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					Contact Ex Boyfriend Rules and Regulations

Written by LoveMaker
Friday, 24 February 2012 03:17

You'll read lots of information about getting in touch with your ex, telling him how you feel, and
apologizing for anything you might've done wrong to him.  But most of this advice doesn't give
you a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting back your ex boyfriend: when you should
call or contact him
.  Learning to make such contact at the right time, and with the right attitude, can go a long way
toward putting the two of you back together again.

If your ex broke up with you, odds are good he thought it through before he did it.  It wasn't a
spur-of-the-moment decision, so it's not like you can talk him out of it right away.  The problem
however, is that some women lose it.  The news of the break up causes emotional knee-jerk
reactions; crying, begging, and pleading is common.  This is actually the worst thing you can do,
because you're laying unwanted guilt on your ex boyfriend's shoulders... and at the same time,
you're going directly against his very hard decision to end things.

Repairing your break up is made much easier when you're not fighting your ex boyfriend's own
thought process.  By going along with the breakup, you're actually agreeing with him on some
very high levels.  He doesn't expect this, and he'll be extremely confused by it.  But agreeing
with his decision to go your separate ways is probably the second best thing you can do when it
comes to getting him back.

The first thing?  Walk away cleanly.  Break contact, ex boyfriend communication should be the
last thing on your mind.  As hard as it seems to stop communicating with someone you love, try
to remind yourself that you're not fully letting go of him.  If you can stop yourself from calling,
emailing, or text-messaging your ex, you're going to create a void in his life where you used to
be.  He'll try to fill that void with friends, family, and events... but they won't be the same.  

As you don't call your ex, and as you don't communicate with him whatsoever, he's going to
begin wondering where you went.  His own ego will need to know why you stopped chasing
him, and whether or not you've found someone better.  All of these things will put him in a state
of confusion, but even better, they will make your ex boyfriend miss you.  This is a HUGE step
when it comes to winning back your ex again, and you need to take it before you even think
about contacting him.

How long should you wait before getting back in touch with your exboyfriend?  Three or four
weeks is a nice number.  Such a long period of time might feel like infinity, especially if you're
used to seeing or speaking to him every day.  But if you want your ex boyfriend back in your
arms again?  You need to allow at least that much time for him to start missing you again.

Contact Ex Boyfriend Rules and Regulations

Written by LoveMaker
Friday, 24 February 2012 03:17

From there, contact ex boyfriend etiquette states that you can get back in touch with him. 
Ideally though, he'll have called you by now.  Your ex should get enormously curious when you
don't have any contact with him at all, and this kind of curiosity will have him searching for
excuses to call or write you.  Whatever his excuse might be, let it slide.  Understand that your ex
misses you, and that he's looking for some sort of connection again.  This is a very good sign
that your ex might want you back.

If your ex doesn't call you, there are many great techniques you can use for calling your
exboyfriend.  Learning them can help you really accelerate the process of meeting up again. 
The reunion date is one of the last steps you'll take before the two of you begin dating again. 
But getting to that point is often tricky, especially if you don't have a plan.

Before doing anything, you should have a step by step blueprint outlining exactly what you'll
do and say when your contact your ex boyfriend.  You can't just pick up the phone and hope for
the best.  Leaving the future of your relationship to chance like that is always a bad move, and
there's a good chance of failure.  Understanding what your moves should be will allow you to
cover all bases and make the most of the communication you have with your ex boyfriend.


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