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									         On The
       Road, Again!

                        VOLUME 9
                        NUMBER 1
                        APRIL 2005

An AACA Master Editor
Award Winning Publication

            Email: bntr@hotpop.com             1998 - 2004

PRESIDENT                      VICE-PRESIDENT
Floyd Barnes, Jr.              Dan Fuccella
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Web & Newspaper Editor         Ex-Officio
Judy L Edwards                 John Cheek
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Art Fillyaw                Jean Fuccella
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Bob Miller                 Barker Edwards
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                 The Brass-Nickel Touring Region is a non-
                 geographical region of the AACA.
                 Membership is open to all members of the
                 AACA who have an interest in motor
                 vehicles 1931 or older. The main emphasis
                 and focus of the region is touring. Annual
                 dues are $10.00.
                                                   On The
                                         In This Issue!
                                           April 2005
                                     Volume 9      Number 1
On the Road, Again! is printed in
                                      Page Topic
an 5½ by 8½ inch booklet format
with the cover being printed on an    Front
8½ by 14” paper. This index          Inside About the BNTR
appears then on the inside flap.          1 A Note from Floyd
                                        2-3 From the Back Seat
                                       4-6 Down the Road
                                         7 Brady Jefcoat
                                      7-10 News from National
                                        10 2005 AACA Events
                                        11 In The Kids Korner
                                        12 Things You Auto
                                     13-14 In The Automotive
                                        15 Legislative Alert
                                     16-17 And From the Web
                                        17 The Model T Man
                                       18 Tinkerin’ Tips
                                       19 Activity Request
                                       20 Membership Cards
                                     Inside In Memoriam
                                          TOURING REGION
    On The
    VOLUME 9        NUMBER 1
           APRIL 2005

Happy Spring!

The calendar says it is spring and I am ready for it to come. How
about you? Maybe the out of doors will soon agree!
Tours are being planned for our group and I hope we will see a lot
of you out on the roads with us. If you are interested in planning
and having a tour in your area please do let us know as we would
like to get more areas involved.
Hope also to see you at some of the car shows that will starting
soon. Get that car out and dusted off and see you at the first tour of
the Spring.
                                                        Floyd Barnes
                                                      2005 President

                                          Original 1905 Ford that was
                                          on display in the Trade Show

                                        THAN TO BE FROM CAROLINA’
Well, you know a new year has
started when it is time for the AACA   This was particularly true this year.
annual business meeting held each      There was a large contingency from
year in Philadelphia in February.      the Old North State including the
Once again, Barker and I made the      BNTR’s own Larry Rucker and
trip as I was fortunate enough to      Brenda Lane. Also spotted were
win the Master Editor award for the    Roger and Paige Lyons who were
third year in a row for the Brass-     receiving a National award for their
Nickel newsletter. I also was a        1915 Dodge and a large group from
presenter at the Youth seminar         the NC Region who were making
highlighting the Junior AACA web       donations to the AACA library roof
site for which I am the web editor.    repair fund.
Barker and I also worked the AACA
web site booth, which is part of the   Once again this year, three of the
trade show. Throw in a couple of       twenty Master Editor awards given
seminars, an auction benefiting the    out this year were from North
AACA Museum, a couple of dinners,      Carolina - our On the Road, Again,
and an award banquet and the           Jean Soehnlein from the NC Region
weekend seems to fly by.               for the NC Region News, and
                                       Brooke Davis for the Hornet’s Nest
                                       newsletter the Member Parade. To
                                       add to that we now have three
                                       national directors from North
                                       Carolina - Hulon McCraw from the
                                       Great Smokey Mountain Region in
                                       Hendersonville, Herb Oakes from
                                       New River Chapter of the NC
                                       Region and Jim Raines from the
                                       BNTR and Hornet’s Nest Region. So
                                       you see it is true -
        Jim Raines registering at
        the AACA website for the        ‘Nothing could be finer than to be
   5        Gainesville Meet                     from Carolina’.
         BOARD MEETING                        ACTIVITY REQUEST CARD
                                          I will be trying something a little
                                          different this year in regards to the
                                          activity request card. In the past, I
                                          have included a postcard that you
                                          could mail back to the tour
                                          chairman. This has always been a
                                          problem in how to include it using
Well, another touring season is           the current format of the newslet-
about to begin. The Board met on          ter. This year, I will include the
March 20th and came up with some          activity request card on a page of
interesting tours (see Down the           the newsletter. It will be perforated
Road on pages 4-6 for details). At        so all you have to do is remove it
this time, some tour details are          and mail it the address listed on the
missing but dates have been               back. Please let me know if you like
assigned to each tour. More specific      this vs. a postcard.
information will be published in
future issues.                                     POCKET GUIDE
In other business, the Board also         Please make the following correc-
decided to purchase a set of walkie-      tions and additions to your 2005
talkies. In the past, we have relied      Pocket Guide to the BNTR.
on the use of personal cell phones
while touring. Quite often there are          Gerald Elkan - cell number
dead spots in the cell phone service                  xxx-xxxx
area which make the use of cell
phones inoperable and impractical.               Max & Louise Morton
To rectify this situation the Board                xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
decided to purchase a set that has a               xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
range of 10 miles. This particular
set also uses either a rechargeable            Anthony & Teresa Bright
or standard triple A batteries. The                xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Board also decided to look at
getting a banner that would be                  BNTR NEWSLETTER
displayed on the last car of a tour               www.aaca.org/bntr/
indicating that a ‘antique car tour’ is
ahead.                                    Starting this year, the Brass-Nickel
                                          newsletter will be on-line. To access
So, all is GO for the season. We          the on-line e-zine, go to our web
have a calendar, the weather is           page, click on publications, and
getting better, the days are getting      then newsletter.
longer, we have a set of walkie-
talkies, and we will be getting a         Currently available: October and
banner. All we need is you, your          December 2004 & April
family, and car. Hope to see you on       2005.
the road somewhere this season.                                           6
                                             (Continued on page 22)
       LET’S RIDE IN                               with a morning gas and
          2005!                                    restroom break and a
                                                   similar afternoon stop.
seems     to   be    an                            A morning stop of
appropriate slogan for                             special interest will be
this year. The Board                               the Greystone Quarry
met on March 20 and                                overlook, which opened
came up with some                                  in 1835 and is still
interesting tours. The                             operational. Stone in the
dates have been set but                            NC Capital was dug
some of the tour details                           here. For the Millers,
will be forthcoming in                             the tour will include a
upcoming issues of the                             drive through Cokes-
newsletter.                                        bury, Warren County
                                                   (Bob and Lynda live in
                                                   Cokesbury of Harnett
The first tour of the year                         County).     Afternoon
will be the -                                      stops include the Nor-
                                                   lina Railway Museum,
  WARREN COUNTY                                    the antique shops of
      TOUR                                         Warrenton, the grave of
                                                   Annie Lee, daughter of
Date: April 23, 2005                               Robert E. Lee and a
                                                   great lunch stop at the
Tour Chairman:                                     Hardware       Café    in
 Riley & Sandra Reiner                             Warrenton.
     (919) 557-1198
    r.reiner@att.net                               The tour is on paved
                                                   roads with mild hills
Meet: Winn Dixie                                   and almost all farm
parking lot at the intersection of US   country. Time permitting, a driving
1 North and NC 98 in Wake Forest.       tour of downtown Warrenton to see
Their address is 931 Durham Rd.         the many anti-bellum homes may
                                        be included. The Warrenton stop
Time: leave parking lot at 9:30 AM      will be 2 and 1/2 hours which will
and return approximately at 4:30        include lunch.
                                        Motel Information: All three
Agenda: The tour will start and         motels are within a mile of the start
end at Winn Dixie in Wake Forest.       point but reservations must be
Ample parking for trailers is           made as individuals.
available as well as a gas station,
Bojangles, and McDonald’s for                 Holiday Inn Express
breakfast coffee, etc.                       11400 Common Oakes Dr
                                                  Raleigh, 27614
           The tour route will cover             (919) 570-5550
   7       approximately 100 miles
The rate is $65 per night. Calling
direct rate is $74.70 with AARP or
AAA. Walk-in rate is $82.99.

         Hampton Inn
  12318 Wake Union Church Rd.,
       Wake Forest, 27587
         (919) 554-0222
      www.hamptoninn.com               are to assemble in Manteo on
                                       Friday, May 20th and spend the
The rate is $67.49 with AARP or        night. Saturday morning will be
AAA. or you may call direct for this   spent touring the attractions on
rate. Walk-in rate is $74.99.          Roanoke Island. After lunch, the
                                       tour will travel south on the Outer
           Sleep Inn                   Banks to the Cape Hatteras Light
  12401 Wake Union Church Rd.          House Park and other attractions
       Wake Forest 27587               on the southern banks. The tour
         (919) 556-4007                would return to the same motel for
                                       the second night. Sunday morning,
Call direct for a rate of $65 per      the tour would depart Manteo and
night but no other discounts apply.    travel north along the banks to Kill
They have a nice indoor pool.          Devil Hills, The Wright Brother’s
                                       Monument and the Currituck Light
                                       and Coast Guard Station. The tour
                                       would return to the motel around
                                       2:30 Sunday afternoon to load
   A former Seaboard Coastline         trailers, etc. and head home. The
 railroad dining car, which now        drive from Raleigh to Manteo is
  serves as the Norlina Railway        about 4.5 hours.
                                       Several people have expressed an
RSVP: Please notify Riley if you are   interest in this tour, but before final
planning on going either by phone,     plans are made, the planners need
email, or the activity request card    to know if there is any sincere
on page 19. Need help with             interest. Please call Dan Fuccella at
directions or you are running late,    (919) 349-5911 or email him at
call Riley or Sandra Reiner at (919)   dan@ati-engineers.com or Sandra
554-1158 or cell phone (919) 819-      Reiner at (919) 554-1158 and email
4447.                                  at r.reiner@att.net as soon as possi-
                                       ble to express your interest. We
  INTERESTED IN A TOUR TO              need to know approximately how
     THE OUTER BANKS?                  many motel rooms to secure. If you
The Brass-Nickel Touring Region        want to join the tour at noon on
and the Triangle Chapter are jointly   Saturday, please let us know and a
exploring the possibility of a         meeting point will be
weekend tour to the Outer Banks        established. Depending
May 20-22, 2005. The early plans       on your response, plans           8
will be made for this tour and         New Bern NC the weekend of
specific details will be in the May    August 20th. New Bern is the
issue of On the Road, Again.           second oldest town in North
Touring with the old cars is fun and   Carolina and is situated where the
the Outer Banks is the early history   Trent and Neuse Rivers meet. New
of North Carolina. Plans must be       Bern is abound with history around
made within the next two weeks to      every corner with over 150 historic
get the best deal on motel rooms.      landmarks, the magnificent Tryon
                                       Palace, Birth Place of Pepsi and a
         Call Now!                     157,000-acre national forest. More
 Operators are standing by to          details to come.
    record your interest.
                                           SELMA RAILROAD DAYS
Please fill out the activity request
card on page 19 if you are planning    This is an optional activity for the
on going on this tour.                 Brass-Nickel on Saturday October 1.
                                       We are negotiating with Selma but
      CHERRYVILLE TOUR                 the last time we participated we
                                       received $25 per car that we
                                       furnished. This is a great way to
                                       supplement the club treasury.

                                                 RAVEN ROCK
                                       Our last event of the year is a tour
                                       to and a picnic with the Fayetteville
Barker and I will be planning the      Model A club Saturday October 29
July 16th tour to Cherryville NC.      at Raven Rock State park in
The highlight of the trip will be to   Lillington NC. Last year they had
the C. Grier Beam Truck Museum,        invited the Brass-Nickel along with
which is one of only three truck       several other Model A clubs to join
museums in the US and tells the        them for their annual car display &
history of the Carolina Freight        picnic. I believe the final number of
Lines. Housed in the original gas      participants was 33 Model A’s and
station where Carolina Freight had     nine non-A’s.
its humble beginnings, you explore
over 7500 square feet of vintage
trucking memorabilia from the last     Well-as I promised we have some
seven decades. More details to         interesting tours lined up. I hope
come.                                  that you will be able to make them
                                       all. Remember-if you plan on at-
        NEW BERN TOUR                  tending either the Warren County
                                       tour or the Outer Banks tour to fill
Larry Rucker, Brenda Lane, and         out the activity request card. The
        John and Susan Baldwin         following is also an optional event
        will be planning our tour      you might want to go to. We just
   9    to the historic town of        couldn’t work into the calendar.
          BRADY                            FROM
         MUSEUM                           NATIONAL
The BNTR has been invited to              2005 NATIONAL OFFICERS
attend the 4th Annual Roanoke-
Chowan “Pork Fest,” which will be       David Zimmerman, from New
held at the Brady Jefcoat Museum        Jersey, was elected as President for
of Americana in Murfreesboro NC         2005 with Robert ‘Bo’ Croley from
on Saturday May 14. Unfortu-            Tennessee as his executive Vice
nately, it did fit into our calendar    President. Hulon McCraw from
but I encourage you to participate      North Carolina, Herb Oakes from
on your own if you can. This is a       North Carolina, and Bo Chiotti from
fund raiser for Museum and many         California    were elected to the
activities have been planned.           Board of Directors. The following
Many items have been added since        incumbents Directors were re-
the BNTR visited the Museum in          elected to the AACA Board - Peter
2000. The Museum now contains           Gariepy, Joe Gagliano, and Michael
over 11,000 items including the         Jones.
largest collection of washing
machine equipment, dairy equip-         AACA ANNUAL REPORT 2004
ment, irons, and music boxes in
the United States. There will be 14     Every year the national AACA
teams competing in the Bar-B-Q          annual business meeting is held in
cook off.                               Philadelphia. Friday afternoon is
                                        the general membership meeting
Date: May 14, 2005                      where the various Directors make
                                        their committee reports and next
Location: 201 West High St in           year officers are elected. The
   Murfreesboro NC                      following are highlights from the
   (252) 398-5653                       2004 Annual Report.

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM                     FROM THE PRESIDENT
                                                  Earl Beauchamp
Admission: Advance tickets are
$15.00 & includes all events includ-    AACA began 2004 with a new
ing “all you can eat” Bar-B-Q meal      Executive Director. Steve Mosko-
($20 day of event, if available). The   witz. We have been working with
deadline for tickets is May 6.          television personalities, with an eye
                                        toward advancing our cause with
Mail to - “Pork Fest”                   one or more new
              P O Box 3                 television programs that
      Murfreesboro NC 27855             will enable viewers             10
worldwide to see the value of            100 youth register and participate
restoring antique automobiles.           in the CHIP program and we
                                         awarded over 450 CHIPs. Again this
The first National Sentimental Tour      year the AACA will be presenting at
was held and was extremely               the annual meeting scholarships to
successful. Tours were revamped to       the younger members who were
assure that a reasonable number of       active in the hobby.
tour would be available each year to
satisfy member needs in all eras of         REGIONS AND CHAPTERS
vehicles.                                   Joe Gagliano, Vice President

AACA remains strong and is               New region established in 2004:
stepping into the new century with       West Virginia White Water Region
plans to keep us the largest most        located in Beckley, WV. A new
inclusive and best old car club in the   chapter of the Ohio Region
world.                                   established was Friends of the
                                         Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio.
    Sharon Lee, Vice President           As of December 31, 2004, the AACA
                                         had 331 Regions and 63 Chapters
With six Tours, ten National Meets,      for a total of 394 affiliates. Region
and an Annual Grand National             operations remained strong for
Meet, the AACA offered a wide            2004.
range of activities for its members
in 2004. All Regions and Chapters                  MEMBERSHIP
are to be commended for offering to          James Cook, Vice President
host these upcoming events for all
AACA members to enjoy.                   Total paid memberships as of
                                         December 31, 2004 is 59,390. This
     PROGRAM AND YOUTH                   number includes 196 junior
        DEVELOPMENT                      memberships and 125 student
    John Walker, Vice President          memberships.

The AACA Youth development               There were 35 new Life members
program has continued to have            for a total of 2,623 life members.
successes. We have a large group of      The “I got a Member” program
members who are very active              generated 1,351 new memberships
supporters of our youth programs.        by 993 sponsors including 358 first
We now have 131 student members          time sponsors.
and 196 youth members. In 2004,
we launched a CHIP program where                    JOE GRIGGS
kids are rewarded for completing              AACA Museum President
“auto related activities” with a
specially designed award called a        New exhibits are the feature of the
          CHIP for each different        Museum for 2005. Our current
          project they complete.         presentation of the early muscle
   11     This year we had over          cars “Thunder Before the Storm” is
now on display in the Cammack           been reorganized and Professional
Gallery. Opening May 14 is our          Vehicle Classes have been added.
salute to Corvettes. The Flo In Diner   Peerless 8-cyclinder vehicles have
is now completed and will be            also been added to the list of
dedicated April 24. Education pro-      Specific Class Vehicle Classes.
grams are in full swing and the
Museum is the favorite place in                   PUBLICATIONS
central Pennsylvania to have a            Sherman Carey, Vice President
special event. In 2004 over 80
events, were held and we expect to      The magazine, Antique Automobile,
do many more in 2005.                   continues to be a leader with a new
                                        design and a new editor, West
Last year saw 24 more cars being        Peterson. The Publications Commit-
donated to the Museum bringing          tee selected 159 regions & chapters
our total to over 120.                  to receive awards for 2004.
                                               Award of Merit—45
We hope that you plan for your               Award of Distinction—55
Region to come see the excitement            Award of Excellence-39
at your Museum this year.                       Master Editor-20
Coming soon-online: gift shop sales.          AACA LIBRARY AND
                                              RESEARCH CENTER
             JUDGING                           Jeff Lesher, President
     Bo Croley, Vice President
                                        The AACA Library and Research
More than 4,000 vehicles were           Center was a busy place during
shown at 10 national meets in 2004.     2004. 1,163 requests for
These vehicles were judged by           information were received. This
2,050 AACA judges including 17          included 32 requests received from
judges who attended all 10 meets.       POCI members and 20 form
Judges Training Schools, were           SPAAMFAA members. We had 490
offered to members at 9 meets           recorded visitors in 2004,
including the Hershey Fall Meet.        representing 36 states, Puerto Rico,
Over 1,000 judges attended these        the District of Columbia, Argentina,
schools. Continuing Judges              Australia, Canada, England,
Education courses were completed        Ireland, and South Africa. The
by 744 judges.                          following groups toured the Library
                                        & National Headquarters in 2004:
A major revision of the “Official       Gettysburg, NYS Allegheny Valley,
Judging Rules and Guidelines”           Roanoke Valley, Peconic Bay, Po-
manual and the judging forms have       cono, and Pottstown Regions, and
been completed and will be              the POCI Keystone Region, and the
available for the 2005 National         Cars and Parts Garage Tour.
                                        Literature donations val-
The Motorcycle Classes and              ued at $34,337.95 have
Commercial Vehicle Classes have         been received in 2004.          12
200 books were catalogued and
added to the collection in 2004,                        2005
bringing the total number to 4,546.                      AACA
Computer input is progressing with                      EVENTS
over 42,000 records entered in the
system. Highlights of the year
included our new outdoor signage,
                                                        D-Division N-National Ch-Chapter
donated in honor pf Margaret and                    A
George Vital by the AACA Peconic                    P
                                                            16 NC Region Spring Meet
Bay Region, the Hagerty grant and                   R             Catawba NC
adding the Society of Automobile                    L      30 Cape Fear Ch, Wilmington
Historian and the Lincoln Motorcar                         5-7 Southeast DN Spring Meet,
Foundation to the organization                                   Roanoke VA
whose collections we house.                                  7 Triangle Ch, Raleigh
                                                            14 Alamance Region Meet
  2004 FINANCIAL REPORT*                            A
                                                    Y    26-28 Eastern DN Spring Meet
                                                                 Greensburg PA
Year Ending December 31, 2004                              29- Founders Tour
* - Pending Annual Audit                                June 3 Myerstown PA
                                                    J        11 Coastal Plains Ch, Washington
                 INCOME                             N    17-18 Central DN Spring Meet
                                                    E             Rochester MN
Dues.............................. $ 934,606
                                                          7–9 Central DN Spring Meet
Sales .................................... 15,551
                                                                  Warren OH
AA & Internet Ads............... 67,711             J
                                                    U       29 AACA Grand National
Meets, Tour & Events...... 235,904                  L             Northglenn CO
MBNA.................................42,407                 30 Western DN Fall Meet
Interest/Gain-Investments45,998                                   Northglenn CO
Donations............................11,703                   6 General Greene Ch Greensboro
                                                    A    14-18 Eastern D Tour
Miscellaneous....................... 2,525          U             Shelter Island NY
   Total Income : $ 1,456,405                              29- Vintage Tour
                                                        Sept 2 Solomons MD
                                                            10 San-Lee Ch, Sanford
Meets, Tours & Events ..$ 240,417                               First Capital Ch, New Bern
Antique Automobile......... 355,051                      11-16 Glidden Tour, Altoona PA
Cost of Sales ....................... 73,785        E       17 Charlotte AutoFair
                                                    P           Morehead City Ch
General Administration ..... 31,865                 T
                                                        22-24 Southeastern DN Fall
Headquarters Bldg............ 34,348                              Meet, Jeffersonville IN
National Headqrtrs Ops...375,838                            24 NC Region Fall Meet Pinehurst
    Total Expense : $1,311,304                                1 New River Ch, Jacksonville
                                                    O      5-8 Eastern DN Fall Meet Hershey
 2004 Net Income*: $ 145,101                        T         8 Southeastern Ch, Mt. Olive
                                                            15 Furnitureland Ch, Spencer
                                                    N      2-5 Southeastern D Tour
   13                                               O             Palatka FL
       Q1. Where is the best place to eat
                      while traveling?

                    Q2. Why wouldn’t the grizzly
                        bear walk on a gravel

                    Q3. Why are geese poor

     Q4. What do you get when you cross
             a stop sign with a cat?

Q5. Why was the clown sitting
    at the stop sign?

Q6. What did Tennessee?

   A6. The same as Arkansas.
   A5. He was waiting for it to say - GO!
   A4. An octa-puss!
   A3. Because all they do is honk!
   A2. It had bear feet.
   A1. Where there is a fork in the road.
      Answers to ‘In the Kids Korner’
                                        oxide that the cavemen had used to
       THINGS YOU                       make their red paint. The Peekskill
                                        chemists succeeded in creating a
       AUTO KNOW                        darker color for the tire manufac-
                                        turer. More importantly, they
                                        discovered that by adding carbon
                                        black as an ingredient to the rubber
                                        they not only got a darker tire, but
                                        one that lasted four to five times
                                        longer than white ones! And from
                                        there you know how this story ends,
                                        except for one little detail. The
                                        Peekskill Chemical Company later
If you count only roads, says           became known as Binney & Smith,
Richard Forman, a Harvard               the makers of Crayola Crayons!
professor of landscape ecology, the
number is .06 percent, an area                  NICOLAS CUGNOT
roughly half the size of Virginia. If
you throw in parking lots, side-
walks, building foundations, and all
other “impervious surfaces,” the
number doubles to about 1.29
percent. That figure may be lower       The very first self-propelled car was
than you expected, but the local        built in 1769, when Nicolas Cugnot,
effects of too much hardtop can be      a French military engineer designed
huge, particularly on the weather.      a steam powered road-vehicle. The
                                        vehicle was built at the Paris
    THE COLOR OF TIRES                  Arsenal, and was used by the
    WHY TIRES ARE BLACK                 French Army to move cannons. It
                                        had three wheels with the engine in
The first car tires were white! One     the front along with the boiler.
tire manufacturer wanted his tires      While Cugnot's 'car' was capable of
to look more distinguished than         attaining speeds of up to 6 kms/
other tires. He asked the Peekskill     hour, it was far too heavy and slow
Chemical Company in Peekskill,          to be of practical use.
New York, to see what they could do
to make a tire that was a silver gray   Nicolas Cugnot made another steam
color.                                  driven vehicle 2 years later, also at
                                        the Paris Arsenal. The machine
Joseph Binney had founded the           reportedly ran quite well, although
Peekskill Chemical Company in           on one occasion it ran into a wall,
1864 and specialized in producing       thus recording the world's first
black and red colors and paints. The    motor-accident. The vehicle may
red he created was used on barns all    still be seen today in the
          across the American           Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et
          countryside and was made      Metiers in Paris.
   15     with the same red iron
                                        museum, which will display 32
            IN THE                      classic vehicles organized in a
       AUTOMOTIVE                       timeline.

         NEWS!                          Color - Gold

 HISTORIC $3.2 MILLION CAR              Transmission - Hydro
                                        Cylinders - 8
                                        Engine Size - 324
                                        Horsepower - 250

On January 29, 2005, a 1954
Oldsmobile F-88 Concept car was
auctioned in Scottsdale Arizona for
a winning bid of 3.2 million dollars.
The XP-20 project, commonly
known as F-88 was a pet project of      The car was designed by General
Harley Earl. Four cars came out of      Motors's godfather of automotive
the project, but only styling order     design, Harley J. Earl and was
#2265 (this car) survived.              unveiled at the 1954 Motorama.
                                        Many auto historians consider the
The General Motors concept car          F-88 to be an archetype of modern
lasted through a fierce bidding war     car design with a racy fiberglass
to become the highest selling car       body, bullet taillights, open top and
ever at the Barrett-Jackson auction,    lightweight structure. The F-88 has
beating a 15-year record of $2          distinctive large vertical exhaust
million given for a 1932 Hispano-       outlets for its "Rocket" V-8 and a
Suiza J12 Binder. The new owners        prominent wide-mouth grille.
are Maureen and John Hendricks,
who is founder and Chairman of          However, due to lukewarm sales of
Discovery Communications which          the newly released 1954 Corvette,
includes ownership of the Discovery     GM refused to give the green light
Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, The        for its Oldsmobile division to
Travel Channel, The Science             produce another sports cars. The F-
Channel among its many digital          88 and four other cars developed
networks. The car will be on display    during the XP-20 project were
at the Gateway Colorado Auto            ordered destroyed as was standard
Museum, now under construction          for concept cars not making it into
and scheduled for an early Fall         production. As legend has it,
2005 grand opening. This museum         however, this one gold-tone pet
will be devoted to understanding        project of Harley Earl was given or
and celebrating the history, science,   sold piece-by-piece to E. L. Cord
design, and social impact of the        (Auburn- Cord-Duesen-
American car. Only American cars        berg owner) in 1955 to be
will be featured in the new             reassembled as the sole-      16
survivor of the project. In fact,       1999-Bruce Meyer, has commis-
hundreds of GM internal docu-              sioned the restoration of many
ments and original blue prints are         legendary vehicles including the
still with this car. Museum curators       Pierson Brothers' coupe, the So-
are hoping to find out more of this        Cal belly tank racer, the
unique car's history from these            Agajanian Special and a Doane
documents and records.                     Spencer roadster that won best
                                           of class at Pebble Beach
MEGUIAR’S MAN OF THE YEAR               2000-Robert Peterson, founder of
    http://www.meguiars.com                Petersen Publishing which
                                           publishes over 77 periodicals
In early February, it was announced        including Hot Rod, Motor Craft,
that the Meguiar’s 2005 Man of the         & Car Craft. Also owns the
year is Bill Smith, former President       prestigious Peterson car
and Executive Director of the              museum in California
AACA. The Meguiar's Award was           2001-J B Nethercutt, car restorer
created to honor those individuals         whose vehicles have won Best of
who have done the most to improve          Show at the famed Pebble Beach
the quality, visibility and growth of      Concours d'Elegance an
the collector car hobby.                   unprecedented six times.
                                           Founder of the San Sylmar car
                                           museum, which is often credited
                                           as being the most breathtakingly
                                           beautiful automobile museum in
                                           the world
                                        2002-Bill Warner, founder of the
                                           Amelia Island Concours
Since 1995, the Mequiar’s Company
has been giving this award to           2003-Steve Earl, one of the
pioneers and leaders in the                founding fathers of the American
automotive hobby. Former winners           vintage race movement
include -                               2004-Corky Coker, president of
1995-Chet Krause, Founder and              Coker Tire
   Chairman of Krause Publications
1996-Bill & Chip Miller, Carlisle       The awards ceremony will be April
   collector car events                 9th at 7 PM (PST) at the Kodak
                                        Theater in California. Although I
1997-Jay Leno, entertainer and car      have not been able to verify the air
   collector                            time, Speed TV is suppose to be
1998-Jules Heumann and Lorin            airing the show. Please check your
   Tryon, these two men helped          local listings for air times. Note: The
   turn a regional California car       Maguair Company has for over 100
   event into the world famous          years has been creating the finest
          Pebble Beach Concours         quality surface care products for
          d'Elegance                    you and your car.
                                                       (Continued on Page 17)
                                        nance by removing or disposing of
 LEGISLATIVE ALERT                      junked motor vehicles subject to the
  PROPOSED LAW                          ordinance according to the
                                        procedures prescribed in this
Note: the following is a bill that is   section. The authority granted by
currently making it’s way trough the    this section shall be supplemental
NC Legislature. It currently only       to any other authority conferred
effects the cities of Henderson &       upon municipalities. Nothing in this
Louisburg but once one                  section shall be construed to
municipality gets a law passed,         authorize a municipality to require
others are such to try & follow. It     the removal or disposal of a motor
has passed both Houses and is now       vehicle kept or stored at a bona fide
back in the House for approval of       "automobile graveyard" or "junk-
Senate changes. The proposed            yard" as defined in G.S. 136‑143.
changes are underlined.
       HB 75 (SB 164)                   For purposes of this section, the
Junked & Abandoned Vehicles             term "junked motor vehicle" means
                                        a vehicle that does not display a
Status: Filed in the House on           current license plate and that:
February 3, 2005; passed 2nd and
3rd readings on March 3rd; sent to      (1) Is partially dismantled or
the Senate on March 7 where it was          wrecked; or
assigned SB 164; passed 2nd and         (2) Cannot be self‑propelled or
3rd reading on March 17 and sent            moved in the manner in
back to the House.                          which it originally was
                                            intended to move; or
Title: A bill to be entitles an act     (3) Is more than five years old
effecting the regulation of                 and appears to be worth less
abandoned or junked motor                   than one hundred dollars
vehicles in the City of Henderson           ($100.00). five hundred
and the Town of Louisburg..                 dollars ($500.00)."
                                        The bill also amends G.S. 160A-303
SECTION 1. G.S.160A‑303.2(a)
                                        (b2) as reads as rewritten:
reads as rewritten:
                                        SECTION 1. (3) Is more than five
(a) A municipality may by ordi-         years old and worth less than one
nance regulate, restrain or prohibit    hundred dollars ($100.00); five
the abandonment of junked motor         hundred dollars ($500.00); or
vehicles on public grounds and on
private property within the munici-     SECTION 3. Section 1 of this act
                                        applies only to the City of Hender-
pality's ordinance‑making jurisdic-
                                        son and the Town of Louis-
tion upon a finding that such
                                        burg. Section 2 of this act applies
regulation, restraint or prohibition    only to the Town of Louisburg.
is necessary and desirable to
promote or enhance community,           SECTION 4. This act is
neighborhood or area appearance,        effective when it becomes
and may enforce any such ordi-          law.                           18
                                       THE FAIRMOUNT
       AND FROM THE                     PARK MOTOR
           WEB                           1908–1911.

                                       For four years,
                                       early in the last
                                       century,      the
                                       Fairmount Park
                                       Motor Races were
                                       run on an eight-mile course in
                                       Philadelphia’s West Fairmount

This issue I have two on-line book                         BY MOTOR TO
stores to talk about.                                      THE GOLDEN
                                                          Is he story of
       AACA BOOKMOBILE                                   Emily      Post’s
           www.aaca.org                                  historic     1915
                                                         journey by car
The AACA Bookmobile is now on-                           from New York
line. AACA members receive a 20%                         to California.
discount on every book purchased
and your Club receives a significant
donation for every book you            A RELIABLE CAR
purchase. AACA members receive          AND A WOMAN
FREE UPS ground shipping on any        WHO KNOWS IT
order above $75.00. They continue         THE FIRST
to add titles all the time so check    COAST-TO-COAST
back often.                             AUTO TRIPS BY
                                       WOMEN, 1899–
       MCFARLAND BOOKS                      1916
                                       chronicles the first coast-to-coast
This year at the trade show in         trip by women. Detailed accounts of
Philadelphia a publishing company      five coast-to-coast drives make up
was featuring their automobile         this lively history.
books. To my surprise, it turned out
that they were from Jefferson NC.                          MY FIRST
Doing a quick search on automobile                        FORTY CARS
on their web page revealed that they
have at the time of this printing                       This automotive
thirty-five books listed.                               memoir includes
                                                        a chapter for each
         Some titles of interest are                    of Bolan’s first
  19     -                                              forty cars, includ-
ing photographs of the actual vehi-
cles where possible.
                                                THE MODEL T
                                                    By Roy Wheeler
                                              What a beautiful thing is a
                                                    tapered spring,
                                           What sights and sounds inspiring;
                                               The curve of the guard,
                                               the advance and retard,
                                            The gallant old cylinders firing.
This is a meticulously researched
reappraisal of the oft-maligned Taft       Let other men squander their skill
presidency focusing particularly on                  and their time
his cars, his relationship to the           On sporting or some other folly.
automobile and the role of the                    He finds his joy and
automobile in the politics of his                  expression sublime
day.                                       With a spanner and hammer and
(Continued From Page 14)
                                           He stands in his shed and he gazes
      IN THE NEWS (CONT.)                                around
      RALPH LAUREN CARS                      At the junk he's collected and
From March 06 through to July 03,
                                            Thinking ahead his heart gives a
the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
will display Ralph Lauren's classic
                                               For the rapturous years of
cars under the title "Speed, Style,
and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph
Lauren Collection." The MFA Web            There is artists' and artisans' blood
site explains it this way: "In its first               in his veins,
exhibition devoted to car design,              Simplicity in his devotion,
the MFA displays sixteen                   His vision reveals, from his labours
magnificent automobiles from the                        and pains,
collection of world-renowned                   A glorious poem of motion.
designer and car enthusiast Ralph
Lauren, featuring some of history’s        What a beautiful thing, what joy it
most memorable cars." He is                           will bring,
especially noted as the owner of a          A Model "T" Ford is inspiring.
rare Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic            The leisurely pace, the effortless
Coupe, arguably one of the most                          grace,
beautiful sports machines ever              The gallant old cylinders firing.

 1938 Bugatti
  Type 57SC
Atlantic Coupe
                                        the same hole. They won’t hold as
                                        well the second time around. Try
                                        using boat nails. These are bronze,
                                        ring shank nails of about the same
                                        penny size as the original steel body
                                        nails. Being bronze they will not
                                        rust, and being ring shank they will
                                        hold well in the slightly oversized

The Tinkerin’ Tips this month were       ELECTRICAL TERMINAL CUFFS
taken from Restoration Tips by
Tom Reese. These articles were          From the late brass era through the
originally published in the Antique     advent of vinyl, low tension wires
Automobile from 1971-1985.              often had a rubber cuff that covered
                                        the wire connection to the terminal.
                                        These used to be available in bulk
                                        form. In recent years, I have no
GENERIC RUBBER GROMMETS                 longer been able to find them. I now
                                        buy several different diameters of
At times one needs to come up with      rubber windshield washer hose and
rubber grommets to cushion              lop off the appropriate length to
electrical wires where they come        replace these cuffs when rewiring.
through metal panels. If your car is
from the 1920s or 1930s, modern           STORAGE OF MURIATIC ACID
grommets just don’t look right.
They are too shiney and have forms      If you plan to use Muriatic acid for
that look like later. A possible        cleaning corroded parts, make sure
source of such grommets is no           that when storing, you cap it tightly
farther away than your nearest tire     & store it away from anything metal
shop. They will have lots of rubber     that you care about. The vapor pres-
valve stems bases lying around. In      sure of this liquid is such that it will
replacing these, they usually nip off   release acid to the atmosphere
the old ones and punch the base out     easily. It will then act as a catalyst,
of the wheel. These bases have a        speeding the rusting of any un-
center hole and a convenient ridge      painted iron or steel in the area.
for mounting. A little sanding will     Such items as drill chucks and bits,
smooth off the nip marks.               garden tools, stored fasteners, &
                                        hand tool all soon grow a fuzzy
           BOAT NAILS                   coating of ugly red ferrous oxide.

When replacing metal body and
door panels on wood frames, after
having them off to repair and re-
         glue the wood, you
         inevitably end up with
  21     your nails going back in
    I want to reserve a spot on the Warren County Tour.
    I will be driving my

    Coming with me will be

      OUTER BANKS TOUR - SEPT. 21 & 22
    In order to help with the planning for the tour please indicate what
    car and how many people will be traveling with you.

         Car                              # People

                       IS ON REVERSE SIDE.

(Continued from page 6)                However, on February 23rd, PBS
                                       was in the middle of their annual
        ROAD SHOW FYI                  Festival, which is a fund raiser for
                                       the station and did not show the
I sent out an email early February     segment on independent cars. I
notifying you of a new PBS series      have not been able to find out when
Antiques Roadshow FYI which            the show will be broadcasted but
filmed segments at the 2004            keep checking the local listings.
Eastern Division Fall Meet in
Hershey last October. The original
air dates were-

Independent Car Segment:
February 23, 2005 @ 8:00 EST

Petroliana: May 18, 2005 @ 8:00

Classic car, Milestone car, and
Antique car: TBD

My cell phone number is

        Mail to:
       Riley Reiner

                Thanks for renewing your
                membership in the BNTR !
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            ๐ Have not renewed yet!


                John Z DeLorean
                                         by enthusiasts.
John Z. DeLorean was one of
                                     •   he quit in 1973 to launch the
Detroit's best-known - and most
                                         DeLorean Motor Car Co. near
controversial-automotive in-
                                         Belfast, Northern Ireland.
novators. DeLorean died March
19 at Overlook Hospital in           •   Eight years later, the
Summit, N.J., at age 80. He had          DeLorean DMC-12 hit the
suffered a stroke late Thursday          streets. But the factory
at his home in Bedminster, N.J.,         produced only about 8,900
his family said.                         cars in three years. The
                                         company collapsed in 1983, a
           CAREER                        year after he was charged

        HIGHLIGHTS                       with conspiring to sell $24
                                         million of cocaine and money
•   hired as an engineer by              laundering to salvage his car
    Chrysler in 1952, though he          venture. DeLorean claimed
    left less than a year later to       entrapment and won acquittal
    work for Packard Motor Co.           on the charges in 1984.
•   When Packard was acquired        •   Through the 1980s and into
    by Studebaker Corp. in 1956,         the 1990s, he battled tax,
    DeLorean took a job with the         fraud, racketeering and
    advanced engineering group           bankruptcy charges and
    at Pontiac. His patents              avoided extradition to Great
    included the recessed wind-          Britain and Switzerland to
    shield wiper and the overhead        face charges of defrauding
    cam engine.                          investors in his car plant.
•   By age 40, DeLorean led          •   He declared bankruptcy in
    Pontiac, and four years later        1999.
    became the youngest head of
    GM's giant Chevrolet division.   Note: The radically futuristic,
    He was credited with creating    gull-winged car he produced,
    what some consider the first     the DeLorean, gained
    muscle car in 1964 by cram-      worldwide recognition as the
    ming a V8 engine into a          time machine in the "Back to
    Pontiac Tempest and calling it   the Future" films.
    the GTO, dubbed the "Goat"
Brass-Nickel Touring Region
Judy L Edwards, Editor
116 East Front Street
Clayton NC 27520-1913

                                Summer touring season
                              is right around the corner!

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