Three Ways to Reconnect with Nature

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					               Three Ways to Reconnect with Nature

For busy adults managing multifaceted daily schedules, life may sometimes
feel rushed, even mechanical. While modern technology has made it
substantially easier to multitask, one usually doesn’t reap relaxation from
time spent using computers, cell phones, and so forth. When stress-relief is
the goal, reconnecting with nature is an ideal route to get there. Trackers
Northwest facilitates just such reconnection.

Here are three simple and effective ways in which you can reconnect
with nature:
1. Go walking: Each modern city has green spaces that function as urban green lungs.
The parks and forests offer refuge from the tumult of city life. Use such spaces to
recharge your batteries. You may even discover hidden surprises, whether they take the
form of music of a chirping bird or the gurgle of a natural stream or just an especially
smooth rock.

2. Go camping: There is a certain novelty associated with building things with your bare
hands in a largely technologized age. Besides this, camping is also a learning experience
and a good test of your problem-solving skills. Many find that relaxation naturally comes
with the sounds of nature at nighttime, after the campfire has been lit and the tent set up.
3. Live the rustic life: Several creative organizations have begun offering the charm of a
rustic experience at affordable prices. For example, Trackers Northwest recreates a
village of people connected through family and land. The folks at Trackers Northwest
teach you several survival tricks from building a boat to making rope to identifying plants
to hunting, gathering, and tracking animals.