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					Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B:
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft
Windows XP Professional

         The type of change made to any part of the course is identified by one of the
         following type codes:
         1 = Technical error or technical change
         2 = Clarification or simplification
         3 = Typographical error
         4 = Other

         This document was developed by Thomas Lee, and is no way an
         official Microsoft document. MCTs and 2272b students are free to use this

         NB: this is a work in progress and has not been fully
         completed. Updated version will be posted at when available.

                                                     Last Updated on September 23 2012
2        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Delivery Guide
Module 1 - Installing Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Page        Error or suggested change                                                                      Type
    iv      ", or by using the Winnt32/checkupgradeonly utility on the product CD". Space is               2
            missing between Winnt32 and /checkupgradeonly
    iv      "Emphasize that the NTFS file system should be used unless there are compelling                1
            reasons to use a FAT system, such as the use of legacy applications that will not function
            on an NTFS partition". Only a ver few applications care about or are even aware of the
            file, system in use, this isn't such an issue. A much more compelling reason for using
            FAT is multi-boot with operating systems like Windows 9x.
    3       Minimum hard disk space required will depend oh physical RAM installed. If you have            1
            large amounts of RAM, additional disk space is required to hold the page file
    3       Minimum display resolution is 800 x 600                                                        3
    3       The maximum NTFS volume size as implemented in Windows XP Professional is 232                  1
            clusters minus 1 cluster. For example, using 64-KB clusters, the maximum NTFS
            volume size is 256 terabytes minus 64 KB. Using the default cluster size of 4 KB, the
            maximum NTFS volume size is 16 terabytes minus 4 KB.
    4       2GB may be inadequate for installing applications on the boot partition                        1
    5       The HCL website address is incorrect. Change "" to                            3
   Also there is no copy of Hcl.txt in the support folder on
            the Windows XP Professional CD.
    8       In section on "Install on an existing partition” - the text should note that it is not
            recommended to install Windows XP on a partition that already has an operating system
            installed. If users are multi-booting each operating system should be on a separate
    9       User Disk Quotas - disk quotas are per user per volume                                         1
    9       Partitions with NTFS can be locally accessible from Windows9x with the NTFS DOS                1
            tool from There is also a driver for Linux that can make NTFS
            partitions accessible. These tools do not support EFS encrypted files.
    10      In the important note, Windows 95 OSR2 can read FAT32 partitions                               2
    11      First bullet point - resources can be located on each computer in a domain!                    1
    12      Under Domain Characteristics, the text makes it sound like there is only a single domain       2
            database, which is obviously not the case.
    12      The text on joining a domain is confusing especially to those who do not read                  2
            English/American as their first language. It would be better to point out, in the text, that
            users can create up to 10 computer accounts in the domain, then have a note which
            describes clearly the requirements for adding a machine
    13      The pre-installation checklist should include verifying that software to be used is            1
            supported under Windows XP, especially for upgrades from Windows 9x.
    13      Consider adding a bullet to ensure that the computer’s BIOS is totally up to date              1
    18      Consider a slide showing, diagrammatically, the whole installation process, including          1
            running winnt/winnt32 on old OS, text mode setup, GUI mode setup, post setup (in XP)
            and OOBE. The slide on page 18 is somewhat misleading as there is much more to setup
            than the three steps shown. The differences between running winnt/winnt32 and a clean
            boot should be explained.
    19      The Delivery Tip should read “Click Multimedia, and then click the title of the simulation.”   3
            The link “Lab Simulations” does not exist on the student or trainer CD
    22      The last sentence of point 1 reads "You should use the FAT32 file system because a             2

                             Last Updated on September 23 2012
     Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional       3

          Windows 98 or MS-DOS network boot disk...” This is not entirely correct, as an MS-
          DOS boot disk will NOT read FAT32.
23        Change first sentence of point 4 to read: "If the client computer is running Windows 98,          2
          Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT, or Windows 2000, run winnt32.exe from
          the shared folder to start the setup program."
24        If you demonstrate the installation (on page 19) - consider skipping this lab.                    4
26        5th bullet point - SP should be in upper case (not sp)                                            3
27        Supported update paths are documented in Q292607                                                  1
27        If your computer is running Windows 95 - a fresh install may be better than having to             4
          upgrade via Windows 98 and may be less expensive. Besides, the system may not meet
          the minimum hardware requirements or may contain unsupported hardware elements.
27        IN note at bottom - version of NT should be NT 3.51 (not 3.5.1)                                   4
27        The slide/text should mention that upgrading to Pro from Home Edition is supported.               1
28        In 1st bullet point change "" to ""                  3
29        Consider adding CD Rom Burning software to this list.                                             4
29        If you backup, ensure the backup program works in Windows XP. It might be a good                  4
          idea to backup to a server, or CDR/RW
30        This slide should mention dynamic update                                                          4
30        There is no Custom Upgrade Option - this should be changed to “New installation                   1
30        Point 2 in text - there is no check box. The instructions should ] read “ Select the Upgrade      3
          (Recommended) check box and then click Next
32        In the note, it should be mentioned that compatibility mode also supports running in              2
          Windows 95 and Windows 2000 mode, not just Windows 98 and NT
33        The Power Point slide and the title on the page do not match                                      3
33        First line on page - “SP 6” should read “SP 65”                                                   3
34        In the task list, point two - this should read: “Select the Upgrade (Recommended) check
          box and then click Next”
34        2nd line on page says “SP6” - this should be SP5                                                  3
35        Consider adding a note to indicate that when XP is used to dual boot with NT 4.0, NT              2
          must be at least SP5 to read any partitions formatted with NTFS that XP upgrades. If
          both operating systems share the same partition, and NT is NOT upgraded to SP5, the
          NT installation cannot be booted into.
41        The second bullet point has a grammatical error (“ a an”)                                         3
41        The first note is incorrect. Chapter 7 of the XP Pro Reskit is entitled “Supporting Mobile        2
          Users”. There is no ‘Change and Configuration Management Deployment Guide in the
          Pro Resource Kit. Should this refer to the .NET Server Resource Kit?
41        The note at the bottom of the page is incorrect. There is no such “Adding USMT to                 2
          Deployment” link under Additional Reading on the Web page on the Student Materials
          compact disk.
42        The description, at the bottom of the page, of the syntax of the inf files is inaccurate and      1
          highly simplistic. There is far more to it than shown. The text should provide a better
43        Compact disk errors can also occur if the user has created their own CD and used certain CD       1
          burning programs.
43        This page discusses anti-piracy measures. What anti-piracy measures?                              1
43        "Users in large organizations can use a Volume License Product Key that will eliminate the        1

                                                                               Last Update on September 23 2012
4            Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

                need to individually activate each installation of Windows XP Professional."
                These users need to get the Volume Licensing version of Windows XP. The Volume License
                Product Key will do no good with "boxed" versions of Windows XP.

Module 2 - Automating an Installation of Windows XP Pro
Page            Error or suggested change                                                                       Type
    Global      In the section covering UDF files. The file extension for UDF files has been changed to         1
                .UDB, the files are still referred to as UDF files even though the extension has been changed
                to .UDB
      4         This page should mention Ref.chm file contains full details of all the potential settings       1
      9         The 3rd bullet states, incorrectly, that “Computers with incorrectly configured time            4
                zones may have trouble communicating with servers”. Time zones are not relevant since
                all time is handled in UTC
     25         Third bullet - should include Windows 200 and Windows XP in this list as you can                1
                upgrade both.
     27         Under definitions of the switch, it reads "/" which should read "/udf:id,". Full udf      3
                syntax is as follows: /udf:id[,UDB_file]
     32         The note at the bottom of the page is incorrect – you can not use a UDF file in                 1
                conjunction with Sysprep
     38         Slide, instructor note, and last bullet point are incorrect. Sysprep 1.1 or 2.0 do not          1
                require that reference and target computer have the same controller type. Reference and
                target computers can also have different HALs. As long as they compatible (see XP Pro
                Resource Kit, page 119).
     38         Consider explaining why a Sysprep folder should be created and whether this is a                1
                requirement (i.e can Sysprep be run from floppy or a network share)
     38         This page only documents some of the Sysprep switches. It may be worth adding a note            2
                to indicate that many more switches are available and where full documentation of these
                switches can be found.
     39         Instructor note - although unlikely to be much use, Sysprep can also be used to clone           1
                Windows XP Home Edition. Also, the Windows XP version of Sysprep can not be used
                to clone Windows 2000 (per Deploy.chm)
     46         Under Additional Requirements clients receive more than just an IP address from                 1
                DHCP. Consider rephrasing this as ‘clients … receive IP configuration from the DHCP
     46         Under Additional Requirements it is worth noting in the DHCP Service entry that the             2
                DHCP server must be authorized in Active Directory
     46         Under "Creating Remote Installation Boot Floppies" reference is made to a file path             1
                for RBFG.exe. This appears not to exist anywhere on the Windows XP CD-ROM or on
                an installed base of Windows XP. Rbfg.exe is, however, available from a RIS server
                (Windows 2000, Windows.NET) at \\RIS_server\reminst\admin\i386\rbfg.exe.

Module 3 - Configuring Hardware on a computer running Windows XP Pro
Page            Error or suggested change                                                                       Type
      1         This chapter does not explain what is NEW, hardware-wise, in Windows XP. Since students         4
                should have had Win2k experience, this is missing content. Consider adding a short section

                                 Last Updated on September 23 2012
       Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional       5

            on XP h/w changes
 5          3rd line on page - windows update site should correctly read          3
 5          This page should reflect that ISA non-pnp devices are not supported under Windows XP and          1
            should explain what non-PNP devices are likely to be added.
 6          This page should include the environment variable to show non present devices. KB article         1
            Q269155 refers. To view non-present devices edit the user or system environment variables
            and enter the following parameter: DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES. Give it a
            value of 1. To make this work, you must also enable Advanced view.
 7          The section discussing multiple monitors should mention Dual View.                                1
 8          Change point 5 under "Installing Additional Video Adapters" to read "Open Control Panel,          2
            click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display."
 8          In "Changing the Primary Monitor", change point 1 to read "Open Control Panel, click              2
            Appearance and Themes, and then click Display."
 9          Change point 1 to read "Open Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click           2
10          In the note at the bottom of the page, the courseware mentions the permissions required to        1
            add a printer. In order for the Power Users group to work, you must also add the
            Load/Unload Device Drivers privilege which you can add with Group Policy. See KB
16          This section must mention driver blocking
16          Last URL in paragraph 1 - the correct location for the complete list of supported drivers is      1
17          1st paragraph - should read ‘If a driver is digitally signed by Microsoft...”                     1
17          In the paragraph before the square bullet points, change "Advanced Boot Options" to read          3
            "Windows Advanced Options Menu"
17          Change "LastKnownGood Configuration" to "Last Known Good Configuration".                          3
18          Sigverif can also be pointed at a folder, floppy, CD-ROM by using the advanced button.            1
18          4th bullet point incorrectly suggests you can gain access to data folders on NTFS volumes.        1
            Also, it is possible to access FAT32 partitions.
21          This page should compare and contrast driver roll back with Last Known Good and the
            recovery console.
29          Consider mentioning the viewing and removing of non-present devices. To view non-present          1
            devices edit the user or system environment variables and enter the following parameter:
            DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES. Give it a value of 1. Remind students that
            non-present devices are different than hidden devices.
30          This page should show the device removal icon in the system tray. Desktops (in classrooms)        1
            may not have this. Show it on the graphic
32          The 1st sentence under Changing Resource Settings is overly strong - why MUST you not             4
            change resource settings? It should probably read ‘you should not change….?
32-3        These pages talk about configuring resources, yet do not mention that this is not possible        1
            under ACPI systems. Consider improving these pages to reflect how XP and ACPI work in
            the real world.

                                                                                 Last Update on September 23 2012
6        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Module 4 - Managing Disks
Page        Error or suggested change                                                                      Type
    3       You can use Diskpart in conjunction with XP rollouts - but this page should make the point     5
            that multi disk/partition scenarios are less common and that Diskpart would only be used to
            create additional partitions.
    3       Point out that disport in Windows 2000 was only available from the recovery console.           4
    3       Last sentence, 2nd paragraph under DiskPart - the command is not disklist, but list disk       1
    5       Consider a diagram of how basic disks are organized - MBR, Boot sector, etc. This provides     4
            a useful prelude to troubleshooting startup.
    5       Consider adding some text on how XP deals with drive letters when installing. This is a        4
            constant cause of some confusion in the real world.
    8       The first sentence assumes the disk is now and unformatted. The second sentence is only        1
            right if the original disk is basic.
    9       This subsection should include a description of how dynamic disks work. The on-disk            1
            formats should be shown - if only to the level of detail in Solomon’s Inside Windows 2000.
            Such discussion should also refer to Veritas’s products, of which LDM is a ‘lite’ version. A
    9       This page should also explain WHY students should care about dynamic disks. Yes they are       4
            required for Raid-0, etc, but is there more?
    10      Penultimate sentence should explain in more depth what the dynamic disk database’ is.          4
    10      Last sentence should explain what ‘normally’ is, and when the 1mb db is NOT created.           1
    10      The Important note states that Windows XP does not support dynamic disks if the sector size    1
            is less than 512 bytes. According to XP Professional Resource Kit, page 508, converting to
            dynamic disks is supported only if the sector size is exactly 512 bytes.
    18      Consider discussion of Ftonline (ref Q303246) as a way of recovering from system failures      4
            on stripe sets
    19      For completeness, consider adding details on what student will see if he attempts to upgrade   4
            from NT4 and has volume sets, or striped sets. Consider back-porting this info to Module 1’s
            description of upgrading an NT4 system.
    28      This page should explain how re-parse points work in general, as this feature supports both    4
            mount points and remote storage.
    28      Consider adding a discussion of Remote Storage here.                                           4
    28      Explain the implications of mount points. If you add, for example, a 2gb volume into a         4
            mount point on C:, right clicking C: will NOT show the extra 2gb.
    38      Consider adding an note on Tips on how to defrag the paging file (details can be obtained      1
            from the XP Pro Resource Kit)
    41      Consider adding details on how you can use defrag.exe in a scheduled task. This is a           4
            commonly asked question.

Module 5 - Configuring and Managing File Systems
Page        Error or suggested change                                                                      Type
    3       Note on the bottom of the page says: “Windows XP Professional can read and write to            2
            larger FAT32 volumes formatted by Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows
            2000”. But Windows 2000 can format FAT32 partition only up to 32 GB, the same as

                             Last Updated on September 23 2012
        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional          7

             Windows XP (but can read/write from much bigger FAT32 partitions)
   8         Second paragraph says that Windows 2000 and Windows XP use the same version of                    1
             NTFS. This is not correct - Windows 2000 use NTFS v3.0 and Windows XP use NTFS
             v3.1. The differences are not major, but do cause older disk imaging programs to not
             work with XP. Further clarification about that is given in Windows XP Professional
             Resource Kit, Converting Volumes to NTFS topic, page 576.
   9         First paragraph says that you can use Disk Management for converting FAT to NTFS.                 1
             This is incorrect - you must use Convert.exe for this purpose.
   11        This page should explain Compressed (zipped) folders.                                             1
   23        This page should include a good description of hnow EFS works, and show the new                   1
             changes to EFS in XP.
   23        This page should also include some description of the user certificates and how they              4
             created and managed. A demo on exporting the cert is a good one to consider.
   27        Last sentence - this should explain what constitutes an ‘authorized user’?                        1

Module 6 - Troubleshooting the Boot Process
Page         Error or suggested change                                                                         Type
   3         First file name in list - should be just Ntldr (no .exe)                                          3
   3         Ntbootdd.sys - the text should explain that no matter which driver is actually used, setup will   2
             rename it Ntbootdd.sys. The same point applies to Ntoskrnl.exe
   5         The use of the clone control set should be explained - how it gets copied, etc.                   4
   5         Consider explaining how control sets 1 and 2 get numbered                                         2
   7         2nd para, 3rd line - CurrentControlSet is mis-spelled                                             3
   8         Step 4, change "Windows XP Professional Advanced Options" to "Windows Advanced                    1
             Options Menu"
   9         Consider explaining why the terms ‘boot’ partition and ‘system’ partition seem backward to        2
             every student.
   10        2nd bullet point - add that you can have multiple paths (lines in boot.ini) for a single OS.      2
   11        Consider pointing out (again) that controller numbering begins at 0 and partition numbering       1
             starts at 1. Also, note that partition 0, in ARC format, refers to the entire disk
   12        In the description column for the multi(x) entry, consider adding "Controller numbering
             begins at 0"
   12        Point students to a full list of boot switches (on                          5
   13        Add discussion of Msconfig.exe and bootcfg.exe on this page.                                      1
   17        Enable VGA mode - contrast this with /basevideo switch in boot.ini                                2
   33        Explain that system Restore is accessed via the Help and Support centre. Also, consider           1
             giving full file name of the UI
   33        1st sentence makes it sound like you can only create system restore points using the tool,        1
             This page should explain that System Restore creates restore points on a regular basis even if
             you have not made any changes to the system. System Restore automatically creates these
             restore points: every 24 hours of calendar time or every 24 hours your computer is turned
             If your computer is turned off for more than 24 hours, System Restore creates a restore point
             the next time you start the computer. The computer must be idle for a few minutes before

                                                                                  Last Update on September 23 2012
8        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

            System Restore creates a scheduled restore point.
            Selecting a scheduled restore point restores Windows XP Professional and programs to the
            state they were in at that time. Any files with data file name extensions (such as .doc, .htm,
            .xls, etc.) and all files in the My Documents folder are not restored.
    33      Explain what causes System Restore to decide to create a system restore point on your behalf      1
    33      Explain how to set the amount of disk space (and to indicate which disk SR should watch).         1
    35      The Note on this page says that for more information about creating ASR disk we can look to
            Preparing Automated System Recovery in module 1 of MOC 2272B. This subject is no
            longer covered there (but it was in 2272A).
    35      This page/slide talks about an ASR ‘disk’ and ‘disks’ which needs to be clarified                 2
    35      2nd para talks about putting ASR backups onto CD. Consider explaining how this is achieved        1
            since most CDs are 650 MB and the default install of XP Pro is around 800mb.
    35      Third bullet on the slide says that if we want to perform ASR restore, we need to boot from       1
            ASR disk. We actually need to boot from Windows XP CD, press F2 for Automated System
            Recovery, and then provide ASR floppy.

Module 7 - Configuring the Desktop Environment
Page        Error or suggested change                                                                         Type
    2       Consider including information on customising folders by right clicking a folder and              1
            selecting properties.
    2       Bullet list on page does mot match slide - omits configuring the desktop display                  2
    3       In the discussion of themes, section should point out that themes require the theme service to    1
            be running. Also that there is no supported way to create a new theme.
    12      Add a short discussion on the MUI and explain how it can be obtained                              1
    19      Explain that there are TWO startup folders - one for all users and one user specific              1
    23      The slide shows My Documents Properties on an NTFS partition, student computers will still        4
            be on FAT or FAT32, they will not see the Security tab or Advanced button.
    25      First sentence - you can set the NTFS permissions only if My Documents is on an NTFS              1
    25      The example in the Important note is somewhat misleading in that it is not clear which set of     1
            permissions should be set to R/O (share or NTFS). Setting ALL permissions to read means
            the owner will not be able to edit his documents.
    29      Consider removing this page as this content was covered in module 6                               4
    46      This discussion should include getting Remote Assistance through a firewall and NAT               1
            devices. Also add details on the ports required to support remote assistance (including port(s)
            required if invite sent via IM).

                             Last Updated on September 23 2012
         Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional             9

Module 8 - Configuring TCP/IP Addressing and Name Resolution
Page         Error or suggested change                                                                             Type
   5         Its’ more than just the IP Address assignment that is automated - it’s Host IP configuration          1
             that is automated
   7         The title is misleading - it’s not just IP addresses for which troubleshooting is needed, it’s for    1
             IP conguration.
   8         Misses the repair tool and information on the Support tab of a local area network connection.         1
   10        Show the use of the repair tool in the Support tab. Much better (as it does more!)                    1
   21        On slide - for NetBIOS names - the first bullet point should read ’16-byte Names’                     1
   28        The location of the lmhosts file is incorrect - there is no extension. Also, this error illustrates   1
             a common error that administrators make. They edit the .sam file because file extensions are
             turned off. This should be pointed out in a note.
   30        The order of NetBIOS resolution will depend on the node type. This slide, and the text is             1
   32        Same comment as on page 30.                                                                           1
   34        The discussion of Connection Specific names should mention the check box that gets the                1
             connection specific FQDN registered in the DNS
   41        This text should explain that the resolution done by nslookup is different than that performed        1
             by the DNS client. In particular, if a non fully qualified multi label (eg is
             submitted to nslookup, the tools will first attempt to resolve the multi-label name
             concatenated with the client’s domain (eg Consider
             demonstrating setting of debug level D2 to show this.
  41/2       Should also show the error that occurs if reverse lookup is not defined. This is a common             1
             error that delegates will see!
   53        Should add the fact that IE as a client can take advantage of web proxy, ftp (cmd line) client        1`
             can not.
   54        This page should add details on how to use telnet as a troubleshooting tool. Telnet effectively       2
             makes a TCP connection to any port you specify - very useful!

Module 9 - Configuring XP to Operate in Microsoft Networks
Page         Error or suggested change                                                                             Type
   iii       In order to demo operating in a workgroup it is suggested that you configure the Glasgow              4
             computer to operate in a workgroup.
   Iv        Lab B Instructions – Steps 4, 5 and 6 mention an incorrect OU name (Lab4, Lab5). The                  1
             correct OU name is Lab9B.
   4         Consider pointing out that the built in accounts can be renamed, which may be preferable              2
             from a security perspective.
   4         Last sentence in the description for Built-in user account states that user accounts are created      3
             "during the installation of Microsoft Windows 2000..." This should be changed to read
             "Windows XP". The built in accounts are not created during installation of AD

                                                                                     Last Update on September 23 2012
10         Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

     7       The procedure for changing account type is wrong. Please check step 2.                             3
     9       First sentence of third paragraph, delete the first "default".                                     3
     9       Point 3 should read: "On the Advanced tab of the Customize Start Menu property sheet under         2
             Start Menu Items, select the Display on the All Programs menu radio button under the
             System Administrative Tools entry. Click OK twice."
     102     The pre-reqs for this course require Win2k knowledge - consider removing this slide as it is
             not needed and adds little value.
     10      Consider adding a note mentioning that although MMC consoles can be run on any                     2
             computer, that computer must host copies of the DLL's required by the console's snap-in
             components to function correctly. Mention that these can be obtained by loading
             adminpak.msi (and that this file is NOT provided in XP, but must be downloaded from
     16      Before launching into what local policies contain - the text should contrast local policies with   1
             domain policies
     16      Fourth sentence in the 1st para - Consider changing "Local Policies contain..." to "Local          2
             Policies include..."
     18      In the note, "Administrative Template" should read "Administrative Templates".                     3
     23      Consider adding a note mentioning that ICS is a solution applicable to small business, rather      2
             than an enterprise network.
     28      It should be noted that the default behavior of ICF is to drop all incoming unsolicited            2
     28      Explain what the advanced Settings dialog does - and add ALL tabs.                                 1

Module 10 - Supporting Remote Users
Page         Error or suggested change                                                                          Type
      3      Slide and text talks about ISDN ‘line’ - this should refer to ISDN Terminal Adapter. The           1
             ISDN line can not be used without the TA.
      4      X.25 is not commonly used to connect a remote user to a corporate network.                         1
      6      The discussion on broadband is slightly misleading. The text is discussing PPP over                1
             Ethernet, which is used by some, bu t not all ISPs. The text should clearly state this, and
             point out that some DSL/Cable installations are provided to the user as just Ethernet (ie
             the customer sees an Ethernet router and therefore needs no connection.
     8,9     The separation of ‘wan protocols’ and ‘lan protocols’ is artificial and misleading. The            1
             WAN connection certainly does have TCP/IP - albeit encapsulated in PPP.
     12      Discussion of BAP does not make it clear which end does the dropping of the lines.                 1
             Also, this section could be usefully improved by a more complete description of this,
             and now to configure it.
     19      Third paragraph - EAP is not plural. It’s a single protocol that enables PPP                       2
             authentication to be extended to include things like fingerprint, TLS, etc.
     23      Page heading ‘Extensible Authentication Protocols’ should not be plural - 1st sentence is          3
     23      1st sentence should state that EAP enables custom authentication for RAS clients.                  1
     38      The slide should show how this is done in both joined and unjoined pro.                            1
     39      In text describing the operation of Stored User Names, it should be pointed out that the           1
             stored user names/passwords are sent using NTLM not Kerberos and that Kerberos

                               Last Updated on September 23 2012
        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional          11

              (using current user credentials) will be tried first. Thus stored user names will be a bit
   39         Text should describe how to use wild cards in this feature (eg *                2
              instead of for a single machine (eg

Module 11 - Configuring Mobile
Page          Error or suggested change                                                                        Type
General       Where is the description of Wireless???                                                          2
   6          Consider providing more details on how these power management schemes actually                   1

Module 12 - Monitoring Resources and Performance
Page          Error or suggested change                                                                        Type
   2          This page should also mention My Computer Information in Help and Support.                       1
   4          This section should also mention Perfmon.exe                                                     1
   5          This page should mention how to rescue explorer when it hangs. Nearly all students see           2
              explorer hang or crash - the troubleshooting steps should be explained. These are to first use
              task manager to kill all explorer.exe and iexplore.exe processes. Then start Explorer. This
              will resuscitate the shell, but some ‘system tray’ icons will not properly refresh in the
              Notification Area.
   14         Disk cleanup should be explained in more detail.                                                 4
   16         The discussion of Background services suggests you set this option when you want to do a         1
              disk backup. Ntbackup.exe (and most other backup programs) run in the foreground
   21         The abilility to create additional views of an event log should be motioned, Also mention        1
   25         Do people really archive XP Pro event logs? In most cases, this just is not needed.              1

                                                                                  Last Update on September 23 2012
12        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Errors in the Labs (not yet completed)

Page   Lab       Exerc.      Task Number      Step         Error or suggested change                                       Ty Formatted Table
number letter    Number                       number                                                                       pe
     25    1B            1           1           N/A     Add task number to table                                              2
     25    1B            1           1            D      In the File Download dialog box, click Open.                          4
     50    1C        3               1            Q      Add note following step Q:                                                Formatted: Centered
                                                         You will complete the process of restoring the user’s files and
                                                         settings back to the computer in Lab 5B Exercise 2.
     3    2A             1           1            D      In the Open box type, CD-ROM:\                                    4
     4    2A             1           2            O      On the Workgroup or Domain page, select Windows                   4
                                                         Server domain, type nwtraders.msft, click Create a
                                                         computer account in the domain, type Administrator for the
                                                         User name, type password for the Password and Confirm
                                                         password, and then click Next.
     3     2B        1               1            D      Minimize the Unattend.txt file.                                   4
     5    2A         3               1            D      Delete Step D                                                     4
     5    2A         3               2            A      Delete step A.                                                    4
     5     2B        3               3            G      Close Computer Management.                                        4
     2    3A         0               1            C      Type dompass in the Password box,                                 4
     2     3B        0               1            C      Type dompass in the Password box,                                 4
     3    4A         1               1            H      Add Note: The reason you are restarting the computer is to        4
                                                         see the Operating Selection Screen is now displayed since the
                                                         Recovery Console has been installed.
     4    4A         1               4            C      Click Time to display list of operating systems check box,        4
                                                         the value will change to 30.
     5    4A         2               1            C      Add steps following step C:                                       4
                                                         D: Click Windows folder, right-click ntbtlog.txt file and then
                                                         click Delete, click Yes to confirm.
     8    4A         3               6            B      Change step B to:                                                 4
                                                         B. Click Start, click My Computer, click My Network
                                                         Places, click Entire Network, double-click Microsoft
                                                         Windows Network, double-click NWTraders.
                                                         Note: All computers appear since you have network
     8    5A         2               3            A      In the Console Tree click, expand Windows Settings,               4
                                                         expand Local Policies, and click Security Options.
     1     5B   Lab Setup          N/A           N/A     Last two bullets has Computer group, needs to be changed to       4
                                                         Computer container.
     6     5B        3               1            A      Restart your computer. Wait until the Corporate Security
                                                         dialog box appears before logging on.
                                                         Note: There may be a timing issue with the Instructor
                                                         computer since all the student computers are hitting the server
                                                         at the same time.

                             Last Updated on September 23 2012
       Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional            13

   1       6A      Lab              N/A          N/A     Lab timing is 15 minutes                                             4
   2       6A        1               1             C     The Display Properties dialog box appears.                           4
   2       6A        1               2             F     Click Appearance, change Windows and Buttons to                      4
                                                         Windows XP style
Page   Lab        Exerc.     Task Number         Step       Error or suggested change                                       Type
number letter     Number                        number
   3       6A        2               1           Task    Change to: Change Start menu to Windows                              4
   4       6A        2               3             A     Right-click desktop, click Arrange Icons By, and then click          4
                                                         Show Desktop Icons.
   4       6A        2               3             B     To restore the display of the icons on the desktop, right-click      4
                                                         the desktop, click Arrange Icons By, and then click Show
                                                         Desktop Icons.
   4       6B        2               1             A     Add the following note at the beginning of Exercise 2:               4
                                                         Important: You must work with your partner to complete
                                                         this exercise. It is important that you and your partner
                                                         complete the tasks and steps together.
   3       6C        2      Important notice     N/A     Add to the Important notice at the beginning of Exercise 2:          4
                             before Task 2               Decide between you and your partner who will be the end
                                                         user and who will be the helper.
   2       6C        1               1             J     On Remote Assistance – Save Invitation page, verify                  4
                                                         Require the recipient to use a password is selected, in the
                                                         Type Password and Confirm Password boxes type
                                                         rapassword, and then click Save Invitation
   3       6C        2               2             D     Delete step D.                                                       4
   4       6C        2           Important       N/A     Append to Important notice:                                          4
                                notice before            Step 5C is for the Helper.
                                   Task 5
  44       7B        2               2           N/A     All aspects of the profile should come across, however the           3
                                                         backgrounds screen doesn’t. This appears to be a bug in XP.
                                                         Note the Display Properties are properly set
   2       8A        0               1           N/A     The text 'Log on to the local computer as DomAdmin with a
                                                         password of dompass' should be 'Log on to the domain as
                                                         DomAdmin with a password of dompass'.
   1       10A      N/A         Prerequisites    N/A     Complete Lab 5A Operating in a Workgroup.                            4
   3       10A       1               2             F     On the VPN Server Selection page, in the Host name or IP             4
                                                         address box, type the IP address 192.168.x.y (where .x.y is
                                                         the address of partner’s computer) or the name of your
                                                         partner’s computer.
   3       10A       1               3             C     Close the Virtual Private Network is now connected,                  4
                                                         message box.
   2       13B       0               4           N/A     Add the following tasks to a new step 4 in Lab 0.
                                                           a.   Start Windows Explorer.
                                                           a.   Open the Mod13 folder, located at
                                                                C:\MOC\2272\Labfiles, and then open the
                                                                Properties dialog box for the Mod13 folder.
                                                           b.   Click Security, and then click Users, and then click
                                                                Full Control, and then click OK.

                                                                               Last Update on September 23 2012
14        Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional

                                                             c.   Close all open windows and log off
     3    13B        1               1              D      Remove this step it's been moved to Exercise 0 (noted above).
     3    13B        1               1              E      Edit this step to state simply to Click Advanced (since Task
                                                           1c instructs them to open the Properties dialog box for the
                                                           Mod13 folder.
     2    14A        1               1              B      Task 1 and Detailed Step 1B students can also use the path       4
                                                           C:\MOC\2272A\Labfiles\Mod14 to start Lab14.cmd.
     4    14A        1               3              A      Change step A to:                                                4
                                                           Right-click the process using the majority of CPU, and then
                                                           click End Process.
     7    14A        3               1              C      Change step C to:                                                4
                                                           In the console tree, click System.
     9    14A        5               1              B      Task 1 and Step 1B, In the Open dialog box, the log file that    4
                                                           you saved as yyy-mm-dd.evt, will appear in the as the default.
                                                           The file the students need to open is located in
                                                           C:\MOC\2272a\labfiles\Mod14 and is named Lab14.evt.
     9    14A        5               2           B&C       Steps B and C need to be reversed.                               4
     11   14A        6               1              F      Task 1 and Step 1F need to include full path:

Errors in the Classroom Setup Guide (Part Number X08-
34116)(not yet complete)
Page         Error or suggested change                                                                         Type
     10      Step 1 under Install Print Services for UNIX, it says when the system was restarted and it        3
             wasn't. The system does not need to be restarted at this point, but if the system is restarted
             there are no issues, and no resolution is needed.
     10      Step 4 under Install Print Services for UNIX reads click Other Network File and Print             3
             Services, this should read Click to Highlight Other Network File and Print Services.
     14      Step 2 under To set the computer wallpaper reads In the Display Properties dialog box, on         3
             the Background tab, click Browse. This should read In the Display Properties dialog box,
             on the Desktop tab, click Browse.
     14      The To create the files and folders needed to complete all labs section does not need to          3
             be done, this step has already been accomplished in the previous post installation tasks. If
             this step is done again here there is no impact on the setup, and no resolution is needed.
     20      Delete Step 10 of Post-Installation Tasks for the Additional Instructor Computer.                 4

Errors in Trainer Materials Compact Disc
Section or folder            Path               Error or suggested change                                     Type
additional reading                              Add the material referred to in the text.

Errors in Student Materials Compact Disc

                             Last Updated on September 23 2012
     Unofficial Error Log for Course 2272B: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional     15

Section or folder           Path             Error or suggested change                                 Type
additional reading                           Add the material referred to in the text.                 1

                                                                              Last Update on September 23 2012

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