HOLYWELL TOWN COUNCIL

                           CYNGOR TREF TREFFYNNON

       Minutes of the meeting of Holywell Town Council held in the Council
       Chamber, Bank Place Offices, Holywell on Tuesday 17 January 2012 at

       PRESENT: Councillor P.A. York (Mayor).
       Councillor J.M. Johnson (Deputy Mayor).
       Councillors: S.R. Baker, P.J. Curtis, Mrs. R. Dolphin, J. Griffiths, M. Mills,
       E.B. Palmer, K. Roberts, B. Scragg, R. Spain, L. Thorley and Mrs. S.E.

       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Councillors Mrs. K.
       Davies, Mrs. M. Jabbitt, B.P. Lambert and H.G. Roberts.
       Also, Mr. M. Roberts (Town Centre Manager).

       IN ATTENDANCE: D.C. Pierce (Clerk).


              The following declarations of personal interest were made and the
       relevant forms completed for the Clerk to forward on to Flintshire County
       Council’s Monitoring Officer.

Minute No.   Name of Councillor      Personal    Prejudicial      Nature of Interest

   145       P.J. Curtis                 √           √*        Member of Enterprise
   146       P.J. Curtis                 √           √*        Trustee on behalf of
                                                               Flintshire County
   146       Mrs. R. Dolphin             √           √*        Trustee
   146       K. Roberts                  √            -        Trustee on behalf of
                                                               Holywell Town
   145       B. Scragg                   √           √*        Director of Enterprise
  140.1      R. Spain                    √           √*        Planning Application
                                                               049300 : House
                                                               affected by proposal –
                                                               view and sound

       *Member left the Council Chamber for the discussion and voting.

              Inspector McKeown attended the meeting together with
       Neighbourhood Sergeant J. Williams to update the Council regarding the
       proposed Police move from the Police Station on Halkyn Street to the former
       Town Hall, High Street, Holywell and also on other community related
       policing matters.

               The Inspector referred to several aspects of police work that were
       showing positive results within the community and information was circulated
       that included anti-social behaviour crime figures for each community ward.
       He was pleased to confirm the recruitment of an additional 17 Police
       Community Support Officer’s (PCSO’s) for the County of Flintshire (9 in the
       north of the County, including Holywell, and 8 in the south of the County).

              Newsletters would be published from now on for circulation to all
       Councillors on a quarterly basis to keep them up to date with developments
       pending further visits to Council meetings.

              During the short question and answer session that followed, the
       Inspector assured Members that he and his team were doing everything in their
       power to prevent and resolve crime. The Council’s support and assistance
       were valued.


                             That the Council’s thanks be recorded for the
                             attendance of Inspector McKeown and Sergeant
                             Williams and for the information received.


               Mr. Colin Everett addressed the Council with reference to the
       comprehensive list already circulated to Members regarding Council priorities
       and issues and improving work relations with the County Council. The items
       included Council Reform, Council Finances, Regional Collaboration, School
       Modernisation, Street Scene and Waste, Economic Development, Housing and
       Housing Ballot, Highways and Winter Maintenance, Boundary Reviews and
       Local Elections and the Charter for County – Town and Community Council
       Joint Working.

              In addition, Mr. Everett commented on the proposed timescale for the
       introduction of civil parking enforcement/abolition of car park charges;
       funding for schemes following the Town Centre Assessment Study;
       outsourcing of County Council services; and the continued availability under
       the Charter, of County Council officer support and expertise to assist with
       community led projects (such as the development of Greenfield Dock).
               Members raised concerns about the apparent lack of attention given to
       the Town Council’s views in response to certain planning applications; the
       Housing Ballot Project; and the arrangements for the Flintshire Connects hub
       in the town centre.

              Mr. Everett undertook to circulate more information to the Clerk by
       way of further updates from time to time so that these could be passed on to


                             That the Town Council’s thanks be recorded for the
                             information and explanations provided by Mr. Colin
                             Everett on a wide range of issues.


              The Mayor welcomed the Mayoress, Councillor Mrs. Sheena
       Wallbanks back to the Council Chamber after her operation adding that he was
       very pleased to see her looking so much better.

               He reported on his “Christmas visits” to the elderly in care
       accommodation and also patients at Holywell Hospital on 24 December.
       These had been well received and he had been impressed with the staff and
       their hard work at these establishments.

               The Mayor added that he had received a gift during the festive period
       valued at over £10. He had therefore reported its receipt to the Clerk so that
       the information could be forwarded on to the County Council’s Monitoring
       Officer as required under the Members’ Code of Conduct. It was intended to
       include the gift as one of his raffle prizes in aid of charity. Members were
       reminded of the declaration requirements in respect of gifts and hospitality
       under the Code.

139.   MINUTES


                             (1)     That the minutes of the following meetings be
                                     approved and signed as a correct record by the
                                     Mayor/Chairman of the relevant Sub-

                                     Council Meeting held on 20 December 2011;
                                     Town Centre Sub-Committee held on 10
                                     January 2012

                             The Chairman of the Town Centre Sub-Committee
                             referred to the recommendations of the Sub-Committee,
                             in particular those under minute TC19, in respect of
                            Town Centre Management. The Clerk also circulated,
                            for information, the outcomes of Fixed Penalty Notices
                            issued in 2011 by the Temporary Traffic Warden, as
                            requested by the Sub-Committee in minute TC15(2).

                            (2)       That the resolutions of the Town Centre Sub-
                                      Committee at the above meeting be


       140.1. Planning Applications

              Consideration was given to applications forwarded to the Town
              Council as part of the County’s planning consultation process.


                            That the following responses be submitted to the
                            Flintshire County Planning Authority.

              No.           Proposal

              049250        Renewal of planning permission ref: 041624, to allow
                            the erection of a detached dwelling – Land to rear of
                            Westcote, Brynford Street, Holywell: for Mr. T.

              The Council maintains its objection to the proposed development
              for the following reason, notwithstanding the approval of the
              original application:

              Highway danger – the proposed access and egress in relation to
              this very busy road is considered unsuitable, with access onto the
              road particularly dangerous and visibility when exiting the site
              very poor.

              049300        Erection of 2 No. wind turbines (110m to tip) and
                            ancillary infrastructure and access – Kingspan Limited,
                            2-4 Greenfield Business Park 2Ba, Greenfield,
                            Holywell: for Kingspan Ltd.

              Defer to the Council meeting on 21 February 2012
              (Note: a public meeting was scheduled to be held on 23 January at
              Holy Trinity Church, Greenfield: 6pm-8pm).
              049335          Erection of a ground floor rear extension – 25 Pen-y-
                              Maes Road, Holywell: for Miss Claire Yarnell.

              No objection.

       140.2. Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) – Section 78
              Appeal – Planning Ref: 048974 – Erection of a Replacement Dwelling
              set back from highway to create new access – Land side of Glencairn,
              Greenfield Road, Greenfield, Holywell: for Mr. Burrows

              Members noted the Notice of Appeal to the National Assembly for
              Wales against the refusal of planning permission by the County


       141.1. Accounts for Payment


                              That payment of the following accounts be approved,
                              the necessary audit checks having been undertaken in
                              accordance with the requirement of the Audit Sub-

                              Voucher                                         £
                              4964 British Telecom – One Bill Plus
                                    12/12/11                               100.70****
                              4965 ScottishPower – Electricity –
                                    Council Offices – Monthly Plan          40.00****
                              4966 LITE – Installation/removal-lights power/cable
                                    runs and catenary cables + pull test 12237.60^^
                              4967 Jolora Website Design – 36 hrs
                                    maintenance bulk purchase             1080.00***
                              4968 Impact Communications – Town
                                    Centre Management – December          1300.00**
                              4969 D.C. Pierce – Salary – January         1010.55***
                              4970 Mrs. M. Reed – Secretarial Expenses –
                                    January                                 40.00***
                              4971 Mrs. M. Edwards (Office Cleaner)
                                    Wages to 7/1/12                        226.00***
                              4972 HMRC (Inland Revenue) – PAYE/
                                    National Insurance – January           514.49***


                              Powers to make payments:-
                             *      The Local Authorities (Allowances for Members
                                    of Community Councils)(Wales) Regulations
                             **     Local Government Act 1972 S.137
                             ***    Local Government Act 1972 S.112, 151
                             ****   Local Government Act 1972 S.133
                             ^      Local Government Act 1972 S.111
                             ^^     Local Government Act 1972 S.144, 145
                             ^^^    Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions)
                                    Act 1976 S.19
                             ^^^^   Local Government Act 1972 S.143
                             *^     Local Government Act 1972 S.140
                             **^    Local Government Act 1972 S.176
                             **^^   Local Government Act 1972 S.13
                             *^^*   Local Government Act 1972 S.34
                             **^*   Local Government (Misc. Provisions) Act 1953
                             ^^**   Local Government Act 1972 S.174
                             ^^^*   Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions)
                                    Act 1976 S.4
                             <      Local Government Act 1972 S.124
                             #      Local Government Act 1972 S.142
                             ##     Representation of the People Act 1983 S.34

       141.2. Income Received

              Members received the schedule of income, circulated with the agenda,
              regarding income between 1 and 31 December 2011.

       141.3. Accounts Package/Spreadsheet

              The Clerk reported that, with a view to assisting him with the financial
              recording and internal audit requirements and with the Council’s
              earlier approval on the recommendation of its Audit Sub-Committee,
              he was working towards getting a basic arrangement in place within
              the next month or so at a cost in the region of £175. This could be
              funded from the current budget.


                             That the Clerk’s action be supported and the
                             expenditure approved.


               In the absence of the Town Centre Manager, the Clerk submitted his
       report for December. The report gave an overview of developments and his
       work since the last meeting. It was noted that The Hughes Parry Property
       Shop had won the Best Decorated Christmas shop window (for the fourth year
       running) with the two runners-up being Scott’s Jewellers and Cresta.
               Reference was also made in the report to the Portas Review: an
       independent review into the future of high streets carried out for the UK
       Government by retail guru Mary Portas. An item about this report had been
       written by the Town Centre Manager for the Winter 2011/12 issue of Holywell
       Business News.


                             That the Town Centre Manager’s report be
                             received with thanks.


              As requested at the Council meeting in December, further
       consideration was given to this matter following the discussion under minute
       136 with Inspector P. McKeown and Sergeant J. Williams regarding the
       impact of the proposals in respect of Holywell.


                             That the North Wales Police Authority’s Estate Project
                             Team be informed as follows:

                             “The Holywell Town Council, having considered the
                             consultation document and its implications for the
                             community of Holywell, and after meeting with
                             Inspector P. McKeown and Sergeant J. Williams to
                             discuss relevant issues, has resolved to welcome the
                             proposal to maintain a policing service in Holywell and
                             to support the relocation of the service from the current
                             police station building to form part of the Flintshire
                             Connects hub when it is established within the former
                             Town Hall in the town centre”.


               Consideration was given to submitting comments on the content of the
       Flintshire Charter Draft Action Plan that had been circulated with the Agenda
       together with the Charter Document. Members were of the view that the
       Town Council was already acting within the principles and main provisions of
       the documents.


                             That, as general comments, the Town Council
                             consider that the Charter’s ‘amendments process’ (last
                             paragraph in the introduction section on page 3) could
                             be more clearly defined and that reference to ‘Torfaen
                             Council’ on page 15 should be deleted.

              Consideration was given to the request from the Communities First
       Co-ordinator to transfer the Agreement from the Communities First
       Partnership Board to West Flintshire Community Enterprises (WFCE).

               By way of some background, the Clerk reported that a Management
       Agreement had been drawn up some time ago but certain technical/legal issues
       had delayed its submission for approval by the Council. In order to protect
       the members of the Communities First Partnership Board a separate company
       (WFCE) had been set up to take on any asset transfer or management
       agreements. The Clerk added that there were a number of issues that needed
       to be looked at to ensure that arrangements between the Town Council (as
       landowner) and the managers of the land were appropriate and contained
       adequate safeguards for both parties to minimise operational problems at a
       future date.

              Members noted that some minor tree maintenance work had been
       necessary on the woodland site. This had been dealt with and agreed with
       Communities First and the cost would be shared 50/50 if required.


                             (1)    That the Council agree to the transfer of the
                                    Woodland Agreement to West Flintshire
                                    Community Enterprises and authorises the Clerk
                                    to deal with the necessary formalities and to
                                    submit a revised draft document including the
                                    most appropriate operational arrangements for
                                    both parties.

                             (2)    That the Clerk seek advice from the Solicitor
                                    who acted on the Council’s behalf to secure the
                                    transfer of the Woodland to the Council, when
                                    drawing up a suitable Agreement with the
                                    WFCE, prior to submitting final proposals to the
                                    Authority for approval.

                             (3)    That the reported shared tree maintenance work
                                    be approved.


               This item had been placed on the agenda at the request of Councillor
       E.B. Palmer. The Member expressed his concerns at the reported
       developments within the Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, in particular in
       respect of the old mill buildings. It was understood that the site was closed
       during Summer 2011 after a spate of vandalism attacks and would not be re-
       opening to the general public for safety reasons. Footpath closures were also
       mentioned. The Member added that whilst the Park was believed to be
       owned by Flintshire County Council and managed by the Trustees of the
       Greenfield Valley Trust, it was unclear whether the proposals for the site had
       their full backing.


                             (1)     That the attention of the Operations Manager –
                                     Greenfield Valley Heritage Park be drawn to the
                                     concerns and clarification sought on the current
                                     position with assurances requested that any
                                     proposal for the future of the site would be in the
                                     Park’s best interest and fully endorsed by the
                                     Landowner and/or Trustees as appropriate.

                             (2)     That a copy of the minute(s) of the relevant
                                     meeting(s) of the Trustees be requested.

                             (3)     That a copy of the letter in (1) above be sent to
                                     the County Council and to the Trustees.


              Members were informed that the following items had been received
       and unless otherwise circulated* were available for perusal from the Clerk.

       (a)    Flintshire County Council – County Forum Update Letter 3/1/12*;
       (b)    Halkyn Mountain Common Joint Consultative Board – Agenda for
              meeting 10 January 2012 and minutes of meeting 13 September 2011;
       (c)    Holywell Business News – Winter 2011/12*;
       (d)    Holywell Autumn Club: Letter of appreciation for Christmas-time
       (e)    Craven Rail: The magazine for SELRAP Issue 16 – 2011/12.


              Councillor Mrs. M. Jabbitt reported on an enjoyable carol service
       concert at St. Peter’s Church, Holywell at which Holywell Band had
       performed. Councillor J.M. Johnson added that the Band’s pre-Christmas
       performance to patients at Holywell Hospital had been equally good.


              The Mayor closed the meeting at 8.35pm.


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