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Internet Marketing- Top Steps to Make SEO Work


The way business is conducted is changing. Over the past several years, a variety of new and exciting innovations have transformed consumers to take a new approach to shopping. Without having to change out of their pajamas, they are now able to procure the things they desire quickly and easily on the Internet.

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									Internet Marketing- Top Steps to Make
SEO Work
By: Glen Andrade

                                     The way business is conducted is changing. Over the past several
                                     years, a variety of new and exciting innovations have transformed
                                     consumers to take a new approach to shopping. Without having to
                                     change out of their pajamas, they are now able to procure the
                                     things they desire quickly and easily on the Internet.

                                     Online Presence is a Must

                                   There are still many business owners who have not created their
                                   online presence. They are often the ones who have been in
business for many years and not open to this change. The long-term effects are likely to prove

These business owners normally have a dedicated customer base. The new breed of consumer,
however, is one that requires the option to shop online. When this option is not available, they are
forced to spend their money elsewhere.

Getting Started with Internet Marketing

Whether creating a new website or attempting to drive more traffic to an existing one, the entrepreneur
must put forth hours of time and effort on an ongoing basis. The biggest initial mistake that novices
make is to quickly create a page title and tags that describes their product or service without doing
keyword research.

It is not often that someone surfing the web directly types a web address into their browser. Most traffic
comes from the search engines, and a successful website owner will do the research necessary to
discover words that are commonly searched, relevant to their product or service and has the least
competition. Finding this combination takes time and patience.

There are free keyword research tools available or web designers can purchase products that give more
accurate results. Either way, it is imperative that this research is done rather than choosing random
keywords to represent a website.

Once the Site is Up and Running, the Work Has Just Begun

Once effective keywords have been pinpointed, many web designers sit back and wait for the traffic to
flow in. While they are likely to receive a few hits, they often fail to realize that their work has just

Just as with any business venture, a new website requires publicity, and with online marketing, this is
called search engine optimization. While the keywords are a great first step, their are many others that
must be taken in order to further the efforts.

SEO content writing is a must. This is where the keywords pinpointed are further implemented beyond
tags and titles; they are placed strategically and naturally within articles that appear on the site. This
furthers the chance that search engines will associate these keywords with searches.

While content writing can become a time consuming task and is not something that comes naturally to
all online marketers, there are companies available that are able to provide this content for a fee. They
simply require the web designer to specify their requirements and keywords, and they provide
professional content containing any keywords desired.

How to Make Back Linking Work

Popular search engines such as Google navigate the majority of online traffic, and it is crucial that web
owners get their attention. These search engines essentially "crawl" the web looking for activity; when
they see a web page that is getting a lot of hits, they investigate the keywords.

In order for a web designer to capture this crucial attention, they must create links on existing websites
that will draw an initial crowd to their web site. These are called back links, and they take time and

A common and effective means of creativing productive back links is by posting to forums relevant to
the subject matter of the website. It is recommended that the online entrepreneur first make a
presence in the forum and post comments before providing links to their website. The more sincere
they come across, the better chance they have of their links being visited.

A website URL can also be submitted to search engine directories. There are hundreds of directories to
choose from, so it is most effective to utilize software to speed up the process. Although an older
method, this back linking approach still proves effective.
Social Networking: More Than a Personal Tool

As social networking sites continue to grow in popularity, their use in internet marketing is also
becoming common and for good cause. Facebook marketing is proving an excellent way to receive
additional hits to alert the search engines.

The average Facebook user has 200 friends. When they post a link to a website, there lies the potential
that a large percentage of their friends will see it. By marketing a website through just ten people, an
average of 1000 others have the opportunity to become exposed, and they can easily share the link with
their friends. Facebook creates a chain reaction that can help a website go viral quickly.

Email Marketing Another Great Tool

While mailers of the past required postage and handling, email is a cheap and effective alternative that
can be utilized in web marketing. While the entrepreneur does have to make the initial investment in a
list of potential customers' email addresses, the response can prove well worth it.

The secret to effective email marketing merged with proper SEO requires a few simple steps. First, the
right audience must be attracted through the use of commercial keywords geared toward consumers
ready to buy. Compelling data must be delivered within the email to encourage the reader to wish to
learn more. This will entice them to subscribe to email lists and buy products and services in the future.

Another creative way to drive an email marketing campaign is to offer a free product such as a report or
newsletter to learn more. This gives them a passive option to become involved in the online community.

Contact the Pros

It is evident that online marketing requires time and dedication, a combination many simply do not
possess. By contacting an SEO company, online entrepreneurs take the first step in the right direction in
making their online endeavor a success.

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