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									Control System Studio (CSS)‫‏‬

           Kunal Shroff
       EPICS Training Meeting
CSS: Introduction

  • CSS is a common platform for new control system
  • CSS software is built on top of the Eclipse Rich
    Client Platform
  • Provides developers with management
    infrastructure and a centralised connection to
    external data sources.
CSS: installation

  • Step 1.
    o Download css product based on your OS, site,
    o http://cs-studio.sourceforge.net/
  • Step 2.
    o   Unzip
CSS: installation

  • Why are there multiple CSS product’s ?
    o   Site specific product
          Set of applications
          Configurations

  • Wiki
    o   http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/cs-studio
CSS: Workspace

 • Stores configuration files
    o   CSS core plugins
    o   CSS applications/tools
 • One workspace each instance of CSS
 • Project and files can be shared between various
 • Training workspace
    o   http://www.bnl.gov/epics/ → Agenda

                        • view
             • Editor
  • view

             • view
CSS: Help

• Help->help contents
• Search
• Browse
CSS: Probe

 • CSS→Diagnostic Tools
 • basic reading and
   writing of Process
   Variables (PVs).
   o   Caget
   o   Caput
   o   Camonitor

 • Displays the hierarchical
   data flow between
   EPICS records.
 • displays
    o   record types
    o   alarm servertity
CSS: Best OPI Yet (BOY)‫‏‬

  • BOY is an Operator Interface (OPI) development
    and runtime environment.
  • Developed at SNS by Kay Kasemir & Xihui Chen
  • BOY is integrated in CSS
  • Runtime
    o   Web-Browser like navigation
    o   Scalable
  • Editor
    o   Easy to use
    o   Simplified Dynamic support (rules)
CSS: BOY Editor Perspective
CSS → Display → OPI Perspective
CSS: BOY Runtime Perspective
CSS: BOY Widgets

• Graphics: The graphics widgets can
  help you decorate your OPI. (Image,
  arc, rectangle)
• Monitors: The widgets that can
  graphically display the value of PV in
  various ways. (Text update, meter)
• Controls: The widgets by which you
  can make control operations directly.
  (action button, text input)
• Others: The other widgets which is not
  in the three major categories. (web
  Browser, linked container)
CSS: BOY getting started

  • Create a simple OPI with Text Update widget using
    a simulated pv (sim://noise)
  • sim://
        Simulated PVs can have these formats: sim://noise
         generates simulated noise from -5 to 5, updating once every
        sim://noise(-10, 10, 0.2)
         generates simulated noise from -10 to 10, updating every 0.2
        sim://sine(0, 10, 20, 0.5)
         generates a simulated sine wave signal valued 0 to 10, split
         into 20 updates, updating every 0.5 seconds. A full period takes
         20 updates, i.e. 5 seconds in this example.
        sim://ramp(0, 10, 0.1, 0.5)
         generates a ramp (saw-tooth) valued 0 to 10, stepping 0.1
         every 0.5 seconds.
CSS: BOY getting started

  • Connect to the ${P}:count

  • Use Text Input widget to change
    o   Set size (INPB)
    o   Function (CALC)

  • Add a menu button to change SCAN rate
  • Add action to reset the count
CSS: BOY getting started

  • XY chart widget
    o   Scalar and waveform records
    o   line chart, scatter chart, bar chart, step chart, area chart...
    o   Abundant interactive operations
    o   Configure properties during running
    o   log scale, date time format
  • Use the XY chart to monitor the Gaussian waveform
    o   Set PV Name to ${P}:hist
    o   Uncheck concatenate under the trace properties
CSS: BOY is that it?

  • Dozens of widget
  • Actions, rules and script framework to support
    dynamic operations
  • Integrated with the CSS tools
  • Extensible with custom widgets
CSS: BOY Self-Training Resources
  • BOY Homepage
    o   http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/cs-studio/wiki/BOY

  • Examples
    o   CSS->Display->Install OPI Examples

  • Help
    o   Help->help Contents
CSS: If you liked this you might like
  • Thursday 14 October 2010
    o   CSS overview & update
    o   BOY (OPI)
    o   BEAST (Alarm System)
    o   Channelfinder Viewer

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