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									                                                                     Corporate Backgrounder

Company:    Thousands of new subscribers each day come to Flycell to personalize their
            phones with the newest and hottest entertainment, sports, games and other mobile
            and online content that reflect their unique digital lifestyles. With its track record
            of growth and high customer satisfaction, many wireless operators partner with
            Flycell to offer their subscribers new, compelling mobile content services.
            Founded in 2004, Flycell employs 85 people and is headquartered in New York,
            N.Y with operations in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Market:     The mobile market is massive, with numerous research firms estimating there are
            about 3 billion mobile phones presently in use around the world today. Wireless
            service providers recognize that this large number indicates many tech savvy
            markets are approaching saturation. Jupiter Research forecasted in August 2008
            there will be 266 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. by 2013, accounting for
            only 26 million new subscribers over the next five years. According to Jupiter,
            adoption by teens and young adults will become nearly ubiquitous as the majority
            of the demographic already have cell phones.

            With the market nearing saturation, wireless service providers are now struggling
            to maintain and grow per user revenue from their subscribers, fending off
            increasingly commoditized competition that drives down retail prices. Flycell is
            delivering these providers new revenue streams aimed at younger demographics
            (ages 15 to 25) where the opportunities remain high. According to the research
            group Harrison Group/VNU, there are 25.2 million teenagers in the United States
            representing a $195 billion market. Their recent “Teen Trend Report”
            underscores how teenagers have the right characteristics for Flycell’s target
            audience; US teenagers spend 72 hours per week on electronic entertainment
            including television, music, Internet, video games, cell phones and text
            messaging. Most significantly, 75 percent of US teens spend between two and
            three hours per day listening to or downloading music.

Service:    Flycell delivers online media and mobile entertainment and personalization
            services on the fly to customers all across the globe. Whether it is ringtones,
            wallpapers, games or themes, everything people need for their personalized
            mobile lifestyles is available on the Flycell website, Flycell
            offers customers bundled subscription packages and the option to purchase and
            download individual media elements. One of the benefits of buying content at
            Flycell is everything you download is yours to keep forever. Some carriers who
            sell their own content put "expiration dates" on items like ringtones and
            wallpaper, and after a set number of weeks or months it's automatically deleted
            from your phone. Once downloaded, Flycell customers’ media elements are
            stored in their locker on their My Flycell page, and are available for download
            again at anytime free of charge.

Finances:   Flycell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian mobile-messaging pioneer Acotel
            Group SpA. Acotel trades publicly on the Milan Stock Exchange under the
            symbol ACO.MI. Further investor information can be found at
Management:       As Flycell builds out the next generation of digital entertainment services it has
                 assembled a first class team of accomplished executives to lead the way.

                 Alberto Montesi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
                 Alberto Montesi leads a team of 100 people around the world that is executing
                 his vision of establishing Flycell as the premier worldwide mobile and online
                 entertainment destination.

                 Cristian Carnevale, Chief Operating Officer
                 Flycell co-founder Cristian Carnevale wears two hats for the company, leading
                 both operations and technology development. He spent his career in the wireless
                 industry, and was formerly CTO for Flycell’s parent company, Acotel.

                 Christian Genitrini, Chief Financial Officer
                 Christian Genitrini, one of the most accomplished finance executives in the
                 digital entertainment business, has held executive positions at Deutsche Bank,
                 Societe General and Deloitte & Touche. He holds two degrees in accounting, an
                 MBA and three degrees in law, and scored among the top one hundred in the
                 country in his CPA exam.

                 Adrian Rubio, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
                 Adrian Rubio is one of the principal architects shaping the company’s services
                 vision. Adrian directs teams in product development and business development
                 to build a digital entertainment service that anyone can use, not just early
                 adopters of expensive new technologies.

                 Guillermo Cengotita, Vice President Marketing – Mobile Services
                 Guillermo Cengotita is responsible for launching Flycell’s services in new
                 international markets, the quality of Flycell’s service, ensuring compliance with
                 standards set by the Mobile Marketing Association and acquiring new licensed
                 mobile content for worldwide distribution.

                 Javier Barragan, Vice President Acquisition Marketing
                 Javier Barragan leads all customer acquisition activities worldwide, driving top-
                 line revenue growth and profitability by implementing highly-effective customer
                 acquisition strategies through online, offline and mobile channels.

                 Lindsey Weinger, Vice President of Web Experience
                 As a digital entertainment company for consumers, ensuring a positive user
                 experience is arguably the most important job at Flycell. As vice president of
                 web experience for North America, Lindsey Weinger is focused on one mission:
                 making Flycell fun, easy, and engaging.

Contact:         Corporate Headquarters                    Public Relations Contact
                 Edwin Dickelman                           John Sidline
                 Flycell Inc.                              Mobility Public Relations
                 120 Broadway, 15th Floor                  15800 Boones Ferry Road
                 New York, NY 10271                        Lake Oswego, OR 97035
                 (212) 400-1212                            (503) 946-3311

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