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Danielle Gaito

Deb Moore

Academic Writing & Research 22491

23 April 2012

                            Prevention of Teen Pregnancy

       They say history repeats itself but where in society has there ever been

children having children? Our culture has found a way to settle down with the

reality of youthful pregnancy and become more accustomed to the abnormal

circumstance, however there are a few bumps in the road over the matter. Not only

do teens have an affect on their family and the people they surround themselves by,

but rather an affect on the child they are about to give birth to. Do they think of the

financial cost they are about to face or the prevention factors they could have utilize

to prevent that little peanut of a seed from growing inside their stomach? Teen

pregnancy is one hundred percent preventable and it should be taken more

earnestly in young adults. Teen pregnancy has an infinite effect on the child they are

bearing, the financial cost of having a tiny infant, or simply the effectiveness of

preventing young adult pregnancy through the nature of abstinence and other major

aspects of avoiding an angelic baby. Although many view teen pregnancy as just

another chapter in life, I view it as rather another chapter that could have been set

back to read in the future by a settled, more suitable adult.

       Being a young and undeveloped teen can cause minor setbacks in an infant’s

life. There are multiple problems that a teenage mother faces but not only does she

suffer; the child can suffer as well. Premature infants are not just born with a low

birth weight; but rather they have conditions that can lead to the loss of that

newborn’s life. Sudden infant death syndrome is a major problem with babies

whose mothers are teenagers because the mothers themselves aren’t fully

developed yet. Not saying that I condone teen pregnancy, but if a teen were to get

pregnant it is vital to be aware of the condition the teenage mother is in. It is highly

important to know if one is pregnant so the baby will be healthy, because if not then

the infant already has a risk of being premature. When a young adult is pregnant, it

is greatly recommended to use prenatal care to insure a safe pregnancy as well as a

strong, healthy baby.

       “Adolescent mothers face higher rates of premature birth, have lower birth

rates, and have higher incidents of infants born dead. When they grow up, the

children of young mothers are more likely to have lower proficiency scores in

school, exhibit behavior problems and also tend to have more emotional, intellectual

and physical problems as well” (Barraza 12). For the young mothers themselves

they face a higher high school drop out rate, they may end up being a single parent

for a lot longer than expected, and also they can be underemployed or even worse

unemployed (Barraza 12). Supporting a child can be extremely difficult and without

or even with little education it’s hard to find a decent job that offers what a single

parent needs, money and time. Being a young adult and having a child is not like

when one was younger and played house with their group of friends. Having a child

comes with expenses as well as responsibilities. I would definitely claim that the

finical cost of having a baby and taking care of one has a largely significant effect on

the teen mom in addition to how the money is spent. Many people do not put into
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thought the effect money has on their life until they are facing a situation where

perhaps they do not have enough to support their lifestyles. Babies are

tremendously expensive from their diapers that they use to the clothes they are

quickly growing out of.

        Just imagine how hard it must be for a teen mom that possibly juggles

school, work, and having a child. Some teens have the support of their parents that

allow the young mother and the child to stay in the home and sometimes provide

money for the two. Often though, some teen moms take full responsibility in having

a child and feel as though if they are responsible enough for a child, then they are

fully capable of living on their own. I have watched Teen Mom that they show on

MTV and some teen mothers have support from their families or boyfriends while

living on their own, while others face the financial problem on their own and uphold

a job while providing daycare for their little loved ones. From watching the show, I

would interpret that money is one of the biggest issues among teen pregnancy.

Money is a vicious piece of paper that causes controversy among people though it is

what makes this world go round. Even though a teen mom would want everything

for their child, it is unessential to get the child the most expensive crib or stroller. It

might be hard to realize that the child might not have fancy things, but it is safe to

know that the parents are being responsible with the money and providing a stable

living environment for when the baby comes.

       A study was conducted in 1993 that included a sample of 171 pregnant teens,

48 non-pregnant teens and 38 pregnant adults and found that the adolescent

mothers were more depressed, experienced more stress and were less positive than

mothers who had children at a later age. It also concluded that mothers in their

teens had an overall “lower quality of mothering” (Barraza 14). This makes

complete sense so why would young teenagers want to put themselves in a position

that they can’t handle? It’s because kids are uninformed. But Government officials

are trying their best to prevent pregnancies but it’s not in their hands but rather in

the hands of the young adults engaging in sexual activity with no responsibility.

       When I was in eighth grade, the teachers divided the whole eighth grade into

groups of about twenty and at different times we would go to the library and learn

about sex, STD’s, and preventions. I will never forget the gruesome pictures they

showed of actual people with an STD. I was in eighth grade barely having a clue

what the real definition of sex meant, and there I was sitting in a chair in the library

looking at graphic pictures on a male’s genitals which I had never seen before this

education on sex. I’m sure there were a handful of people around me aware of what

sex was and probably have experienced it a time or two but I was without a clue as

to what it all meant. In high school health class, which is an all girl health class, the

teacher went over sex education and preventions as well as Sexually Transmitted

Diseases. We also had a guest speaker from the Health Clinic come to our class and

share pictures and discuss the importance of protection or staying abstinent. I’m

thankful that I graduated from a high school that mentally prepares you for the

decisions you make in life that will affect you forever.

       There are quite a few schools that focus their sex education programs on

abstinence-only instead of talking about teen pregnancy and the negative

consequences that can come about from having sex. “Sex and STD/HIV education
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programs that focused only on abstinence consistently failed to have any significant

effect on sexual behavior. In contrast, comprehensive programs that encouraged

both abstinence and condom/contraceptive use consistently did not increase sexual

behavior, but about two thirds of them had a positive impact on delaying sex,

reducing the frequency of sex or number of partners, or increasing condom or

contraceptive use” (Kirby 143). The tactic of telling teens to just “say no” to sex

before marriage isn’t proving to be an effective way of teaching kids. If kids are

more informed about the issue of teen pregnancy and its consequences as well as

the dangers of STDs and HIV infections they might be more prepared and take

precautions before making the decision to have sex. According to Jean Gallmeyer

the winning formula for getting through to teens is to never flinch (Krogstad).

Gallmeyer had a student ask one time, “How did Adam and Eve know what to put

where?” and she came up with this realization, “If I can respond without squirming, I

think I can earn their respect” (Krogstad). A kid isn’t going to respect an answer

from an adult that is caught off guard with a question about sex. It’s a serious topic

that should be taken seriously; it’s not a laughable, funny issue to discuss with a

young adult or child.

       More and more funding is going into the sex education programs and the

major deal for doing so is teen pregnancy because these rates have been sky

rocketing for years. The money and attention will be focusing on evidence-based

sex education programs, parent and community involvement, more openness in

discussions of sex, positive peer pressure and giving young people a better idea

about the future costs of having a child during the teenage years (Norton). These

are good ideas and are what people really need to be focusing on rather than the

abstinence-only tactics that a lot of people tend to use. That tactic may work on

some people and on some people only for a little while but it’s ignorant, children

and teenagers need to be informed of the topic not just told not to have sex… or else.

“Gallmeyer said engaging students with wide-ranging levels of knowledge on human

sexuality is her biggest challenge. It’s especially true in middle schoolers, who

sometimes have very basic levels of their sexuality despite possessing a mature

body. Some have been sheltered from sexual images in the media, and some have

not” (Krogstad). It’s good to start informing kids at an early age of the repercussions

that can come from having sex, although they may not understand everything at the

moment, it’s important for them to start learning about it.

       “Until 2009, the federal government had almost exclusively funded

abstinence-only programs, researchers noted in the report. More than a billion

dollars has been spent on abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, yet federally

funded research has clearly shown that such programs are ineffective and do not

lead to significant behavioral changes. These programs have been unsuccessful in

lowering rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection”

(Workman). There has got to be a different step taken for teen pregnancy

prevention. The programs that focus on delaying sex were less effective than ones

that had accumulative information with straight talk from older peers. Their focus

was on informing students and providing them with the tools to stand up to peer

pressure (Los Angeles Times). Hopefully as a country we can work together to help
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prevent teen pregnancy and provide programs for kids to let them know the real

facts about the birds and the bees.

       Teen pregnancy can be vital in a young girl’s life and should be taken more

serious in society. It has significantly affected humanity due to the statistics

provided. Our culture really is going through a time of “children having children”

and it has become a crucial issue in the baby’s life, the financial situation, and also

on the popular topic of prevention. Think of young adult pregnancy this way, if you

are mature and responsible enough to have intercourse with your partner, then it

must guarantee that you are completely capable of having a child at a young age.

Teen pregnancy is not opening another chapter in the book, but rather setting that

book down of the past and picking up an entirely new book. Pregnancy takes over

and controls the lifestyle that was once possessed and turns it into something

completely different and new.

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