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                                  Fashion, Style
                                  & Popular Culture
                                  Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Fashion Branding in Popular Culture
                                  Dr. Anne Peirson-Smith, The City University of Hong Kong
                                  Dr. Joseph H. Hancock II, Drexel University

                                  This issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture takes a pop cultural approach when examining
                                  innovative methods of fashion branding. Branding is an umbrella term for marketing, as branding
                                  encompasses more than just advertising media, but also the context of companies, performance,
                                  merchandise, design, consumers and most importantly, the stakeholders associated with the brand.
                                  Fashion branding has been defined as the cumulative image approach targeting customers with
                  Call for        products, advertising and promotion organized around a coherent image as a way of encouraging the
                                  purchase and the repurchase of consumer goods from the same company. While historically, fashion
                  Papers          branding has primarily focused on consumption and purchasing decisions, recent scholarship now
                                  challenges old methods suggesting that branding is a cultural process that needs to be analyzed from
                                  a pop cultural view using critical, ethnographic, individualistic, or interpretive methods exploring the
ISSN 2050-0726                    meaning behind branding and how it is shaping the ways view fashion and style. This line of enquiry
Online ISSN 2050-0734             situates the process of fashion branding in the context of the contested power relations underpinning
3 issues per volume               the production, marketing and consumption of fashion.
Volume 1, 2014
                                  Authors are invited to submit papers that examine:
                                      ◊	   Global, transglobal as well as local niche popular and cultural branded fashion design
Principal Editor
Joseph H. Hancock II                  ◊	   How branding influences fashion design, through notions of the production process or
Drexel University                          proximity to the brand image and brand values. Does the branded image overshadow the                           final fashion design?
Associate Editors
                                      ◊	   How various branding strategies are encouraged for example: “going green,” mass
Patricia A. Cunningham                     customization, DIY and online shopping, and other fashion design related practices that
Ohio State University                      have generated new motivations for consumers to purchase fashion.
                                      ◊	   How the fashion branding industry utilizes popular culture as a means of engagement with
Susan Kaiser                               target demographic groups.
University of California, Davis
                                      ◊	   How media branding communicates both visual and verbal symbols in fashion generating
Anne Peirson-Smith                         new cultural and aesthetic variations in the ways consumers perceive clothing styles.
City University of Hong Kong          ◊	   Examination of new hypermodern constructs of individual fashion forms and styles that
                                           consumers are creating based upon the idea of ‘personal branding’.
Reviews Editor                        ◊	   How consumers actively and creatively re-appropriate fashion brands as a site of socio-
Jessica Strubel
University of North Texas
                                           cultural resistance.               ◊	   Critical analysis of various genres of brand strategies and tactics from luxury to high street
                                           fashion brands.
                                      ◊	   Any other studies related to fashion branding and popular culture.

                                  Manuscripts should be approximately 5000 words and prepared using Intellect Journal House Style
                                  which may be accessed at:

                                  Deadline for Submissions: January 1, 2013
                                  Please send manuscripts to: Joseph Hancock at: or Anne Peirson-Smith at

                                  For questions regarding submissions or inquiries regarding the journal, Fashion, Style & Popular
                                  Culture, please contact Principal Editor, Joseph Hancock:

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Description: Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Music, Fashion and Style This issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture will take an in-depth look at the interface of popular music and style in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The sartorial element of music subcultures is basic to subcultural identity in that dress is a visual language that reflects the shared understandings of a culture.