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Career Project Packet rich 1 by IB4Qiw0


Start the paper with a paragraph of a reflection of the project. What were your
expectations going into the project? What did you learn? Will you changes your plans?
Why or why not?

(Each of the following sections should be a minimum of a paragraph. The paper must
be double spaced using 12 point font. The style of font must be professional)

I.     Goals
       What do you want to achieve during your life?

II.    Means
       What are the ways by which you could achieve your goals?

III.   Work
       What will you do to support yourself and/or a family?

IV.    Personal Interview
       Give a summary of the interview that you conducted. Also include interviewee’s
       name, occupation, company, phone number, and date of the interview.

V.     Education
       What kind of education will you need? Will it involve college, technical school,
       apprenticeship or some other form of education?
VI.     The Plan
        Give a step-by-step plan by which you believe you could achieve your goals.

VII.    Considerations
        What kinds of things might keep you from following your plan? How can they be

VIII.   Conclusion
        What can you do to insure your success?

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