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The Terrace Cafe Menus by ajizai


									          fresh pizzas                                   something sweet
tomato relish, ham, pineapple & cheese
                                                      scone w jam & cream               2.70
                                                                                               the terrace café
satay chicken                                8.80     two scoops of ice-cream w topping 2.50
satay sauce, chicken, onion & cheese
                                                      warm, fresh muffins               4.10
meat lovers                                  8.80     slices from                       4.50
tomato relish, bbq sauce, ham, pepperoni, onion
& cheese                                              tarts from                        4.60

                                                      cakes from                        5.00
vegetarian                                   8.50
Tomato relish, onion, capsicum, olives, semi dried    byron bay cookies                 3.20
tomato & cheese
                                                      gluten free byron bay cookies     3.50

               hot pies                                “Everybody should believe in
plain steak pie                              3.70      something. I believe I’ll have          open daily from 9 am
assorted pies (see display for today’s               another coffee” ~Author unknown
selection)                             4.80
sausage roll                                 3.40     “A cup of coffee shared with a
mini pies & sausage rolls                    1.40    friend is happiness tasted & time
                                                        well spent” ~Author unknown
                  toast                                 “Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a
raisin toast                                 2.70       vitamin!” ~Author unknown
cinnamon toast                               2.70
toast w jam or vegemite                      2.70
Banana Toast                                 3.10
                  coffees                                             sandwiches                                               light meals
amore` coffee           cup 3.50        mug 3.70
                                                            create a sandwich on fresh white or
espresso                                   flat white                                                    quiche & salad                                                    6.95
                                                            wholemeal bread or a roll           2.10     choose from quiche lorraine (ham & cheese) or vegetable quiche, served
long black                                   mocha                                                       with gourmet lettuce mix, home-made tomato & cucumber salsa & sun-
                                                            select your favourite combination…           flower sprouts
cappuccino                              short black         ham, chicken or egg                2.00
                                                                                                         warm chicken salad                                                8.70
café latte                           amore` decaf                                                        warm chicken pieces on a bed of gourmet lettuce mix, with home-made
                                                            salad (lettuce, onion, beetroot, tomato,     tomato & cucumber salsa, roasted capsicum, peanuts & our own special
Vienna                                                      cheese & cucumber)                   1.50    creamy yogurt dressing

extra shot of coffee                            .50         extras: lettuce, semi-dried tomato,          warm lamb salad                                                   8.70
                                                                                                         warm souvlaki spiced lamb pieces on a bed of gourmet lettuce mix, with
                                                            onion, pineapple, cheese, tomato,            home-made tomato & cucumber salsa, roasted capsicum, semi dried toma-
                                                            cucumber or beetroot                   .50   toes, kalamata olives & our own special creamy yogurt dressing

                      teas                                  toasted
                                                            club sandwich
                                                                                                         nachos                           small 5.20            large 8.20
                                                                                                         fresh corn chips with home-made tomato & bean mix, melted cheese, sour
                                                                                                         cream & guacamole
                cup 2.50        pot 4.20
                                                                                                         chicken nachos                   small 6.85            large 10.00
bushells blue label                     green tea                                                        fresh corn chips with home-made tomato & bean mix, roasted chicken

english breakfast                         chai tea                 toasted melts                         pieces, melted cheese, sour cream & guacamole

                                                                                                         gourmet terrace beef burger                                      7.45
peppermint                             Lady Grey                                                         seasoned beef patty, sweet tomato relish, caramelised onions, & heaps of
                                                                                                         salad on a fresh roll
                                                            tropical                              5.85
                                                                                                         gourmet terrace chicken burger                                   7.45
       other beverages
                                                            ham, cheese & pineapple
                                                                                                         chicken fillet patty, sweet tomato relish, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on a
                                                                                                         fresh roll
                                                            terrace                               5.85
                                                            chicken, cheese & asparagus                  beer battered flathead                                            6.95
hot chocolate           cup 3.50         mug 3.70                                                        two flathead fillets, chips OR salad & home-made seafood sauce
                                                            mediterranean                       5.85
iced coffee                                     4.60                                                     bucket of chips                                                   3.50
                                                            kalamata olives, semi-dried tomato,          great for the kids!
iced chocolate                                  4.60        onion & cheese
                                                                                                         salt & pepper squid                                               6.95
                                                                                                         With Chips OR Salad..
milkshakes              small 3.00      large 4.75          aussie                            5.85
chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel, banana or strawberry   ham, egg, onion, bbq sauce & cheese          spicy battered wedges                                             4.95
                                                                                                         Served w/- sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
spiders                                         4.75        kids                                  4.50
malt                                             .50        cheese & vegemite

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