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					                                           Husham Fathi Mohd.
                                               Khartoum, Sudan
                                              + 2499 20000700

Key Qualification              Highly motivated Mechanical Engineer bringing ample international standard in
                               MEP construction field (Design, Executing, Supervising and hand over) ; HVAC,
                               Fire Protection, Plumbing and project consultancy. Successfully performed as Site
                               Manager / Sr. Mechanical Engineer in a multitude of projects in Palm Island –
                               Dubai, Cairo Air Port – Egypt and GNPOC Building at Al Sunut Area –
                               Khartoum / Sudan. Important projects managed include the development and
                               rehabilitation of Al Jazeera Club (Stadium & Gym Hall) / Abu Dhabi with
                               Tailibert Gulf Consultant, including the Annual Maintenance for Khartoum Breast
                               Care Centre (KBCC) / Khartoum – Sudan and Royal Iskan Hospital / Khartoum –
                               Sudan. As a Testing & Commissioning professional engineer; PDOC Building
                               handled over to the client located at Al Sunut area – Khartoum / Sudan.
Education                      Islamic Omdurman University
                               Omdurman / Sudan
                               BSc. In Mechanical Engineering
                               January 1999

Management Training                    Management Training programs (Couse)
                                             PMI – Project Management Professional (PMP) Course – Dubai, U.A.E.

Professional Training                  Professional Training Seminars
Seminars                                     A/C Supplier / Abu Dhabi
                                             ASHRAE Interclimatic / Cairo
                                             Samsung Technology / Sudan
                                             SKM Technology / Sudan
                                             PETRA / Sudan

Certifications                         Certification
                                             Quality Assurance Management Attendance – Turner / Dubai
                                             Management Skills for managers / Cairo

Computer Skills                                Microsoft Office, internet,
Citizenship                                    Sudan
Marital Status                                 Married + 2 children
Languages                                      Fluent in both Arabic & English
                                               Upon request

        Husham Fathi Mohd.                                      1/3
Professional Experiences
Career                          Pathfinder Engineering Enterprises, Khartoum, Sudan
                                August 2010 to present:          Executive Manager
                                ECG, Khartoum, Sudan
                                August 2008 to July 2010:        Sr. Mechanical Eng.
                                Ekin Proje, Cairo, Egypt
                                April 07 to July 08:             Site Chief
                                Ekin Proje, Dubai, U.A.E.
                                January 05 to April 07:          Site Eng. / Site Manager
                                Tailibert Gulf Consultant, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
                                July 2003 to December 04:        Mechanical Engineer
                                Al Sultan Consultant, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
                                October 2002 to July 2003:        Mechanical Inspector
                                Al Aman Consultant, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
                                 August 2002 to October 2002:     Elctromechanical Inspector
                                Masria for Kitchen & Laundry Contracting Co., Cairo, Egypt
                                October 1999 to August 2000        After Sales Service Eng.
                                 International Works Co., Khartoum, Sudan
                                June 1999 to September 1999         A/C Site Eng.

August 10 to Present            Pathfinder is my own company with partner (mech. Eng.); its business activities contents
Pathfinder Engineering          of: MEP contracting, HVAC/Plumbing/ Electrical Design, HVAC sub-consultant,
Enterprises                     Facilities Management (Maintenance Contracts) and Trading (AC accessories). As
Executive Manager               Executive Manager duties include but not limited to overall construction management
Khartoum, SUDAN                 (sites supervision, contract administration, procurement of contractors and material,
                                financial reporting and control, and quality management.

                                As the Senior Mechanical Eng. For GNPOC New Tower Project located at Almogran
August 08 to July 10            Area; responsible for the overall mechanical systems at the project; supervision and
Engineering Consultant          resolutions of all construction obstructions including design review, shop drawings
Group - ECG                     approval, materials approvals, client liaison, attends coordination & progress meetings and
Sr. Mechanical Eng.             prepare Monthly reports. Responsibilities also include the implementation of the ECG`s
Khartoum, SUDAN                 Quality Management, review reports and site inspections that has been conducted by
                                junior mechanical engineer, make sure that project`s specification is executed at site as
                                well and matching with B.O.Q. and review negative / positive variations payments.

                                Duties include field supervision on all mechanical aspects of the project. Insuring projects
April 07 to July 08             are done according to approved plans and specifications. Other duties include field
Ekin Proje,                     inspection, problem solving and managing workers. Assist HVAC commissioning
Site Chief                      manager to start handling over the system. Co-ordinate with consultant`s comments on
Cairo, EGYPT                    materials & site inspections approval. Monitor and advise junior site engineers.

         Husham fathi Mohd.                                 2/4
                                Starting as a site engineer; execute works at site as per approved shop drawing then call
                                the consultant for approval and site inspection, prepare weekly report and find the
January 05 to April 07          appropriate &approved materials to assist purchase engineer.
Ekin Proje,                     After then promoted to site manager responsible for site works and observe, guide site
Site Manager                    engineers to work as per scheduled time plan, internal weekly meeting then plan for site
Dubai, U.A.E.                   inspections priorities and site progress. Co-ordinate with design section, find site solutions,
                                attend co-ordination meeting (with project management / consultants).
                                Get government permits (DEWA & Civil Defense) to hand over the project.

                                Review the Mechanical drawings and specifications done by the Design dept. to ensure
July 03 to December 04          completeness, correctness, compliance with the scope of work and agreement
Tailibert Gulf Consultant,      requirements.
Mechanical Eng.                 Carry out constructability review during the execution stages; Ensure the contractor
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.               incorporates the comments raised from sr. mechanical engineer or my comments during
                                site inspections or site round.
                                Testing & balancing monitoring and as per standard & specification.

October 02 to July 03           Review the comments and approved shop drawings with sr. mechanical engineer, all
Al Sultan Consultant,           required calculations as well and ensure that the contractor execute the works at site as per
Mechanical Eng.                 specifications, client`s requirements. Materials inspection when arrived at site, check all
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.               required test then issuing approvals.
                                Co-ordinate with the contractor to solve site obstruction that might occur during
                                construction stage.

August 02 to October 02         Check elctromechanical works at site based on approved shop drawings before concrete
Al Aman Consultant,             casting; solve construction obstruction and co—ordinate with other disciplines and
ElctroMechanical Inspector      reported to sr. elctromechanical engineer.
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

                                Spare parts supplying to our customer, maintenance team, installation team and new
Sep. 1999 to October 01         customer. Preparing recommended spare parts list for two years and attached with full
Masria for kitchens &           package catalogues wherever handling over the projects.
laundry contracting,            Attend co-ordination meeting with sales engineers, our foreign agents and seminars.
Service Engineer                Check the spare parts stock and order the missing/important parts, review the whole stock
Cairo, EGYPT                    to our branches located on Sharm-el sheikh and Hurghada include with on-going projects.
                                Co-ordinate with customer`s engineers, technicians and in-charge person.

                                Execute air duct, chilled water piping, F.C.U.s….etc. installation and fixing as per
June 1999 to August 01          provided shop drawings, prepare air leak test and hydraulic test to deliver it to consultant
International Works Co.,        engineer, attend daily site co-ordination meeting with other disciplines.
Site Engineer                   Weekly payments to our labors and technicians, well communications with our head office
Khartoum, SUDAN                 and update accordingly.
                                Design negotiations with design dept. according to site conditions if any discrepancy.

         Husham fathi Mohd.                                  3/4

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