Sonia Shaukat
                                       BCS (Hons)
            Address  House # 64/1 Chohan road Islampura Lahore, 54000. Pakistan
              Mob#: 0345-4655189,   Email:
CAREER OBJECTIVE                A challenging position in a software house where I can utilize my
                                extensive capabilities as well as gain the practical knowledge.

                                     Father’s Name          Shaukat Ali
PERSONAL INFORMATION                 D.O.B                  4th Nov, 1986
                                     Nationality            Pakistani
                                     Martial Status         Single


                                BCS (Hons) ( CGPA = 3.08 )
          2003 - 2007           Punjab University College of Information Technology, Lahore.
                                (area of specialization is development in .NET(C# and ASP.NET),
                                Component based Software Engineering(CBSE))

                                F.Sc (Computer Science) : 1st Division ( 65% )
          2001 - 2003           Queen Mary College for Women, Lahore.
                                (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics)

                                Matriculation (Science) : 1st Division ( 82% )
          1999 – 2001
                                Tameer-i-nau public school Mansehra (N.W.F.P)

Knowledge & Skills:

                                           Autoit
    Technical Skills (Tools &
                                           WinRunner
                                           LoadRunner
                                           Test Directive
                                           QTP
                                           QA Wizard
                                           Python
                                           Linux
                                           Marathon
                                           Android
                                           Software testing technique and methodologies
                                           Dot net Team Edition for Web and load testing
                                           Complete SDLC concepts with OOAD methodology
                                    UML using Rational Rose
                                    C &
                                    OOP concepts
                                    Web Development (HTML, Java Script, JSP, Servlets)
                                    Database development using SQL Server 2000
                                    RDBMS concepts
                                    MS Visio, MS Project & Rational Rose

                        FINAL YEAR PROJECT

Project Name:           SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM of Educator School

Technology and Tools:   .NET for Front End Application, C#, Crystal Report

Databases:              SQL Server 2000

Software Engineering:   Planning Requirements and Detail Design Phases

Description:                This System provides all the School management System
                        related needs in which Exam and admission automation, Student
                        and Teacher Attendance and library System includes.

                        SEMESTER PROJECTS

                               Atomization of Inventory Management System as
                                 Semester Project of
                               Software Engineering 1 in VB.
                               Atomization of General Hospital as Semester Project of
                                 Data Base Systems in VB.
                               Atomization of Sale Purchase System as Semester Project
                               Software Engineering 1 in VB.
                               Paint Brush and Text Editor as Semester Project of C++.
                               Inventory Control System as Semester Project of Financial
                                 Accounting in VB.
                               E-Greeting Cards website as Semester Project of Web
                                 Programming in Java and JSP (Java Server Pages).
                               Atomization of Daewoo System as Semester Project of
                                 Introduction to Programming Languages in C/C++.
                               Wallpaper Changer developed in C#.
                               Resume Application website developed in C# and


Organization:               Palmchip (Pvt) Limited.

Organization Type:          Software House

Designation:                Testing Engineer

Location:                   Shadman main market, Lahore, Pakistan
                    Testing methodologies and techniques
                    Designing test cases
                    Execution of Test Cases
                    Working with Testing tools
                    Working in Dot net Team Edition (Web and Load Testing)
                    Automation in QTP
                    Web UI Automation in Autoit

Project Title:        1. Seagate Suite (Embedded)

Description:          This project provides features such as backup and sync for
                     OneTouchIV backup devices. We can make scheduled and
                     non-scheduled backup/sync plans for different folders on
                     different "Seagate" devices. It also provides encrypted folder
                     support, making copy of local hard drive.
Project Title:        2. FreeAgent 2.0 (Embedded)
Description:          FreeAgent 2.0 Software will be shipped with Seagate
                      FreeAgent 2.0 products. FreeAgent 2.0 software includes
                      several software features which help a user manage and
                      protect digital contents.
Project Title:        3. Orion3 (Web Application)

Description:          Orion3 is a "Web" Apllination. Orion3 is a personalized start
                     page, which reflects your interests. Orion3 has built in
                     containers that provides various functionalities to its user.

Project Title:
                     4.   Cedar Software (Embedded)
                     The purpose of this project is to make software “Cedar” that
                     recognizes a variety of devices from different vendors. It shall
                     be able to perform backup/sync, encryption and safety drill for
                     all devices. Cedar shall be able to run independently on
                     Vista/XP without interfering with Maxtor Manager.
Project Title:
                     5.   GMinutes (Web Application)
                      This system is aimed to create, distribute and track meeting
                      minutes. The cores focus on using Google collaboration tools
                      (like Gmail, Google talk, Google notes, Google Calendar and
                      Google Spreadsheets and Docs)

Project Title:
                     6.   Mobizim Android (Mobile Application)
                      Mobizim Android runs in background receives SMS
                     messages and acts accordingly. The small-size of Mobizim is
                     packaged such that it can be downloaded (from a given URL)
                     and installed on a user phone afresh or on top of an
                     existing/already-installed copy of the same daemon.
Project Title:
                     6.   FireEye (Web UI Automation)
                                            Scripts are designed for Web UI Automation of FireEye
                                            project, in which, data from html page is saved in buffer and
                                            then compared with database values.
Project Title:
Description:                                   8. TelAlert (Mobile Application)

                                            TelAlert is a mobile phone application that gives
                                            properly formatted responses to TelAlert trouble ticket short

Organization:                             Islamia Govt, College (W) Lahore, Pakistan

Organization Type:                        College

Designation:                              Lecturer

Location:                                 Islamia Govt, College (W) Cooper Road, Lahore, Pakistan

                                      Internet Architecture & Protocol (IAP)
         Oct 06 to Oct 07
        Teacher Assistant             Appointed as Teacher Assistant for 1 year during my 7th and 8th

        Mar 07 to Sep 07              DOT NET Development
        Teacher Assistant
                                      Appointed as Teacher Assistant for 6 months during my 7th

                                               Secured 2nd Position in 6th Semester B.CS and
                                               Secured 3rd Position in 7th Semester B.CS.

References:      will be furnished upon request.

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