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                               Builder Preferred Program (BPP)
                       (2/1 Rate Buy Down Program for conforming loan amounts)
                          This information is intended for real estate professionals only

     Interest Rate is reduced 2% for the first year!
     Interest Rate is reduced 1% for the second year!
     Borrower’s rate for 3rd and remaining years reverts to the original note APR.
        See financing example below which may differ from actual APR at loan closing.

     No closing costs
        Borrower receives Valley Bank’s 0 origination; 0 discount mortgage interest rate quote. Builder to pay
        other closing costs such as recording costs, title search fees, closing/attorney’s fee, appraisal fee, credit
        report fee, lenders title insurance, loan doc fee, flood cert., etc.

     Maximum term 30 years, maximum loan amount $417,000.
     90% LTV’s, loans above 80% will require mortgage insurance
     Only owner occupied residential properties are eligible for this program. No
      second homes or investment properties.
     This program is available exclusively to buyers of homes currently financed
      for participating builders and developers who are customers of Valley Bank.

                   Please contact one of our Valley Bank Mortgage professionals
                             Steve Reeves                 769.8574
                             Yvette Kahn-Ewers            769.8556
                             Martha Gish                  777.1741

Financing example: Valley Bank’s recent 30 yr fixed rate mortgage quote was 5.125% 0+0. Under the BPP
program, borrower pays 3.125% for the first year, 4.125% for the second year, and 5.125% for the remaining
years. Annual Percentage Rate is 4.873%. Based on a loan amount of $250,000, principal and interest payment
excluding taxes and insurance for first year = $1,071; second year = $1,208; and 3rd year and remaining term =
$1,350. Terms are subject to credit rating and LTV; all loans subject to credit approval. Rates quotes subject to
daily change.

Equal Housing Lender

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