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									ENERGY STAR®, EPA, DoE

Current Events: August 2010

Mike Parker
Vice President, Global Marketing
Government & Association Affairs

Tectonic Shifts & Running w/ the Bulls

What’s DoE Up To?

Rumblings from America’s EE Enforcement Regs
•   DoE released RFI in May “Revisions to Energy Efficiency
    Enforcement Regulations” re: 10 CFR Parts 430 and 431.
•   Revision of enforcement regs for certain consumer products, and
    commercial and industrial equipment covered under the Energy
    Policy and Conservation Act of 1975.
•   Considering changes to Enforcement Testing & Adjudication,
    Certification, Verification Testing, Application of Regulations to
    Distinctive Products

What’s DoE Up To?

What’s DoE Up To … Affected Products

                    Lighting                                 Commercial/Industrial                  Food Service Equipment
Compact Fluorescent Lamps                         Commercial Unitary Air Conditioners   Refrigerators and Freezers

Fluorescent Tube Lamps                            Air-Cooled Chillers                   Griddles
Fluorescent Ballasts                              Water-Cooled Chillers                 Fryers
Fluorescent Luminaires                            Commercial Heat Pumps                 Hot Food Holding Cabinets
Downlight Luminaires                              Ground-Source Heat Pumps              Pressureless Steamers
Industrial HID Luminaires                         Boilers                               Beverage Vending Machines
Lighting Controls                                 Electric Motors                       Ice Machines
More Lighting Guidance                            Centrifugal Pumping System            Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
               Office Equipment                                     Appliances                       Residential Equipment
Computers                                         Refrigerators                         Central Air Conditioners
Monitors                                          Freezers                              Air Source Heat Pumps
Printers                                          Dishwashers                           Ground-Source Heat Pumps
Fax Machines                                      Clothes Washers                       Gas Furnaces
Copiers                                           Room Air Conditioners                 Electric Water Heaters
                                                                                        Gas Water Heaters
                    Plumbing                                 Construction Products                 Other Efficient Technologies
Faucets                                           Residential Windows                   Low Stand by Power (EPS, Batt Chargers)
Showerheads                                       Roof Products                         Televisions (June 2013)

What’s EPA Up To?

Shift to America’s Bellwether EE Program
•   Completely overhauling ENERGY STAR program
    amid critical scrutiny
•   Change from Self-Declaration to Certification-and-
    Verification model
•   Will require testing in EPA-recognized labs
•   Will require 3rd party certification programs for ALL
    product types
•   Will require 3rd party verification of compliance,

How Bad Is It?

•   EPA “Qualified” 15 of 20 Fake Products
    Submitted by GAO from 4 Dummy Companies
•   Products ranged from a “gas-powered alarm
    clock” (the size of a portable gas generator) to
    a space heater posing as an air cleaner.
•   The “air cleaner” claimed 20% higher EE than
    the top “Qualified” ENERGY STAR® air
•   Yes, that’s a feather duster and fly paper!

Who’s Affected and How?
  Commercial Food Service Equipment                  Computers & Electronics                 Heating & Cooling Products
 Commercial Kitchen Package                  AV; TVs, Imaging Equipment                 AC, Central and Room
 Commercial Dishwashers                      Battery Chargers                           Boilers and Furnaces
 Commercial Fryers                           Combination Units (TV & DVD, VCR &DVD)     Dehumidifiers
 Commercial Griddles                         Computers and Displays                     Fans, ventilating
 Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets        Cordless phones                            Heat Pumps, Air source, Geothermal
 Commercial Ice Machines                     Digital to Analog Converter Box            Home Sealing - Insulation
 Commercial Ovens                            Enterprise Servers                         Light Commercial Heating and Cooling
 Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers       External Power Adapters                    Programmable Thermostat
 Commercial Steam Cookers                    Set top boxes and Cable boxes              Room Air Cleaners and Purifiers
         Appliances (Residential)                        Building Products                           Lighting & Fans
 Clothes Washers, Dishwashers                Home Sealing - Insulation & Air Sealing    Comm/Res LED Lighting
 Dehumidifier                                Roof Products                              Decorative Light Strings
 Reefers/Freezers                            Windows, Doors, & Skylights                Fans, ceiling (including light kits)
 Room Air Cleaners                                                                      Light Bulbs, CFL, Light Fixtures (Res)
 Water Coolers                                                                          Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts
         Commercial Appliances                                Plumbing                         Products in Development
 Commercial Clothes Washers                  Water Heater Gas condensing                Climate Controls
 Vending Machines                            Water Heater Heat Pump                     Data Center Storage, Small Network Equip
 Water Coolers                               Water Heater High Efficiency Gas Storage   Heat / Energy Recovery Ventilators
                                             Water Heater Solar                         Integral LED Lamps
                                             Water Heater Whole Home Gas Tankless       Lab Grade Reefers and Freezers
                                                                                        Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
                                                                                        Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Black Products = (Proposed) 3rd Party Certification                        Green = Continued Certification Required
ENERGY STAR® Breaking News

June 2010; Final EPA ENERGY STAR Guides for Accreditation
•   Test labs must be EPA recognized
     •   EPA-recognized will include 17025 accredited labs (meeting “Conditions and
         Criteria for Recognition of Laboratories for the ENERGY STAR program”) or labs
         participating in CB’s DAPs
     •   1st party EPA-recognized, ISO 17025 accredited labs will be “afforded
         consideration” when participating in a CB’s Data Acceptance Program (WMTL,
          •   Potential benefits include less rigorous CB initial audit, less audit frequency
     •   3rd party labs must be EPA-recognized, ISO 17025 accredited, full stop.

ENERGY STAR® Breaking News

July 2010; FINAL Draft EPA ENERGY STAR Guides for Certification
•   All products must be part of a 3rd party certification program 30 December 2010
•   Certification Bodies must be Guide 65 accredited, EPA approved for ENERGY
    STAR products in 3rd party certification program
•   Satellite Data Acceptance Program (manufacturer testing) accepted for ENERGY
    STAR Certifications managed by an accredited, EPA approved CB
•   As part of Satellite (DAP), manufacturer labs must demonstrate compliance, via CB
    evaluation, to ISO 17025 and applicable test methods
     •   Thus far, formal ISO 17025 accreditation of in house labs is not required for
         Satellite (DAP) situations

 ENERGY STAR® Breaking News

 July 2010; FINAL Draft EPA ENERGY STAR Guides for Certification
 •   ENERGY STAR Qualification
       •   Assessment (CB): Product meets or exceeds performance to product-specific req’s
       •   Labeling (EPA): Monitors compliance to ENERGY STAR program req’s
       •   Reporting (CB): Timely certification flow to EPA for Qualified Product Lists*

*EPA appreciates … concerns regarding product development cycles, and understands that a
CB’s ability to review product data in a timely manner can affect … time to market. (Recognition)
of a CB … in the ENERGY STAR program … (EPA) will evaluate the CB’s product data review
procedure to ensure it meets the needs of ENERGY STAR partners.

 ENERGY STAR® Breaking News

 July 2010; FINAL Draft EPA ENERGY STAR Guides for Certification
 •   ENERGY STAR Verification
      •   Performance/Labeling (EPA): Ensure continued compliance to program req’s
      •   Selection Volume (CB): Test min 10% of previously qualified base models per year*
            •   Selection benchmarks to be enumerated in product-specific requirements

*EPA will define “base model” within individual program requirements – base model in certain
product categories could represent product family of models with differing ENERGY STAR
performance and in other categories base model may differ from other models only cosmetically.

ENERGY STAR® Breaking News

July 2010; FINAL Draft EPA ENERGY STAR Guides for Certification
•   ENERGY STAR Verification
     •   Selection Approach by CB:
           •   50% from ENERGY STAR Qualified Products List (per CB)*
           •   50% from verification testing failures, referrals (questioning accuracy of
               ratings), new models/new market entrants, high sales volume models
     •   Procurement of Test Samples**:
           •   Off the shelf
           •   Warehouse
           •   Off the line
* It’s still undecided by EPA if ‘grandfathered’ ENERGY STAR products will be subject to
selection criteria for ongoing Verification testing; watch Partner Agreement deadline
** CB is responsible for sample selection; manufacturer may not choose the testing sample

ENERGY STAR® Timelines & Check Points

  Intertek’s ENERGY STAR® Delivery

Developing the world’s most comprehensive ENERGY STAR network & service portfolio

                        Qualification & Verification Testing in ISO 17025
                                Accredited, EPA Approved Labs

                                                                           Certification w/ Guide 65
    Customized Training                                                  Accredited, EPA Approved CB

                                      G.E.E.C. /gēk/ and Satellite for
                              ENERGY STAR, NRCan, DoE, CEC…
Global Energy Efficiency Certification

G.E.E.C. – The /gēk/
• Policies & Procedures similar to
ETL-Listed Electrical Safety
• SATELLITE option available for
Data Acceptance from qualified
manufacturer labs
• “Green Leaf Energy Efficiency
Certification” mark provided for
qualified products
• Direct submittal of filings with
regulatory & voluntary agency

Intertek’s G.E.E.C. – The /gēk/

What it covers NOW:
•   United States Department of Energy (DOE)
•   United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
•   Natural Resources Canada - (NRCan)
•   California Energy Commission (CEC)

•   European Community, Energy Related Products Directive
•   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Regulations for energy
•   Australia/ New Zealand Minimum Efficiency Performance
    Standards (AS/NZ MEPS)

Why Intertek for Energy Efficiency

•   Energy Efficiency labs across NA, EMEA and APAC
•   Five decades of Energy Efficiency testing expertise; core expertise
•   Developing most lab capacity globally for Energy Efficiency than any other test lab
•   Intertek has Energy Efficiency experts in every product category in every region
•   G.E.E.C. /gēk/ and Satellite (DAP); DoE, CEC, ErP, NRCan, ENERGY STAR:
    bundled for further cost savings and efficiency
•   For products outside of traditional EE scope, Green Leaf and QPM certifications
    demonstrate your products’ superior EE an/or Performance ratings.

ENERGY STAR® Resources

• Program Information:
• Project Starter:
• EPA:; (Enhanced Testing and Verification)
• Questions:
• CB Comments: (Filed by 25 June 2010)
• Contacts:
      Mike Parker                            Carl Bloomfield     
      +1.978.635.8559                        +1.847.439.5667



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