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About Virgin Mobile
TTL’s Virgin Mobile brand is India’s first national youth-focused mobile service. Virgin Mobile branded
services are being offered to the Indian consumers by Tata Teleservices through a brand franchise with
Virgin. Virgin Mobile India facilitates Tata Teleservices with experience and expertise in designing,
marketing and servicing of Virgin Mobile branded products for the youth segment. Virgin Mobile services
are being supported from nine centers across nine cities and have a bench strength of more than 350
personnel. While Virgin Mobile branded service can be enjoyed by customers in over 6000 cities and
3,00,000 villages, the focus on subscriber acquisition so far has been in the top 60 cities and is set to
extend to more cities by year end. Virgin Mobile branded handsets are available across 20,000 outlets
and its top up cards across 50,000 outlets nationally.

Virgin – The Group
Virgin, a leading branded venture capital organization, is one of the world's most recognized and
respected brands. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to grow very
successful businesses in sectors ranging from mobile telephony, to transportation, travel, financial
services, leisure, music, holidays, publishing and retailing. Virgin has created more than 200 branded
companies worldwide, employing approximately 50,000 people in 29 countries. Its revenues around the
world in 2007 exceeded £11.5 billion (approx. US$23 billion).

About Tata Teleservices
TATA Teleservices Ltd is one of India’s leading private telecom service providers. The company offers
integrated telecom solutions to its customers under the TATA Indicom brand, and uses the latest CDMA
technology for its wireless network. TATA Teleservices, along with TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd,
operates in more than 6,000 towns across 19 circles—Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, New Delhi,
Maharashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar
Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), Kolkata, Rest of West Bengal, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. TATA
Indicom brand has a customer base of over 28 million.

    Service Reach
Virgin Mobile branded services will be available across 19 telecom circles that account for 99 percent of
the country’s mobile subscriber base. These include Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Gujarat, Karnataka,
Delhi, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh,
Uttar Pradesh (E), Uttar Pradesh (W), Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal (excluding
Andaman and Nicobar).

    Distribution Reach
Virgin Mobile branded products and services are available in close to 60 cities across 18 circles. Virgin
Mobile branded products and services are also available across a host of modern retail outlets including
The Mobile Store, Hotspot, RPG Cellucom, Univercell, Sangeetha, Croma, Convergem and Mobile NXT
to name a few.

Virgin Mobile currently offers a range of six handsets with a blend of style, features and affordability from
leading handset manufacturers. The handsets are priced between Rs. 1,499 and Rs. 3999 that meet the
lifestyle, budget and aspirations of the youth. All handsets are RUIM enabled, come with a colour screen,
FM Radio and include one touch access for Vbytes - Virgin Mobile’s VAS portal.


                        TOP FEATURES                PACKAGE INCLUDES
                        Speaker Phone                    1 Handset
                       65 K color screen                 1 Battery
                           FM Radio                      1 Charger
                            V Bytes                  1 Stereo Headset
                        Mobile tracker                 User Manual
                             SMS                      Warranty Card


                         TOP FEATURES               PACKAGE INCLUDES
                          Metallic Finish               1 Handset
                           Dual Screen                   1 Battery
                         65K Color Main                 1 Charger
                             Screen                     1 Headset
                         Voice Recording               User Manual
                         Speaker Phone               Quick Start Guide
                            FM Radio                  Warranty Card


              TOP FEATURES
              262K large color           PACKAGE INCLUDES
                   screen                     1 Handset
              Video capture &                 1 Battery
                  playback                    1 Charger
                  FM Radio                1 Stereo Headset
                 MP3 Player                  1 Driver CD
               1.3 MP camera                1 Data cable
             Micro SD card slot           Quick Start guide
                   V Bytes                  User Manual
                    WAP                    Warranty Card
vSleek        Speaker phone

              TOP FEATURES
                 Ultra slim
               Mirrored Lens             PACKAGE INCLUDES
                  Camera                      1 Handset
                    WAP                       1 Battery
             Micro SD card slot               1 Charger
              Speaker Phone               1 Stereo Headset
               Hinglish SMS                 User Manual
             65K color screen              Warranty Card

Nokia 2505

                 TOP FEATURES             PACKAGE INCLUDES
                Stylish Flip phone             1 Handset
                    65K Color                  1 Battery
                     FM Radio                  1 Charger
                    Flashlight             1 Stereo Headset
                 Speaker Phone               User Manual
                                            Warranty Card


                             TOP FEATURES                PACKAGE INCLUDES
                              Sleek Design                    1 Handset
                                FM Radio                      1 Battery
                             Speaker Phone                    1 Charger
                            65 K color screen             1 Stereo Headset
                                 VBytes                     User Manual
                                  SMS                      Warranty Card

Virgin Mobile offers most compelling tariffs for youth that are customized keeping their usage pattern in

 One rate across all networks
 Call Tariffs                          Rate per 60 second pulse
 Local: First 3 minutes of the day     Re. 1
 4th minutes onwards                   Re. 0.5
 STD: First 3 minutes of the day       Re. 1.5
 4th minutes onwards*                  Re. 0.5

 Local Outgoing                        Rs. 1
 STD Outgoing                          Rs. 1.5
 Roaming: Incoming                     Rs. 1
 SMS:Local                             Re. 1
 SMS:National                          Rs. 1.5

 Get Paid for Incoming               Earn 10 paise credit per minute on all incoming calls
                                     excluding on calls from Tata Teleservices network. Earned
                                     balance can be used to avail voice, text or data services
*Subject to a cap of 30 mins in a day post which STD rate will be Rs1.5/min

V Power

          YoYo Pack                   SMS VPower I SMSVPower2 I Thank God Its
MRP       Rs. 28                      Rs. 26       Rs. 29/39/40 Rs. 18
                                                   depending on
                                                   the circle
Benefit   All Local Virgin Mobile to   Local SMS @        500+ Free       Local Mobile Calls @
          Virgin Mobile calls @ 10p    20 Paise           Local SMS       30p/min and 100
          (first 700 mins)                                depending on    Local SMS Free
                                                          the circle
Validity 30 Days                       30 Days            30 Days         3 Days

Recharging methods

Recharging            Paper                                       EVD
Value Range           Rs. 10-499                                  Rs. 10-10000

Validity RCV          Rs. 249, 499, 295                           Rs. 249, 499, 295

Top Up                Rs. 10, 25, 50, 100, 199                    Rs. 10, 25, 50, 100, 199

Virgin Mobile offers a host of value added services (VAS) including Vbytes (VAS portal), music,
entertainment, contests and a host of other services like dating, jokes and listing of utility services. These
services have been created basis insights of the youth market in India.


Vbytes Messaging

Vbytes messaging services cater to a variety of user needs and have been crafted keeping in mind
consumer demographics and psyche. There are Dating Tips, Love & Seduction pointers, Jokes, Keep fit
health tips, Amazing Facts a la ‘Believe It Or Not’ style as well as Dictionary to make the lives of the users
more interesting. All these SMS subscription services are offered to Virgin Mobile subscribers at just Rs.
30 per month. Besides these, services such as Love Calculator/ Contests & Reverse Auctions for cool
consumer durables are available at a charge of just Rs. 3 per SMS.

Vbytes Voice

Vbytes voice services are a joyride of entertainment. People can dial 58686 and be led by a helpful voice
through various genres of content like Music (Ringtones & Tring Tunes), Jokes, Cricket scores, Movie
spoofs & dialogues, Voice games, Astrology, Fun quiz, Contests etc. Users can access these at a charge
of Rs. 6 per minute. The user can select a song and set the Tring Tune by visiting this portal or by dialing
a dedicated Tring Tunes number 58475. This will be charged at Rs. 6 per minute. Vbytes voice has seen
several innovations on voice-based entertainment content with in-house productions. Tring Tunes
subscription charges are Rs. 30/month and Rs. 15 per song selection for a period of 90 days.

Vbytes Data: One Touch access at Rs. 5 per day

Easy to use and offered at a nominal price, Vbytes offers a pandora’s box of entertainment content at the
touch of a button. Besides downloads such as Wallpapers, Screensavers, Ringtones and Tring Tunes
[Caller Ringback service], Vbytes offers a lot of free text content to users on topics such as Jokes,
Bollywood trivia & gossip, Astro, News and Romance. The user pays an entry charge of Rs. 5 only to
access the portal and then on can access all text content for free.

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