Wrightsville Beach Pageant Applicationword by IB4Qiw0


									                                     The Miss Wrightsville Beach
                                      Beauty Pageant
                                                     September 29th 2012
                                                     Doors Opening at 5pm
                                                           Scottish Rite Temple
                                                            1415 South 17th Street
                                                           Wilmington NC 28403

                                                            Age Divisions
Baby Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                              0-24 months
Wee Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                               25-35 months
Mini Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                              3-4 yrs.
Tiny Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                             5-6 yrs.
Little Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                           7-9 yrs.
Young Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                            10-12 yrs.
Junior Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                           13-15 yrs.
Teen Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                             16-18 yrs.
Miss Wrightsville Beach                                                                                  19-Up
Ms. Wrightsville Beach (married )                                                                       19-Up

             Mini Majestic- 0 thru 9                                                          Miss Majestic- 10 and Up
               * The director reserves the right to split or combine the age divisions depending on the number of contestants *
                                              Majestic will be a title Holder no double crowning.

                                    Mandatory Areas of Competition
                                               BEAUTY/INTERVIEW/SUMMER WEAR

                                                   Beauty – (All Girls)
               Baby - Tiny Miss will compete in a Short Pageant Dress may be low glitz
   Little Miss Will Compete in a short or Long Pageant dress may be low glitz, Young Miss – Ms.,
                                will compete in a long pageant dress.
        *No heavy make-up on younger girls. Little girls should look like little girls.*
(No fake hair or teeth Please)

                                                 Interview- (All Girls)
This will be a private interview. Personality and charm is where you should bring this. The judges’
                             will judge on age appropriate consideration.

             Summer wear (Bathing suit or summer outfit)-(All Girls)
         This can be anything you want from casual outfit to fun and dazzling pick a creative outfit.
                                          But be tasteful.
                                             Optional Competitions
                                           Talent- All Ages-(Optional)
 This can be anything you want. Remember you can do a speech a comedy act, a short play with
props, workout routine, even a cheer routine. Please be tasteful and have music ready at rehearsal

 You may turn in one color or black/white 8x10. Full or head/shoulder shots ONLY! NO retouching or enhancements.
 Photo should look age of child (this includes the child’s attire). Place in protective sleeve and label back of photo with
                   contestant name and division. Photos will be judged on facial beauty and appeal.
Photogenic (optional) Judged on appearance of the photo and its contents such as outfit and contestant
Best Dress (optional) Judged on Pageant Dress only during beauty walk
Best Interview (optional) Judged on Personality/Conversation during Interview
Best Summer Wear Outfit (optional) all contestants will be judged on Outfit of choice only
Most Talented (optional) All Divisions will be judged on Talent scores only
Most Beautiful (optional) Judged at Interview and Beauty
BEST Model (optional) Judged on Walk during Beauty competition

OVER ALL MINI Majestic Judged and will be the overall score for all areas entered except Talent
OVER ALL MISS Majestic Judged and will be the overall score for all areas entered except Talent

MINI MAJESTIC QUEEN-The contestant with the highest score in Beauty, Interview, Summer Wear Outfit and ALL
Optional in the 0-9 year old groups will be crowned New Miss or Master Wrightsville Beach Mini-Majestic Queen.

MISS MAJESTIC QUEEN - The contestant with the highest score in beauty, Interview, and Swimwear plus ALL
Optional in the 10 & up groups will be crowned Miss Wrightsville Beach Majestic Supreme Queen.

SPECIAL GIFT: Here is how it works, ALL contestants will have their names put in a bowl, at the rehearsal a name
will be drawn and that person the evening of the pageant will receive A VERY SPECIAL GIFT at the end of the
pageant they will be announced.
                                                         Director's Note:
1. Contestants and parents understand that the decision of the judges is final and that they shall respect that decision. At no time
should a contestant or parent approach the judges.

2. Once you are crowned as part of the Wrightsville Beach Queens Court, you are required to make a minimum of 15 appearances
and must return at end of reign to crown their successor.

3. Talent music and photogenic photos are due to director no later than Rehearsal (date will be announced at a later time).

4. Each contestant will be allowed ONE person backstage with them. Everyone else will be required to buy a ticket to enter the
pageant. For every 10 Tickets you sale you get an additional one for Free.

5. This is a CLOSED TITLE. Contestants can be from anywhere in the state of North Carolina. If you are crowned as a Wrightsville
Beach Queen, you may compete in other pageants as long as they are open and do not require you representing the title. You
are REQUIRED to discuss this with the pageant director before doing so.

6. Pageant director and those in charge of facility where the pageant is being held are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged
items. Nor are they responsible for any injuries that could occur before, during or after the pageant or rehearsal.

7. A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks. The Pageant is non-refundable.

8. Please keep note of time during the pageant. Points will be deducted for being late.

9. We reserve the right to disqualify any contestant or refuse entry to anyone who we feel is displaying bad sportsmanship, or is
acting inappropriately. This includes contestants and parents!


11. There will be a MANDATORY rehearsal (date will be announced at a later date). This will also serve as a good
opportunity for parents and contestants to ask last minute questions. Contestants are not required to wear their pageant
attire for rehearsal and it is strongly discouraged. Talent costumes can be worn for practice if needed.
                         Contestant Application
                             DEADLINE TO ENTER September 10

Contestant Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

DOB: ________________________________________ Division: ___________________________________________

Age: _____________Parent's/Spouse Name: ___________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Sponsors: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

School/Daycare: ____________________________________________________

What extracurricular activities do you participate in? __________________________

What three words best describe you? Why? __________________________________________

What are some of your hobbies? ____________________________________________________

Who is the person you most admire and why? _________________________________________

What type of community service have you been involved in? _____________________________

What would you like to do when you grow up? _______________________________________________

Please list your favorite:

Food Song? _________________________

Movie TV Show?_____________________

What is your favorite thing about September? ____________________________________________

What is your favorite thing about the beach? ____________________________________________

Please check all that you are entering:
BEAUTY/INTERVIEW/SPORTSWEAR OR TALENT (required)                                               $90.00
Photogenic (optional)                                                                         $10_____
Best Dress (optional)                                                                         $10_____
Best Interview (optional)                                                                     $10_____
Best Outfit of Choice (optional)                                                              $10_____
Most Talented (optional) Not required for Supreme                                             $10_____
Most Beautiful (optional)                                                                     $10_____
BEST Model (optional)                                                                         $10_____
OVER ALL MINI Majestic Discount for entering Overall                                       $125.00_____
OVER ALL MISS Majestic Discount for entering Overall                                       $125.00_____

* By signing below, you certify that all information given on this application is true and that
you agree to the directors rules and notes.*

Contestant Signature:__________________________________________ Date: ___________
                             (Parent/Guardian if contestant is under 18 years old)

          You may mail completed application along with all fees before deadline to:
                Miss Wrightsville Beach Beauty Pageant LLC
                            P.O. BOX 16407
                         Wilmington, NC 28408
                       We accept money orders or personal checks.
        Checks may be made out to: The Miss Wrightsville Beach Beauty Pageant LLC

                            *If you have any questions feel free to contact
                            Website- www.wrightsvillebeachpageant.com
                      Follow us On Facebook: Miss Wrightsville Beach Pageant

                                            AD SALES
Advertisements or anything you want that will go in the program book can be a business card or a
message the size of a business card it can be a snap shot of you with written messages from family
  and friends a half page or whole it doesn’t matter this is to help encourage the contestant thru
                written support. Please have your ads ready to go at first meeting.

Contestant: ______________________________________________________________

        Business Cards                          1/2 Page                             Whole Page
              $20                                 $40                                  $50

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