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       Authentic gameplay and
       unique interactive features
       attract and retain players’

       Proven to reactivate lapsed
       players, attract new players
       and increase loyalty

       cannibalising existing business
                                          The world’s leading online Live Baccarat –
       Option to create dedicated         absolutely authentic, totally involving
       environments that
       strengthen brands and              With Live Baccarat we’ve taken Asia’s most popular card game and
       create unprecedented               turned it into a universal favourite by creating the most thrilling and
       cross-promotion and multi-         realistic Baccarat available to play online.
       channel entertainment
       revenue opportunities.             Our Live Baccarat is so authentic and so involving that players on their
     FOR PLAYERS:                         of the live game in a real casino.

       World-class Live Baccarat,         Players take their virtual seats at the table from the comfort of their
       streamed in TV quality to          home or hotel room. Then the live game is played in real time and in
       players’ PCs                       TV quality video streamed to each player’s PC or laptop screen.

       A real-time, shared                Just like in a real casino, a live dealer welcomes players and interacts
       and interactive gaming             with them throughout the game. Real cards are dealt and real chips
       experience                         placed directly onto the gaming table. Players can see it all and place
                                          their bets using the intuitive on-screen interface, and they can also
       Replicates the thrill of playing   interact with fellow players.
       Baccarat in a real casino
                                          There are unique added features too, such as special bets, extra
       Choice of game views,              statistics and the ability for players to view competitors’ moves. All
       including full screen, puts        enrich the playing experience still further, so players get more involved
       players at the heart of the        and play for longer.

       Unique added features
1      including multi-player,
       which allows players to view
       their competitors’ moves.                                                                  As real as it gets

    The Live Baccarat toolbar explained
    Many features of the Evolution user interface
    toolbar are common to all our Live Baccarat, Live
    Blackjack and Live Roulette games. This makes it
    simple for your players to switch between your live
    tables and immediately feel comfortable playing
    these different games.

    The user interface opens in a player’s standard web
    browser; there is no need for them to download any
    special software to play the game. This maximises
    conversion rates for new players.

    The user interface is constantly visible to the player.

     Cashier Icon           Provides a link to the Casino’s cashier page so that the player can manage his or
                            her account.
     Undo                   Allows the player to undo the last chip. Repeat clicking will continue to remove
     Chip Selection         A visual representation of the chips available to use. Chip values and minimum and
     Repeat                 Allowsthepreviousgame’sbetstoberepeated(aslongassufficientfundsare
                            Once Repeat has been selected, the button will change to Double enabling the
     Balance                Shows the player’s current balance in the currency of the player’s choice.
     Total Bet              Total bet for the current game.
     Game Number            Unique game number.
     Live Games Menu        Takes the player back to the games menu in the Lobby. This menu is displayed as
                            an overlay to allow players to view all the tables available without navigating away
                            from their current game table.
     Sound                  Allows the player to switch the sound on or off.
     Settings               Launches a pop-up window allowing the player to customise their camera view and
                            chat settings.
     Chat                   Shows or hides the chat facility, which allows players to chat with the dealer and
                            with each other.
     Help                   Launches a pop-up window to display game rules and help on game play and
                            screen elements.
     History                Shows game/player history.
     Full Screen            Allows the player to switch between full screen and normal screen.
     Scorecard              A traditional Macau-style scorecard showing previous results. Big Road, Big Eye
                            Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road are straight scorecards. In general, straight
                            scorecards allow you to see Baccarat streaks and trends for either the player or the
                            banker. Red circle = the banker won that round. Blue circle = the player won that
                            round. Green tick = the round ended in a tie.


    Table Views – option of 3D View, Classic View or
    Pairs View
    Players can choose their view of the game by
    clicking on the View button in the toolbar.

    Three views are available, as shown below.

                                                          Pairs View
                                                          In Pairs View the player is given additional betting
                                                          opportunities in each round: a bet on the player
                                                          getting a pair, and a bet on the banker getting a
                                                          pair bets irresistibly inviting.

    3D View                                               In Evolution Live Baccarat games the user interface
    In 3D View the player’s seat and designated betting   initially displays the best view based on an
    area appears directly on the live-stream video        automatic‘on-the-fly’assessmentoftheplayer’s
    image of the game table.                              internet connection. However, the player can
                                                          choose to change the camera view by clicking on
                                                          Settings button in the toolbar.

                                                          Live Casino Lobby customisation options
                                                          All licensees have the ability to customise their
                                                          Live Casino Lobby to extend their brand’s look-
                                                          and-feel online. Background colours, logotypes,
                                                          betting limits and text displays are all licensee-

                                                          And of course, licensees can select the language
                                                          of the text displayed in their Live Casino and also

    Classic View
    In Classic View players can interact with a larger,


    Languages supported                                                           Bet Limits
    Licensees are able to change the language of the                              Configurable
    text displayed in the Live Casino and within the
    games at the click of a button, without disrupting                            Payout Odds
    the game. The system currently supports the                                    AwinningbetontheBankerpays1to1minusa
    following languages:                                                           5% commission to the House
     AL    Albanian          BG    Bulgarian        BIG5 Traditional               AwinningbetonaTiepays8to1
     BP Brazilian            CN    Chinese          CS       Czech                Optional Bets
        Portuguese                                                                 AwinningbetonaPlayerpairpays11to1
     DE German               DK    Danish           EL       Greek                 AwinningbetonaBankerpairpays11to1

     EN English              ES    Spanish          FI       Finnish              Payout Percentage
                                                                                  Theoretical Payout 98.94%
     FR    French            HE    Hebrew           HR       Croatian

     HU Hungarian            IT    Italian          JA       Japanese
                                                                                     DEDICATED TABLES AND
     NL Dutch                NO    Norwegian        PL       Polish                  ENVIRONMENTS

     PT    Portuguese        RO    Romanian         RU       Russian
                                                                                     Virtually limitless branding and revenue
     SK Slovakian            SL    Slovenian        SR       Serbian                 opportunities

     SV Swedish              TH    Thai             TR       Turkish                 Evolution dedicated tables and environments
                                                                                     licensees to brand and localise their Live
    Operational Hours                                                                and customer needs. At the same time,
    Live Baccarat is available 24/7.                                                 these dedicated areas allow the operator to
                                                                                     maximise live promotion, cross selling and
    Give your customers the VIP treatment                                            revenue opportunities.
    To meet the needs of your high rollers, all of our
    Live Casino tables are also available in VIP variants.                           Theonlylimitisyourimagination.Tofind
    These red room VIP areas offer higher minimum                                    out more, see our Dedicated Tables &
    bets and the opportunity for high-wagering                                       Environments factsheet.
    customers to play alongside like-minded players in
    an exclusive environment.

    For details of offers and pricing, please contact your Key Account Manager.
    Sebastian Johannisson                 Mitko Mitev                         Martin Pettersson 
    Office:+37167880810                Office:+37167880810              Office:+35620991378
    Mobile:+37127706262                Mobile:+37127796228              Mobile:+35699940404

                                                                                                                  As real as it gets

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