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Cyber War by Anus123


Cyber war , Unethical Hacking , Cyber War Between Pakistan and India

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            CYBER CRIMES
The Invisible criminal are dangerous than the Visible one…

                       Ahmed Ali Shams
                       Anas Ahmed
            What it is…?
How many times have you heard that your friend
   had to change his or her email account or to
deactivate or create another Facebook or twitter
      account because it had been hacked?
 How many times you came to know that your or
your friend’s photo is being misused by someone?
 Someone use your information to blackmail you?
      Your website is hacked or messing up?
 Types of Hackers
• Black-Hats:
      A black hat hackers are those who misuse
  their skills to penetrate websites and networks to
  obtain sensitive data to further their criminal
• White-Hats:
       White Hat hackers are individuals who hack
  into computer systems solely to see how the
  computer's security systems work and discover
  security weaknesses to help the system users.
    Types of Cyber Crimes
• Joke/Hoax/Prank
• Just for Fun
• Revenge
• Hate (national origin, gender, and race)
•  Personal gain/Fame
• The Hacker's Ethics - This is a collection of motives that
  make up the hacker character
• Terrorism
• Political and Military Espionage
• Business ( Competition) Espionage
     Cyber Hacks & PAKISTAN
• PML-N official website hacked:
     • In March 2011, a hacker defaced the official site and left a
       massage on home page asking the Party’s leaders to refrain
       from “filling their own pockets”.
• President Zardari’s Website hacked:
     • In December 2010, the FIA’s Lahore Cyber Crime Wing
       arrested a hacker on hacking Zardari’s Personal site. The site
       was hacked in July and the hacker changed his web name
       from Adil to Penetrator. Adil confessed and said he just did
       it “for fun”.
• Punjab Police Website Hacked:
     • In July 2010, the website was hacked by an Indian hacker,
       who left an anti-Pakistan slogan on the main page.
      Pakistan VS India
– The most recent episode of this war was when
  Indian hackers attacked and defaced 36 Pakistani
  government websites in early December 2010.
– This led to a counterattack from Pakistani hacker
  group called Pakistan Cyber Army which hacked
  into the website of the Indian Central Bureau of
  Investigation CBI, regarded as one of the India's
  most secure sites.
  Social Networks Real Danger
• How do you like the idea of a friend or
  employer logging onto facebook one day and
  finds your picture on an ad for “Hot singles
  waiting for you”? This is how some dating
  websites works – by plucking profile pictures
  of women on facebook and plugging them in
  their ads online.
• YouTube is the biggest video sharing network.
• Where different categories of video are being
  shared and viewed by people from all around the
• Many times people upload such video which is
  targeting or threatening someone.
• In September 2010, a young girl not only
  physically abused(gang-raped) in Khipro, Sindh,
  but the criminals(rapist) also made a video of her
  trauma and uploaded it to YouTube. Within
  seconds, it was accessible to everyone.
You are always at a Danger End
• Your information like address, phone, friends
  and family, photos, education and job, what
  you are doing, where are you going, etc is one
  of the biggest threat to you because anyone
  can stalks you on internet and then trace you
  down to your home.
• Your enemies or someone else who had some
  aims or abusive objective can use your
  How to be Safe Online.?.?
• Don’t put your information like address, phone numbers,
  family links, etc.
• Put your photos and videos after high security/privacy
  settings and think before uploading.
• Avoid adding unknown people. Because no one is your
  friend online.
• Don’t response to scam like Nigerian scam, friend finder, or
  emails which offers you big free gifts etc.
• Even if you are in a relationship, avoid sharing or sending
  your candid photos to the other person, because they may
  end up being misused.
• In case of any problem, like your photo being used or etc
  contact PTA.
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