ENGT Adv Comm 2009-10

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					First Name                        Last Name    Position             Company                         Street Address                    City            State   Zip    email                            Telephone
Steve                             Ingraham     Engineering Mgr      Cooper Standard Automotive      1175 North Main Street            Bowling Green    OH    43402     419.373.7489          Corrected phone
Allen                             Kraus        Quality Engineer     Chrysler Machining Plant        8000 Chrysler Drive               Perrysburg       OH    43551                                                                             Dr. Sinn emailed 6/19/08
Ted                               Lippert                           Chrysler Staff
                                               Total Productive MaintenanceMachining Plant          8000 Chrysler Drive               Perrysburg       OH    43551                419-662-1721            Confirmed     May not attend first meeting
Kelly                             Herr         Quality Mgr          Principle Business Enterprize   PO Box 129, 20189 Pine Lake Rd    Dunbridge        OH    43414                  419-352-1551 EXT 229 Corrected phone
Tom                               Blaha        Exec Director        Wood Coun Econ Dev Comm         639 S. Dunbridge Rd. Suite 2      Bowling Green    OH    43402             419.352.7469            Confirmed
Mark                              Schoenlein   Project Manager      Owens-Illinois                  916 Pine Street                   Perrysburg       OH    43551           419-787-7214            Confirmed
Joe                               Catalano     Consultant                                           12 Old Coach Road                 Bowling Green    OH    43402         419-823-3285
Jeremy                            Keating      Manufacturing Mgr Daimler-Chrysler                   800 Chrysler Drive                Auburn Hills     MI    48326                     248-576-7598          Incorrect Email                    sent mail
Tom                               Bruning      Maintenance Mgr Thomas & Betts                       501 East Poe Road                 Bowling Green    OH    43402               419-352-2099            Confirmed
Tim                               Brown        Commissioner         Wood County Ohio                Wood County Court House           Bowling Green    OH    43402              419-354-9100            Confirmed
Pat                               Hanley                            The
                                               Fleet Logistics Manager Andersons, Rail Group        PO Box 119, 480 W. Dussell Dr.    Maumee           OH    43537                  419.897.3679            Confirmed      Not attending 1st meeting
Henry                             Wilkins      Supervisor           Daimler-Chrysler                8036 Cove Harbor Drive N.         Holland          OH    43528                 419-902-4828            Confirmed
Tom                               Marriott                          Dana Holding Corportaion        3939 Technology Dr.               Maumee          OH     43537             419-877-3400            Confirmed
Jason                             Sroczynski                        Williams Industrial Service     2120 Wood-Bridge Blvd             Bowling Green    OH    43402       419-353-2120            Confirmed
Tim                               Memmer                            Honeywell                       28399 Cedar Park Blvd             Perrysburg       OH    43551          419.661.6746            Confirmed
Chris                             Parker       Plant Mgr            Absorbent Products              2121 S. Woodland Circle           Bowling Green    OH    43402                                     419-352-5353
Pawel                             Mrozek       Analytical Scientist First Solar, Inc.               28101 Cedar Park Blvd             Perrysburg       OH    43551            419-662-7664            Confirmed
Mark                              Taylor                            Oldcastle Glass
                                               Structural Glass Systems Supervisor                  291 M Street                      Perrysburg       OH    43551    419-666-2000x41218          Confirmed
Jim                               Schlunt                           Varo Engineers, Inc.            2751 Tuller Parkway Suite 100     Dublin           OH    43017              614-459-0424            Confirmed
Brian                             Walker                            Green Bay Packaging             2323 Commerce Dr.                 Fremont         OH     43420                   419-332-5593            Confirmed
Dana                              Combs                             Dana Corporation                3939 Technology Dr.               Maumee          OH    43601               419-887-3000            Confirmed      Not attending 1st meeting
Greg                              Hoelzel                           GE
                                               Customer Service Mgr Lumination Labs                 6180 Halle Drive                  Valley View     OH    44125               216-206-6513

Community College Faculty/Staff
Bruce                             Meyer        Dean               Terra Community College    2830 Napoleon Road                    Fremont             OH   43420                                               Confirmed
Mark                              Durivage     Dean               Owens Community College    PO Box 10,000 Oregon Rd.              Toledo              OH   43699             567-661-7455               Confirmed
Jim                               Dunlap       Director, Quality  Rhodes State College       4240 Campus Dr.                       Lima                OH   45804
Tom                               Wylie        Dean               Northwest State College    PO Box 246-A                          Archbold            OH   43502
Jim                               Smith        Dean               Firelands Campus           901 Rye Beach Rd.                     Huron               OH   44839                                                        Out until June 29
Dick                              Bickerstaff Chairperson                                    550                                   Columbus
                                                                  Columbus State Community CollegeE. Spring St., Davidson Hall, Suite 205                          d
                                                                                                                                                       OH 43215-1786                 614-287-5032
Robert                                         Lt Col             BGSU
                                  Huckelberry, Chair Dept of Aerospace Studies               164 Memorial Hall                     Bowling Green       OH   43403                    419-372-2176               Confirmed     Gone until Aug 13

BGSU Faculty/Staff/Students
Tom                               Andrews                          BGSU                                                                                                     419-372-2552
Suds                              Jetley                           BGSU                                                                                               419-372-2608
Todd                              Waggoner                         BGSU                                                                                                 419-372-2633
Stan                              Lewis                            BGSU, Continuing Education                                                                          419-372-8181               Confirmed
John                              Sinn                             BGSU                                                                                                419-372-6034
Steve                             Reed                             BGSU, UG Student                 534 S. Clover Street              Fremont          OH   43420               419-333-0474               Confirmed
Karen                             Bloomfield                       BGSU, COT Co-op Office                                                                                   419-372-9963               Confirmed     Can't make first meeting
Joseph                            Frizado      Dean                BGSU, COT                                                                                                419-372-2438

Moira                             Van StaadenDirector              BGSU, SETGO                      303A Life Science Building        BG               OH   43403               419-372-0341               Confirmed     Overcommited-would like updates
Elizabeth                         Ross       Program Manager       BGSU, SETGO                      304 Life Science Building         BG               OH   43403                  419-372-4238               Confirmed
Robert                            Midden     Director              BGSU, COSMOS                     241 Math Science Building         BG               OH   43403                  419-372-0563               Confirmed     Might miss first meeting
Ann                               Light      Asst Dean             BGSU, PACE Program               21 College Park Office Building   BG               OH   43403                  419-372-7895

Angelo                            Brown        Associate Director BGSU, AIMS                        218 South Hall                    BG               OH   43403                    419-372-7573               Confirmed
T. Carter                         Gilmer       Director           BGSU, AIMS                        216 South Hall                    BG               OH   43403                    419-372-0471               Confirmed
Sri                               Kolla                                                                                                                 
David                             Border                                                                                                                
Erik                              Mayer                                                                                                                 
First Name Last Name Position           Company            Street Address         City      State
Michael    Pfaff      Eng Prototype Mgr Dana Holding Corp. 3939 Technology Drive Maumee OH
Dave       Kreinbrink Tooling Engineer                     1175 North Main Street Bowling Green
                                        Cooper Standard Automotive                           OH
   Zip email                    Telephone
 43537 419-887-3409       Declined
 43402                                   EXT 419-352-3533 497 Declined

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