future
                                                          Daniel H Pink
What does this mean for you
   as leaders/governors
     in your schools?
   Lessons from other Sectors
• User voice
  – Users on Boards or experience at Board
  – Scrutiny committees, patient panels
  – Social accounting
• Citizen influence
  – Public meetings
  – Councils
• Self Regulation – Audit
• Partnerships, Mergers, Joint Ventures
Good Governance
  Contact details
    07973 721 815

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