CLOANA Meeting List by ajizai


									          Local Mailing Address:
             P.O. Box 54060                       Narcotics Anonymous                     ANONYMOUS
               8 King St. E.
          Oshawa, Ont., L1H 1A9                 …is a nonprofit fellowship or              CENTRAL LAKE
                                                society of men and women for
                                                whom drugs had become a major              ONTARIO AREA
World Service Organization
                                                problem. We are recovering addicts           MEETINGS
Canadian Assembly             who meet regularly to help each
                                                other stay clean. There is only one              (Feb.2010)
     Ontario Region              requirement for membership: the
                                                desire to stop using. We have
         Central Lake Ontario Area
                                                learned from experience that those
                                                who keep coming to our meetings
          Other Area Contacts:                  regularly…stay clean.

          Toronto Area 416-236-8956                 For the Newcomer
          Anchor Area 416-410-3689
                                                You don’t have to be clean when
         Hamilton Area 905-522-0332
                                                you get here, but after your first                Ajax
                                                meeting we suggest you keep
                                                coming back and come clean. You                Belleville
          London Area 519-661-0119
                                                don’t have to wait for an overdose           Bowmanville
          Ottawa Area 613-236-4674              or jail to get help from N.A., nor is        Campbellford
     Golden Triangle Area 519-651-1121
                                                addiction a hopeless condition from            Cobourg
                                                which there is no recovery. It is
                                                possible to overcome the desire to
         Niagara Area 905-685-0075
                                                use drugs.
         Essex – Kent 519-977-8063                                                           Peterborough
                                                         Call a friend…                        Pickering
            Area Service Committee
            United Steelworkers Hall                                                            Trenton
                                                     Name              phone#
            2 Sun. at 9:30am

Sub Committees at St. Gregory’s Auditorium:
“PI and Helpline 2
                          Mon. at 6:30pm        ____________________________
                                                ____________________________              Local: 905-434-2020
                                                                                        Toll Free: 1-877-369-2227
“Hospitals and Institutions” 3 Mon. at 6:30pm   ____________________________
“Activities” Last Mon. at 6:30pm                ____________________________
Ajax                                              Oshawa cont’d
Thurs. 7:30pm New Reality (CD)                    Wed. 6:30pm Circle of Strength (CD)
              Salvation Army                                  The C.A.W. Hall                        Trenton
              35 King’s Crescent                              1425 Phillip Murray Ave.               Sun. 7:00pm Get a Grip (CD)
.                                                             (Women only)                                       Bethel Church
Belleville                                                                                                        #2 and Herman St.
Mon. 8:00pm New Experience (OD)                   Wed. 8:00pm Share and Care (CD / last Wed. OS)
Wed. 8:00pm St.Thomas Church                                  Temporary location                     Whitby
            Bridge & Church St.                               St. Paul’s Anglican Church             Sun. 7:00pm Freedom of Choice (CD)
                                                              1175 Cedar St. S (rear door)                       Christ the King Lutheran
Bowmanville                                                   Share and Care (CD / last Wed. OS)                 1825 Manning Rd.
Thurs. 8:00pm How It Works (CD)(Last Thurs. OS)               St. Philips Church
              Memorial Park Club House                        1314 Oxford St. S
                                                                                                                      Meeting Codes:
              120 Liberty St.                                                                                     CD = Closed Discussion
                                                  Thurs. 6:30pm Keep It Simple (CD) (WC)
                                                                Pinewood Centre                                   OD = Open Discussion
Campbellford                                                    300 Centre St.                                      OS = Open Speaker
Thurs. 8:00pm Severn Ties (CD), (WC)                            (Every 1st Thurs. of Odd month CS)
                                                                                                                   SD = Step Discussion
              St. John's United Church,                                                                            CS = Closed Speaker
                                                                (Must be 16 yrs of age)                          WC = Wheelchair accessible
              50 Bridge St. W.
                                                  Fri. 8:00pm Just For Today (CD / First Fri. OS)
Cobourg                                                                                                Meeting locations and times subject to change
                                                              United Steelworkers Hall
Thurs. 7:30pm Together We Can (CD) (WC)                                                               Please call the Helpline at 905-434-2020 or visit
                                                              125 Albert St.
              Northumberland Hills Hospital                                                      for latest information.
              1000 Depalma Dr. Rm1A47             Sat. 10:00am New Attitudes (CD)
                                                               Oshawa Community Health Centre
Lindsay                                                        120 Grassmere St.                           “That no addict seeking
Sat. 7:30pm River of Freedom (CD)                                                                        recovery need ever die….”
            Queen Street Outreach Centre          Sat. 7:00pm Alive and Free (CD)
            35 Lindsay St.                                    United Steelworkers Hall
                                                              125 Albert St.                          “…only one promise…freedom
Oshawa                                                                                                   from active addiction”
Mon. 8:00pm New Hope (OS)                         Sun. 7:00pm The Journey Begins (CD / 4th OS)
             St. Gregory Auditorium                           North Oshawa Club House
             192 Simcoe St. N.                                1139 Mary St. N.
            (Rear of building, downstairs)
            (CD 6:30-7:30pm 4th and 5th Mon.)     Peterborough
                                                  Sun. 7:30pm (CD)
Tues. 7:00pm Second Chance (CD / 1st Tues. OS)    Mon. 7:30pm (CD / 3rd OS)
             Storie Park clubhouse                Wed. 8:00pm (1st, 3rd CD / 2nd, 4th SD)
             101 Mill St.                                     Stepping Into Action
                                                              Murray St. Baptist Church
                                                              175 Murray St.
Wed. 12:00pm Free To Dream (CD)                               (Rear entrance)
             United Steelworkers Hall
             125 Albert St.                       Pickering
                                                  Mon. 8:00pm Letting Go (CD)
                                                              St. Paul’s on the Hill
                                                              882 Kingston Road

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