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									     Feedback on Learning Day
   How can we facilitate insights gained
    today with Circuits as well as in Districts?
      Different Approaches?
 NSM presbyter, in ecumenical situation. 4
  Churches from different traditions, Meth.
  URC, CofE, Evangelical
 When working together traditions seems
 It works because ‘Jesus is put 1st’
 Lots of ‘Godincedences’ bring
  opportunities. Support brings creativity.
           Different Worship
 Not totally radical – still on a Sunday, but
  café style. Informal. Sits alongside trad.
 Has shown that one size fits all isn’t
 New approach makes new demands
 Challenge of finding time for new
  approaches, must be priority?
            Strength for Vision
 Encouraging others happens slowly
 Unwilling to join neighbours
 Seems to happen at a very slow pace
 Can a whole cycle of change by skipped?
     Eg transfer trusteeship from Church to Circuit
     The big challenge lies here?
    Consultation with Community
 Brings insight which challenges
 Survey brought lack of response
 Asks Q, ‘What is the response?’
        Consultation within?
 A prority to avoid ‘fallout’
 Might take longer but important not to lose
  people along th way.
        Leadership from the Front?
   Restructuring needed for Circuit that belongs to a
    previous generation - systems are no longer appropriate
   Bold programme suggested:
       Eliminating many Church Councils (22 < 3)
       Church Grouping proposed
   Increase administration input to includ policy
   Skilled worker employed to develop/address buildings
    issues for any Church in Circuit
   Leading to both Chapel closures whilst the Church is
    growing and planting
District Property Sec. Speaks…
 Risk in schemes is always to be mitigated
 It is discouraged in our systems
 Can District address this and lobby
              New Ideas?
 Can we encourage our churches to face
  new ways through our leadership?
 Risk is part of our discipleship and should
  be revealed in our spirituality
                 Peak Circuit
 In rural context small Community closures
 How do Ecumenical links help?
     Problems with ecumencial boundaries
     Nb. That C.of E. is often now working with
      small number of churches
           Joined up Working
   Approach in York & Hull that attempted to
    link ecumenical work and plan together
        Learning From Others
   Churches from ethinc groups have much
    to teach regarding essentials such as
       Value of Teamworking
 Pros and Cons with Teamworking
 Sense of identification with a minister can
  be lost, causes pastoral problems?
 Preacher is a facilitor in this situation
 Prayer a priority, this is our business

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