ISOLDE Radiation safety consolidation and future plans PS CERN by alicejenny


Radiation safety, consolidation
       and future plans
        The ISOLDE team

             Mats Lindroos
• Radiation safety
   – Report from PSMB appointed working group on
     radiation safety at ISOLDE (D. Frokel-Wirth, E.
     Kugler, J. Lettry and M. Lindroos)
• Consolidation
   – Conclusions from technical meeting in May 2000 on
   – On-going (pre-)studies
• Future
   – Unification of ISOLDE and target activities
   – Second generation radioactive beam facility at CERN
                         Mats Lindroos
     Radiation safety at ISOLDE
• Objective: Set radiation safety on level with
  European legislation (Swiss legislation)
   – Radioactive laboratory class A for all work on
     contaminated targets and front-ends
   – Radioactive laboratory class C for ISOLDE
   – Special area in class C laboratory for work with “open
   – Renovation of robots to increase reliability
• Two year plan, total cost: 1 361 000 CHF
                         Mats Lindroos
                          RP plan
• First year:
   – New tools for work on contaminated parts
      • endoscope
   – Entrance porch and fencing in of building 170
     (experimental hall)
   – Improvement of ISOLDE ventilation
      • mixing chimney for target area
   – Autonomous breathing system
• Second year:
   – Extension of building 179 (target area)
   – Renovation of robots

                            Mats Lindroos
     Target area,
                      RP plan
     b.179, Class A                   Controlled area


                                      Experimental area,
                                      b. 170, Class C

                      Mats Lindroos
• Study and build a New Generation (NG) of front-
  ends for ISOLDE
    – Modular for easy maintenance
    – No (or very few) moving components in the parts that
      will get contaminated
•   New control system
•   High resolution mode of HRS
•   Renovation of off-line separator and pump stands
•   New PS standard stepping motor controls
•   Cost estimated at 1 000 000 CHF with one NG
    front end built

                          Mats Lindroos
                         Front ends
• Next year there will be NO spare
  front-end for ISOLDE
   – The HRS front-end is malfunctioning
     and will be replaced in shutdown
   – The GPS front-end has already reached
     it estimated life-length
   – New generation of front-ends will be
     ready earliest in two years
   – Proposal: A copy of the front-ends used
     today should be ordered immediately (6
     months delivery time)
       • Cost estimated at 300 000 CHF
       • Minor (tested) improvements to be
         done of design

                              Mats Lindroos
              Future plans (1)
• Unification of ISOLDE activities
  – New workshops to be built linked to building
    179, 600 square meters needed (target area)
  – Office space to be negotiated in buildings close
    to the ISOLDE facility

                      Mats Lindroos
                   Future plans (2)
• A second generation Radioactive Nuclear Beam (RNB)
  facility at CERN using the SPL as the proton driver
   – Post acceleration to 100 MeV/u (cyclotron?)
   – Large multi-segmented detectors
   – Ion storage ring (300 MeV/u) with an intersecting electron ring
   – Possibilities of antiproton-RNB and muon-RNB physics to be

• The European RNB development is today driven
  by the site independent EURISOL study

                              Mats Lindroos
                Staff situation
• 1 more ISOLDE post to come… needs:
  –   Mechanical engineering
  –   Controls
  –   Target development
  –   Power supplies

                      Mats Lindroos
           Physics shifts 2000
• Without the HRS we hope to deliver 300
• An additional 40 shifts could be delivered if
  the HRS is kept operational
  – Extraction electrode mechanism works at
    extreme friction
• The ISOLDE team has worked very hard
  and has showed extreme endurance (HRS
  endurance). MANY, MANY THANKS!
                    Mats Lindroos

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