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									                                                                   Case study:
                                                        Borat mobile promotion

Project details                                        About the movie
Title: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make   In Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit
Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan                  Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Sacha Baron Cohen
Client/Brand: 20th Century Fox                         brings his Kazakh journalist character Borat Sagdiyev to
                                                       the big screen for the first time.
Contributors: 20th Century Fox, Yahoo7!, m.Net
Corporation                                            Leaving his native Kazakhstan, Borat travels to America
                                                       to make a documentary. As he zigzags across the
Creative Agency: 20th Century Fox, m.Net Corporation   nation, Borat meets real people in real situations with
Service Provider: m.Net Corporation                    hysterical consequences. His backwards behavior
                                                       generates strong reactions around him exposing
Mobile Operator: Cross-carrier
                                                       prejudices and hypocrisies in American culture.
                                                       Borat was nominated for an Academy Award (Best
                                                       Adapted Screenplay) and a Golden Globe Award (Best
                                                       Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy). Sacha Baron
                                                       Cohen won a Golden Globe Award (Best Actor: Musical
                                                       or Comedy) for his performance as Borat.

                                                       Since its release, Borat has grossed over USD 260
                                                       million worldwide.
The challenge                                               m.Net implemented two user-engagement channels,

                                                                                                                              m.Net case study
                                                            making it easy for the end user to take up the content
To grow awareness of the movie in a one-month
promotion in November 2006 with a tight budget and
short lead time.                                            1.   Users were given the opportunity to access the
                                                                 Borat WAP site and download exclusive Borat
                                                                 mobile content by sending an SMS to a Premium
Key campaign objectives                                          Short Code and receiving a WAP Push.
•	   To extend Borat engagement and awareness               2.   In addtion to the PSMS call to action, Yahoo!7
     beyond the PC;                                              leveraged its own mobile media site as well as
                                                                 the relationship with mobile carriers to drive traffic
•	   To launch an innovative campaign that integrated
                                                                 to the Borat WAP site. Links and banners were
     seamlessly with the existing 20th Century Fox
                                                                 prominently featured across the Yahoo!7 WAP
     promotional strategy;
                                                                 portal, the Optus Zoo WAP portal, and the 3 Mobile
•	   To seed viral promotion of Borat by leveraging              Web portal.
     exclusive mobile content

                                                            A simple call to action featuring the PSMS number,
The mechanic                                                SMS cost, and keyword requirements was seamlessly
                                                            integrated into all of the existing outdoor and print-
20th Century Fox worked with Yahoo!7 and m.Net
                                                            media material (national press, bus-shells, and street
Corporation to integrate mobile as part of an online and
offline campaign to promote the theatrical release of the
movie.                                                      The call-to-action was “Get Your Free Borat ringtone &
                                                            wallpaper text BORAT to 19 777 477” and included the
m.Net created a mobile-destination WAP featuring
                                                            appropriate disclosures on costs and carrier network
details of the movie release and offering exclusive free
                                                            capability (e.g., that SMS would not work on 3).
mobile content.
                                                            The PSMS number was also promoted online within the
The Borat WAP Site featured:
                                                            Yahoo!7 Home page and movie editorial sites.
•	   movie information;
•	   exclusive free mobile content - 3 ringtones, 5
     wallpapers, and 1 game.                                The process
The imagery and text on the site mirrored the simplicity    1.   Users were invited to SMS/text “Borat” to the PSMS
and irregularity of Borat the character.                         Number.
                                                            2.   The user received an SMS WAP Push message
                                                                 almost immediately on his/her mobile phone
The detail
                                                            3.   The user opened the SMS message and clicked on
m.Net designed a mobile campaign that integrated                 the WAP link within the message
with online, outdoor, print, and mobile media. The Borat
                                                            4.   The user accessed the Borat WAP Site and could
WAP site was supported with cross-promotion activities
                                                                 start downloading promotional content.
                                                            5.   If the user did not access the Borat WAP site
•	   Yahoo!7 online media (editorial integration and
                                                                 within three minutes of request (meaning their
     network promotion)
                                                                 mobile phone was either not WAP-capable or
•	   Optus and 3 (on-deck carrier promotion)                     WAP-enabled, or the user was simply confused) a
•	   20th Century Fox (print and outdoor campaign)               second SMS message was delivered, explaining
                                                                 the possible problem with his/her WAP connectivity
•	   Yahoo!7 (off-deck promotion from the mobile site)
                                                                 and directed him/her to a Yahoo!7/Borat URL for
                                                                 more information.
                     The process (continued)                                   The outcomes
m.Net case study

                     The Optus Zoo Mobile portal featured a banner ad          This campaign was innovative as it transformed
                     allowing the user to click through to be connected to     traditionally “one-way” media such as print and outdoor
                     the Borat WAP site.                                       into an opportunity to immediately interact with the
                     The 3 Mobile web page featured a text link under          target audience.
                     “Recommended sites” allowing the user to click through    Free content available for the consumer’s mobile device
                     to be connected to the Borat WAP site.                    was found to be an innovative hook that drove large
                     The Yahoo!7 Mobile Home page promoted “free Borat         numbers of consumers to experience and engage with
                     content” via a mobile banner ad and text link allowing    the brand.
                     the user to click through to be connected to the Borat    The availability of free mobile entertainment content
                     WAP site.                                                 was of great value and benefit to the end users and
                     The Yahoo!7 web site included the mobile call to action   represented a cost-effective way for the client to drive
                     within the Borat feature pages; additionally, through     engagement and awareness.
                     SEO, when users entered search key words related          The call-to-action channel through the PSMS number
                     to Borat a search result drove users to a Borat feature   and the simple click to download mechanism from the
                     page on Yahoo!7 Movies that included the mobile call-     mobile WAP page was a direct component in driving
                     to-action.                                                excellent conversions in numbers that exceeded client

                                                                               This was the first truly cross-platform mobile marketing
                                                                               campaign for 20th Century Fox in Australia.

                                                                               The results of this promotional activity exceeded client
                                                                               expectations by 400%
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