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									Hotel Bathroom
Designs of

From a simple and practical three fixture
bath room of the mid 70’s to the opulent
seven fixture luxury bath room of today, the
hotels have kept pace with the ever evolving
needs and demands of its guests and users.
However we all need to take a breath and
think the rational. Is it sane to extend the
definition of luxury and comfort? Where do
we stop? Remember, we all are responsible
members of the society and so should be
concerned about our environment, every
additional fixture in the bathroom adds to
the consumption of energy in the form of
water or electricity, increasing the carbon
foot print of the hotel.

It is perhaps from this point of view that
both the designers and the hoteliers are for
once talking about the bathrooms of
tomorrow in our hotels. The fixture
manufactures are also sharing their concerns
by actively engaging their research teams to
come out with innovative ideas and
technologies to conserve energy in any form
that they can.

From all that I see, read and understand, our
hotel bathroom designing is going to see a
major change in approach and style in the
future. While retaining the touch of class
and comfort, it will greatly impact our
behavior towards the way we use water and
our environment. One major element that
will play a defining role in design
considerations of a futuristic bathroom will
be the use of water. As hotels consume huge
quantity of water, the focus will gradually
shift to fixtures and gadgets that will not
only conserve this precious resource –
water, but will also reduce energy cost of the
hotel and making the hotel more eco

From the guest’s point of view that is not
only looking for luxury and experience, the
hotels can compensate the reduction of
fixtures by increasing the space and adding
an alternate gadget like a bike or a simple
treadmill. You have not taken away either
the comfort or the feel, yet enhanced the
experience and space which the guest does
not enjoy at home. Come to think of it, you
have also added a competitive edge to your
rooms. Individual exercise space in the
room. All one needs is to streamline the
wants and needs and replace one with
another as filler.
Creating positive
experience being the
buzzword for designers,
I feel that future hotel
bathrooms could witness a lot of play with
lighting and sound. Since a hotel guest
spends a good amount of time in the
bathroom, creative mood lighting for
different time zones with complimenting
music could not only enhance the overall
experience but also easily find guest’s
acceptance as a substitute for additional
fixtures. After all there is luxury in less also,
provided the less is of top quality. Another
feature of the future bathrooms will be the
quality of acoustics. The cisterns or flush
valves will operate more quietly than ever.
                       After the bed,
                        bathrooms are the
                        most important guest
                        experience creators
and satisfiers and therefore the hotel
operator as well as the bathroom designer s
are jointly engaged in evolving a design and
space that will not only be practical but also
eco-friendly without compromising guests
comforts. We had recently witnessed hotels
switching to rain showers in the bathrooms,
with many switching back to multifunctional
showerheads because the female guests were
not very happy with rain showers. The point
being made is that every aspect of the
bathroom designing needs a thorough and
detailed research. Every designer of a hotel
bathroom has to address the needs of the
ultimate user from safety, experience and
energy consumption point of view.

I am very certain the hotel managers and the
designers have sustainability as a major
issue to address, however they cannot ignore
the guest, who is paying to use what they
create and operate. The challenge is
complex and needs a balanced resolution, I
feel that when I use a hotel bathroom in
2020, it will be way different than what it is
today – a responsible and sustainable
Ram Gupta is a professional hotelier with over four decades of experience in
India, Far East, Middle East and Europe. He has completed his hotel management
studies from The Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New
Delhi and has done higher studies from Germany. A Member of Institute of
Hospitality, U.K., he is also a Certified Hotel Administrator from U.S.A. He has
worked for some of the best hotel chains and was associated with over two dozen
hotel projects in varying capacities. He has served on a number of trade bodies
and boards of various companies. He is now an independent consultant in the
Industry. His web site can be viewed at and can be contacted


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