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					June 2012                                                           unProfessional Standards Department
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                        The home of ‘Noble Cause Corruption’

                           A Search for the Truth
                           The Questions WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE Don’t Want To Answer

                           The WYPA Public Question Time delusion….
                           The announcement on the West Yorkshire Police Authority
                           website is clear enough. ‘We welcome questions from members
                           of the public. The more challenging the better’ – Not true. They
                           will only publish soft questions to which they can provide anodyne
                           answers. The awkward and damaging ones they try to swat away
                           with baseless reasons. In the public interest this must be stopped.
     The good, honest
    cops deserve better
    from the ‘top brass’   The Police Authority Chief Executive is     But not the police’s own Inspector
                           paid £116,500 per year plus a range of      Cawkwell: He avoided court, any fine
                           other valuable perks and benefits and       and no points. Instead he got ‘advice’
                           the public have a right to expect that he   from his boss after being found guilty
                           puts the interests of the public before     of ‘discreditable conduct’. DI Cawkwell
                           his own. Below are questions that the       was in Professional Standards – the
                           Authority don’t want to answer. Ask         Department responsible for Complaints
                           yourself why?                               & Discipline. How does that work?
                           Police criticised by Judges                 Another PSD inspector who lied for him
                                                                       didn’t even get ‘advice’ or any other
                           You may be shocked at the number of         sanction. Why not? And why do the
                           times the police within West Yorkshire      police not want to tell us?
The soon to                are criticised for the way they handle
be disbanded               and lose court cases..                      Meeting the Chief Exec at WYPA
Police Authority
                           High Court and Crown Court Judges           A last resort for people who have
will leave as
                           are repeatedly claiming impropriety and     serious issues with the police. How
its legacy :
                           criminality by the police, including        effective is Mr Sampson and is he worth
l    Duplicity            perjury and perverting the course of        his huge salary and perks? Is he able to
                           justice. But nothing more is done about     take positive action for the wronged
l    Dishonesty           it. Who is policing the police? Not the     public of West Yorkshire?
                           Police Authority.                           Well the question was asked and he
l    Dereliction          No surprise then, that they don’t want      didn’t want to answer. Judge for yourself.
      of oversight         awkward questions about this.
      responsibility                                                   Take action now
                           Paedophile police officers                  The public of West Yorkshire votes for a
                           What is more shocking? Finding child        new Police Commissioner soon.
                           abusers in the police or the police         l Write to your own MP and insist that
                           wanting to cover up for them?                  they look into these issues for you.
                           Ask yourself if this is something on        l Contact the Police Authority on 01924
                           which WYPA should be nailing their             294001 and ask what do they really
                           colours to the police mast?                    stand for? Does the truth matter
                           Protection of our children from this evil   l Ask the Chief Constable or your local
                           is paramount and questions need to be
                                                                          neighbourhood police inspector if this
                           answered. How many more paedophiles
                                                                          is true and what is he going to do
                           are the police shielding?
                                                                          about it.
                           One rule for police officers….              Contact us
                           ...and another for you. Over 19,000
                                                                       If you want to get in touch email us at
                           offenders in West Yorkshire within the
                           last 3 years got a fine and 3pts for
                                                              You may have a problem or a
                           driving when using their mobile phone.
                                                                       story about someone you know.
                           Quite rightly.