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					Lamb Prices/Consumption and Promotions/Sheep Tagging & EID/IFA Campaign on Dogs

                            AGENDA ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION/DECISION

      1.   Lamb Prices
            Lamb prices have increased up to €5.50 - €5.60/kg with some top prices up to
            Factory quotes well below paid prices varying from €5.30 to €5.50/kg.
            Lamb supplies to date this year are running at 22,000 head or 7% up on last year.
            Supplies have now started to tighten considerably and the trade is been driven by
              this trend.
            In addition, supplies from Northern Ireland have also tightened significantly in recent
            The UK trade has improved further with prices equivalent to €5.80/kg.
            French prices have also increase by up to 10c/kg in the last week. With grade 1 Irish
              lamb making up to €5.90/kg including vat.
            Factories quoting €6.50 plus 6c/kg for new season lamb. Mart prices varying from the
              equivalent of €7.00/kg down to €6.00/kg depending on weights and kill outs. Very few
              new season lamb moving.
            IFA has set out a price of €7.00/kg for spring lamb.
            In 2012, various religious festivals are earlier this year; Easter Sunday is April 8 th,
              Ramadan commences on July 20th, Id-ul-Fitr on August 19 and Id-ul-Adha on
              October 26th.
            Cull ewes ranging from €3.20 - €3.40 for heavies and €3.60 - €3.70 for lights.

      2.   Consumption and Promotions
            In 2011, lamb consumption on the domestic market in Ireland remained very strong
              with volumes down about 1% and retail prices increasing about 24c/kg or 2%.
            In the UK in 2011, volume sales fell 20% while value increase by 17%.
            In France, volume fell back 5.6% while value increase by 5.2%.
            NZ lamb prices increased by 44% in 2011.
            For 2011, Bord Bia has put a detailed promotional plan in place including a TV
              campaign in June/July and again in September. This will be supported by radio, in-
              store promotions and tastings.

      3.   Sheep Tagging and EID
            IFA has held a number of high level meetings with the Department of Agriculture in
              respect of implementation of the sheep tagging and EID changes.
            The key issues focused on by IFA include; maintaining the current concessions,
              difficulties with one tag for life, welfare issues, problem with readers, tag changes,
              tag losses, CMMS/AIMS, tolerances and penalties.
            According to the DAFM the Minster is set to announce details of the updated
              arrangements in the near future. The DAFM has indicated that the arrangements for
              2012 will be based on the following;
                    o Lambs sold to the factory – single temporary tag.
                    o Lambs sold to the mart – single mart tag or a double tag, set including one
                         EID tag.
                    o Compulsory double tag including one EID on all replacement sheep retained
                         for breeding and sheep for live export.
        A major problem is the change to one tag for life and the problem this policy will
         create later in the year with store buyers who will not be allowed re-tag when selling
         again and be forced to read individual numbers.


4.   IFA Campaign on Dogs
      IFA is continuing to push the awareness campaign on dogs. With an on-going spate
         of dog attacks this issue needs to be highlighted on a constant basis.
      IFA has met with the Department of the Environment and put proposals for a much
         larger and far reaching publicity campaign.

5.   Sheep Ireland/ICBF – Funding for Sheep Breeding
      Discussions are currently taking place regarding ongoing funding for sheep breeding
        involving farmers, the Government, processors and Sheep Ireland.
      Funding to date funding has come 100% from the Government. To maintain
        Government funding into the future, EU rules insist on 30% industry contribution.
      Discussions are ongoing regarding a proposal involving a reduction in the scrapie
        levy on ewes and the introduction of a new levy to fund breeding (Sheep Ireland).

6.   IFA Plan for Sheep Sector
      In conjunction with other stakeholders in the sector, including MII, processors,
         Teagasc, Bord Bia, Sheep Ireland, IFA has put a detailed plan for sheep to the Food
         Harvest 2020 high level implementation committee chaired by Minister Coveney.
      A further meeting is current being arranged.

     James Murphy                                      Kevin Kinsella
     Chairman                                          Director of Livestock

                              28th March 2012

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