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					                                               Biographical Sketch
  NAME                                                       POSITION TITLE

  Vicki Bowman Vance                                         Professor of Biological Sciences

             INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                        DEGREE           YEAR(s)             FIELD OF STUDY

  Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL)               BS                  1971           Botany
  University of Illinois at Medical Center (Chicago, IL)     MS                  1973           Microbiology
  Washington University (St. Louis, MO)                      Ph.D                1983           Plant Biology

A. Positions and Honors
Positions and Employment
1972-1973       Bacteriologist, USDA Dairy Testing Laboratory, Chicago, IL
1973-1975       Clinical Virologist, Municipal Contagious Disease Hospital, Chicago, IL
1977-1978       Lab Specialist, Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
                (C.P. Emerson, Advisor)
1983-1988       Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Biology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
                (09/83-09/84, with L. Bowman, ribosomal RNA studies; 10/84-02/85, with M. R. Stallcup, in vitro
                transcription studies; 03/85-02/88, with A. Huang, plant molecular biology studies)
1988-1989       Research Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
1989-1995       Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
1995-2000       Associate Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
2000-present    Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
2003-present    Wade T. Batson Jr. Professor of Botany
Other Experience, Professional Memberships, and Achievements
1992-present Member, American Society of Virology
1993           Convener, Plant Virus Replication Section, American Society of Virology meeting
1996, 99, 03   Review Panel Member, USDA National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program (Plant
               Pathology and Genetic Mechanisms Panels)
1997-present Member, American Phytopathological Society
1997-1999      Virology Committee, American Phytopathological Society
1999           Principal co-inventor, US patent no. 5,939,541: "Method for Enhancing Expression of a Foreign or
               Endogenous Gene Product in Plants”
2000-present Member, American Society of Plant Biologists
2001           Review Panel Member, NIH study section CDF-1 (Mar. 15-16, 2001)
2002           Inventor, US patent no. 6,395,962: "Compositions and methods for modulating gene expression in
2002-2004      Review Panel member, NIH study section SSS-Y (Nov. 13-15, 2002; July 9-11, 2003); Review panel
               member, NSF, Plant Genome Panel; Principal co-inventor, patent Application: “Compositions and
               methods for manipulation of gene expression in plants” Pending.
1971-1972      Graduate Fellowship, University of Illinois at Medical Center
1981-1983      Pioneer Seed Fellow, Washington University
1993           Elected “Preferred Faculty Member,” University of South Carolina
1998           “State of the Art” Speaker, American Society of Virology meeting (July, 1999)
2001           “President’s Symposium” Speaker, Quadrennial Annual Meetings of the American Society of
               Plant Biologists and the Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists (July, 2001); Invited Speaker for Council
               for the Advancement of Science Writers (November, 2001)
2002           Invited Lecturer, Cold Spring Harbor Arabidopsis Workshop; Plenary Speaker, International Conference
               Virology, Paris (July, 2002); Certificate of Appreciation for Teaching from Patterson Hall residents, USC
2003           Keynote Speaker, 4th Annual Arabidopsis Minisymposium (April, 2003); Plenary Speaker, American
               Society of Virology Annual Meeting, UC, Davis (July, 2003)
2003           Appointed Wade T. Batson, Jr. Professor of Botany (August, 2003)
2004           Finalist for Micheal J. Mungo Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

B. List of Refereed Publications (last five years)

Anandalakshmi, R., Pruss, G.J., Ge, X., Marathe, R., Mallory, A.C., Smith, T.H., and Vance, V. B. (1998) A
   viral suppressor of gene silencing in plants. PNAS USA 95, 13079-13084. *(subject of Nature News and
Marathe, R.J., Smith, T. H., Anandalakshmi, R., Bowman, L.H., Fagard, M., Mourrain, P., Vaucheret, H., and
   Vance, V. B. (2000) Plant viral suppressors of post-transcriptional silencing do not suppress transcriptional
   silencing. Plant J. 22, 51-59.
Vance, V. B. (2000) Plant Viral Synergism. In Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology. Edited by O. C. Maloy & T.
   D. Murray. New York: John Wiley and Sons.
Anandalakshmi, R., Marathe, R., Ge X., Herr, J.M., Mallory, A., Mau, C., Pruss, G., Bowman, L., and Vance,
   V. B. (2000) A calmodulin-related protein from tobacco suppresses post-transcriptional gene silencing.
   Science 290, 142-144.
Mallory, A.C., Ely, L., Smith, T. H., Marathe, R., Anandalakshmi, R., Fagard, M., Vaucheret, H., Pruss, G.,
   Bowman, L., and Vance, V. B. (2001) HC-Pro suppression of transgene silencing eliminates the small
   RNAs but not transgene methylation or the mobile silencing signal. Plant Cell 13, 571-583.
Matzke, M.A., Matzke, A.J., Pruss, G., and Vance, V.B. (2001) RNA-based silencing strategies in plants. Curr.
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Mallory, A., G. Parks, M. Endres, Baulcombe, D., Bowman, L. Vance, V. B. (2002) The amplicon-plus
   system for high-level expression of transgenes in plants. Nature Biotechnology 20, 622-625.
Mallory, A.C., Reinhart, B.J., Bartel, D., Vance, V.B.* and Bowman, L.H.* (2002) A viral suppressor of RNA
   silencing differentially regulates the accumulation of short interfering RNAs and microRNAs in tobacco.
   PNAS USA 23, 15228-15233. *these authors contributed equally to the work
Mallory, A.C., Mlotshwa, S., Bowman, L.H. and Vance, V.B. (2003) The capacity of transgenic tobacco to
   send a systemic RNA silencing signal depends on the nature of the inducing transgene locus.
   Plant J. 35, 82-92.
Pruss, G.J., Lawrence, C.B., Bass, T., Li, Q., Bowman, L.H. and Vance, V.B. (2004) The potyviral suppressor
   of RNA silencing confers enhanced resistance to multiple pathogens. Virology 320, 107-120.
Roth, B., Pruss, G. and Vance,V.B. (2004) Plant Viral Suppressors of RNA Silencing. Virus Research, 102, 97-
Wang, M.B., Bian, X.Y., Wu, L.M., Liu, L.X., Smith, N.A., Isenegger, D., Wu, R.M., Masuta, C., Vance, V.B.,
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   pathogenicity and evolution of viroids and viral satellites. PNAS USA 101, 3275-80.
Adai, A., Johnson, C., Mlotshwa, S., Archer-Evans, S., Manocha, V.,Vance, V. B. and Sundaresan, V. (2005)
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Mlotshwa, S., Schauer, S., Mallory, A., Smith, T., Roth, B, Merchant, D., Animesh, R., Bowman, L., Vance,
   V.B. (2005) Ectopic Expression of DICER-LIKE1 in P1/HC-Pro Transgenic Arabidopsis Alleviates
   Developmental Anomalies but not Defects in MicroRNA and Silencing Pathways (in revision for Plant

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