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									                                        SVI TRAINING
Training Committee presents its training sessions for the coming year. This year there are a
variety of trainings for new Guiders as well as enrichment trainings for the experienced Guider.

Changes have been made to the adult training program. New training materials will reflect these
changes. The biggest difference will be a new training for Unit Guilders, but this has not yet
been released. This training will orient new Guiders to their role as a Unit Guider. Eventually,
Safe Guide will be a part of this particular training. National proclaims, “Participants will be
introduced on how to engage girls in planning and running their program; how to make the Unit
a safe space; their branch’s program; Guiding traditions; and how to use Safe Guide.”

However, it looks like this new training will not be available for the fall start-up, so the need to
take a SAFE GUIDE course continues. When you take SAFE GUIDE this fall, it will be
recorded as a part of the new training when it is released. You will not be required to take it
again. Safe Guide training is mandatory within your first 6 months of joining Guiding. If you do
not comply, your membership will be cancelled. This is a National policy.

 Next, ORIENTATION is discontinued as a training nationally. Information will be available
from many sources. We will continue to offer an Orientation Session which will cover this
information and give you up to date information about SVI Area and its policies. Busy
Commissioners may welcome this resource. Orientation is part of the screening process.

TREASURER’S TRAINING is available for all Guiders who will be working with finances.
This training will explain the whys and wherefores of dealing with Girl Guide money.

Districts may have a policy about Guiders attending training. Generally there will be some
reimbursement when a receipt is presented after attending a training session. Other Districts may
pay for the training with the registration.

Safe Guide sessions require a $20.00 deposit. This has been put in place to ensure that Guiders
will attend. Cheques will be returned at the training. If you don't attend, you lose the deposit.

This information is provided by Sheila Fowler, the SVI Area Training Advisor. You may
contact me with any questions at:

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