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					   Southern Pines, North Carolina                                                                                         July 2012

         Student Newspaper of the Moore County Literacy Council

                                                      Student Stories
  The stories in this publication were written by MCLC                  The purpose of this newspaper is two fold. The
students whose tutors have encouraged them to write                first is to provide a vehicle to display our students’
and experience the thrill of seeing their words in print.          works. The second is to provide a realistic motivation
Volunteers are encouraged to help their students                   for the improvement of their writing skills.
determine a subject for a story and write it for

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 Southern Pines, North Carolina                                                             July 2012

                          On This Day I Am Feeling Alright
                                     Gregory Ritter
          Last night I watched the basketball game. It was a great game. It started
off a little rough. San Antonio came to play. They knew that it was win or lose
from the start. When they stepped onto the floor it was time to play. They came
out red-hot, shooting from all over. They took an early lead. At the half, Oklahoma
City (O.K.C.) was down by eighteen. I was a little nervous. But I told my wife, I
said, “we might have to go back to Texas for a game seven.” I told her that it was
going to be hard to get a win in San Antonio.

       But the second half was a different ballgame. O.K.C. hung around. They got it together.
They started to play like the O.K.C. that I know. They came back and took the lead and did not
look back. They went on and won the game. I took a deep breath and went to bed.

        I did not want to wake my wife. So I said that I would just wait until morning and tell her.
Now we will just have to wait and see what happens between Boston and Miami (Heat) tonight.
Dwight, my brother, he likes the Heat. It is going to be just like last night. Miami knows that it is a
win or lose game too. It is going to be a dog fight. I got mine. But I do not know if the Heat can
get out of Boston because Boston does not want to go back to Miami for a game seven. Good
luck big brother! We will be waiting (Greg and the Thunder).

                                                 The Story of Rosalma Lucas Vail
    From Miss Pam…                                           Rosalma Lucas Vail

         Success                                              My name is Rosalma. I’m 26 years old
                                                              and I live at Blue Crossing in Aberdeen. I
                                                              have four brothers and three sisters. I am
 We have had many                                             the eldest in our family. My youngest
 accomplishments by our student                               brother is just four years old. I miss my
 in June. Maxium received her                                 family so much, but I can only pray for
 certificate for completing Book 5                           them that God will guide, protect, and take
 of Challenger. Evelia got her          care of them in Guatemala. Being the eldest, sometimes I feel
 library card and Emma earned a         like I need to be with them. It’s my responsibility to make sure
 certificate for Challenger 2.          all my brothers and sisters have been taken care of.
 Maribel completed Life Prints 1
 and received her certificate
 during June also.
                                        My Boyfriend’s New Car
  Our dictionary winner for that        Sheila Nieves
 month was Elvira. There is only
 one more month left to win a           This past weekend my boyfriend bought
 dictionary. Make sure you have         a car. It is a white Mazda 6. The interior
 at least 4 hours for the month of      is leather. It has a Bose brand sound
 June and we will enter your            system. I am very happy because my
 name in the drawing.                   boyfriend already has a car and is
                                        happy with the purchase made.
 Southern Pines, North Carolina                                                          July 2012

Party at the Park
Evelia Casas Garcia
                                                                      Poem For Kids
                                                                      Maxim Lizette McNeill
Yesterday I went to the
park. I brought sauce for
the meat and charcoal.
We ate meat, rice,
tortillas, bread, and drank
sodas. The children were
                                                                   If I could cry out in my bad path
playing in the playground
and the little children played together with Anita. I      If someone just could hold me and hold me
liked this party because my girls were very                                        tight
happy. I felt good except when Adele hit her                             In desire and in warmth
forehead, but she was okay. I hope all my friends                I would feel a little better in my soul
liked this little time together. I left early because I        And maybe I could work for my Father
had an appointment in Carthage.                                              above with light
                                                              I could hold my Mother, my brother, and
                                                               And then I would walk once again with

                                                 My Life
                                             Franklin Thomas

       I remember at 3 or 4 years of age I had a beaver hound. I always called him Shorty. He was
a very aggressive dog. If ever you saw me, you would certainly see Shorty. You know they say a
dog is man’s best friend.

       I was raised in Troy, N.C. in Montgomery County. I used to tell my parents I could remember
when I was born. My parents would look at me and say “Boy you don’t remember…how could you
remember? You weren’t even born.” Never-the-less, I actually saw the doctor in the house with a
black doctor’s bag. It was so plain and clear.

        We lived on a farm. My Mother’s family blessed us with 98 acres of land. My Father was
from a family of farmers, but he was a house painter also and my Mother was a first grade teacher.
There were ten siblings in our family…four girls and six boys. Out of ten, I was the youngest boy.

      My parents raised us on religious principle. If we didn’t go to church, we weren’t allowed to
go anywhere else.

        After we lost our farm by betrayal of my Mother’s eldest brother, Cicero, we then moved into
a house that wasn’t too nice. I remember when we would be eating at the dinner table and a gust of
wind would blow the roof off the house. My Father would tell the older boys to come and help put
the roof back on the house. Now that I have gotten older I think of it. It reminds me of a cartoon
character. Those days you never forget.
 Southern Pines, North Carolina                                                       July 2012

                                        My New Job
                                          Ageo Pinacho

I worked for 10 years in a furniture manufacturing company. The company made sofas,
loveseats, chairs, and ottomans. I worked in three different departments -- wrapping, framing and

About six months ago, I started a new job. I like this job more because it is near my house.
Before, I started work at 6:00 am; now, I can start at 7:00 or 8:00 am. With this job, I have
learned a lot of totally different new things. I learned about design, making patterns, cutting wood
and fabric -- all the tasks to make a finished product.

On my job before, I only made the upholstery arms of the furniture. I am still learning more of the
tasks in making upholstered furniture.

The job I had before was about 35 minutes from my home. Now, I work 5 to 10 minutes from
home. I am happy with this job

                          July – Student of the Month
                                Manuel Apolinar Cervantes
Manual is a student teachers can only dream of teaching! His commitment to learning English
is evident every time he and his tutor sit down together. Manuel comes into the Center two times a
week, working on the computer on Tuesday's and working with his tutor on Thursdays. The only
time he has not come was when he felt ill and even then he stopped by the office to say he was
going to the doctor's. He keeps a notebook with the materials he gets each week and he comes
prepared with questions about things he couldn't understand during the week. He has even used
cell phone pictures to let his tutor know what the object was that didn't have an English translation!
As Manuel has improved his understanding of English he has shown a wonderful sense of humor
and laughter is a part of every lesson. How wonderful that his tutor learns as much each week as
she hopes Manuel learns!

Submitted by his lucky tutor.
Kathy Nekton

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