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					             Is Your Job Skills List Complete?

The Job Skills List For Excellent Employees

If you aspire to reach the pinnacle of the career ladder and to enjoy a level of financial
independence, this page can help you reality check if you have the skills that employers most
highly value, so that you can reach your goal in the shortest time frame.

If your career objectives are finding the highest paying careers, hottest careers and careers in
demand, you will also find this page relevant and helpful in your career research.

The following thoughts are inspired by Automatic Wealth: The Six Steps to Financial

Don't Be A Good Employee

Any employee who wants to earn an amazing income must move beyond being being a good
employee to becoming an extraordinary one.

How do you do this?

Be considered an invaluable employee, someone who seems irreplaceable. Being a skilled
worker is just the bare minimum; it is not enough. Your goal is to be of such worth that your
company would rather pay you what you deserve than risk losing you to the competition.

Of course, no employee is truly irreplaceable. But the point is this: the closer you get to seeming
irreplaceable, the better your chances of radically increasing your income.

                                Job Skills List Training 101:
                                   From Skilled Worker
                                To Employee Extraordinaire

To begin your journey to financial independence, you start by mastering a financially valued

A financially valued skill is one that an overwhelming number of people are willing to pay good
money for. For discussion purposes, Michael defines "good money" as an income of
USD130,000 a year.

Compare your current job against this benchmark. Are you in the USD130,000 plus bracket or
likely to get there in the next three years?
If not, how else can you radically boost your income?

Here are three solutions to help you accelerate your path to the top.

                                Job Skills List Must-Do #1:
                         Change Your Career Occupation Description

You may rise to the top of your profession by working harder and outperforming everyone. But
if your job description is not a profit generating one (e.g. sales, marketing, product creation,
copywriting), there will always be a ceiling to your earnings potential.

On the other hand, if your job is to create direct sales opportunities that add to the company's
bottom line, AND you work for a business that has

      tens of millions of dollars in sales
      profits that are decent according to industry benchmarks
      a recent track record of growth in sales and profits
      a vision for further growth,

you will have the best chance of massively increasing your income.

In summary, to earn a super income, be a super contributor to your company's bottom line.

                                   Job Skills List Must-Do #2:
                                     Expand Your Portfolio

Here's what you need to do.

      Find out how your business creates profits
      Understand how your job contributes to the profit generating process
      Make changes to your job so that the company produces more profits because of your
      Practise career networking: let the company decision makers know how much more
       money you are making for the company
In short, if you are not currently involved in a profit producing role, start working to acquire a
new career occupation description.

                                 Job Skills List Must-Do #3:
                           Master The Most Financially Valued Skill

A quick quiz...

Guess which one of the following skills will most help you become wealthy.

Is it

       business management skills?
       good leadership skills?
       project manager skills>
       team building skills?
       communication skills?

The answer: None of the above.

All these skills are important and useful in helping you to become a star employee, but they do
not aid you in accomplishing your financial goals.

The ONE skill that most directly impacts on your wealth building ability and future financial
independence is the ability to sell.

Selling is at the core of all commercial activity. Every for-profit enterprise survives or fails
according to whether its sales skills are first grade.

Now, I know for most people the word 'selling' is like a nasty smell that you want to get rid of
quickly. It brings to mind telemarketers, doorknockers, insurance agents and real estate

Yet without sales no one would get a new house or new car. That is why you must learn...

                               Job Skills List Training 201:
                            How To Sell So People Want To Buy

How are your sales skills? Would you say they are 1st grade, 2nd grade or 3rd grade?
If you do not know how to sell, or have always shunned selling as something for 'others', it's time
to face up to reality. This is one of the basic life skills that you simply cannot afford not to
master. Selling skills, and by extension, marketing skills, are must-haves if you want to bring
your efforts and your products and/or services to the notice of your boss and your target market.

So get moving. Start volunteering for sales training courses when you next submit a business
skills training request.

By the way, bet you didn't know...

You And I Are Already Salespersons

Think of it this way.

To sell is to exchange goods or services for money.

But selling also has a secondary meaning: to persuade or induce someone to buy something.
When you think about it, selling is intrinsic to how we communicate with others daily.

You are selling when you assure your child that eating vegetables or tidying up after herself is
what Barney wants her to do. You are selling when you explain to your skeptical husband that
your new $500 gym membership will give you more energy so you can keep on top of the chores
and kids.

I didn't enjoy the advantage of studying sales and marketing when I was a law student. But sales
and negotiation training are clearly just as important as learning tort and contracts.

After all, a successful lawyer career isn't limited to making partner in a large law firm or
becoming a superscale officer in public service. How will you build a thriving law practice if you
do not know how to attract, retain and increase your customer base?

If you find the idea of selling a challenge and want direct sales tips from experts on how to
address the gap in this area of your business and career training, read on.

Sales Skill Training For Non-Salespersons

You can sell without compromising morals or ethics or setting yourself up for sleepless nights.

The key is to ensure that what you deliver is as good as or even better than you say it is.

That is, underpromise and overdeliver.

This is simply ethical decision making.

There are two business skills training resources I want to recommend that are perfect
introductions to the world of selling.
Personal Recommendations

   1. The first resource I recommend is Michael Oliver's Natural Selling method. His intended
      audience is network marketers and direct sellers, but his sales skill training approach
      works just as well for anyone in a sales job, or who simply wants to improve her sales
      and negotiation skills.

      Michael's sales training program comprises a home study course, books and audio
      resources. They are a great way to invest in a vital aspect of business skills training at
      your own pace.

   2. The second business skills training resource I invite you to explore teaches you the vital
      skill of PREselling.

      It's called PRESelling because it comes "pre" i.e. before the closing sale.

      The master of PREselling is Dr. Ken Evoy, founder of Site Build It!. He has written a
      number of easy-to-read classics that are of enormous value to any success-minded

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