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									South County High School

Dear Student Athletes and Parents,

The coaches of South County Cross Country would like to take this opportunity to welcome back
all veteran athletes and give a special welcome to the newcomers. We are very excited about the
2012 season and have set our goals accordingly. It is our hope that this handbook will provide
the information needed to help make this season a success. In this handbook, you will find our
team guidelines, lettering policy, and other important information. With a commitment from our
coaches, student athletes, and parents we have an opportunity to continue the process of building
a program we can all be proud of.

Summer conditioning opportunities have been arranged including an opportunity to attend Blue
Ridge Running Camp. As always, dates, times, and locations will be posted on our web site We also have plans to take the entire team on our annual overnight meet
this season and we will again host the 6th Annual Stampede Invitational on October 12th. The
Stampede, along with the car washes (May 12 & August 18), are our major fundraisers. The
money raised will provide our charter buses, additional uniforms and equipment, and awards for
the end of season banquet among other things. Your continued support of these efforts will help
us make the 2012 season a memorable experience for all our athletes. Please feel to contact me
at anytime if you have any questions related to the upcoming season.


Coach Christie
Head Cross Country Coach
South County High School
                         SOUTH COUNTY CROSS COUNTRY
                             TEAM GUIDELINES 2012

Our team goals are to improve our level of performance in our regular season meets and
invitationals. We will also strive to become more competitive in the Patriot District, Northern
Region, and at the state level. We will all strive for these goals while striving for excellence in
the classroom.

Our mission is to meet these goals by putting emphasis on commitment to the TEAM. In order to
fulfill this major commitment, time management is the key to success. The expectation for all
South County Athletes is to manage their family and academic obligations so that they can make
a full commitment to their sports.

If making a FULL commitment to cross country by working to become a more competitive
athlete is not priority for you, please put your time and effort into other activities.

                              VARSITY LETTERING CRITERIA
To be considered for a letter in cross country, a student athlete must compete in at least 1 varsity
race and satisfy the following criteria as outlined below.

   1. PRACTICE – The athlete attends all required practices, meets, and team functions unless
      excused by the coaching staff. Missing scheduled team activities can result in limiting
      your ability to compete.

   2. ATTITUDE – The athlete exhibits team spirit and enthusiasm. The athlete should be an
      asset to the team by cooperating with and supporting all members in practices and meets
      as well as respecting others rights and property. Athlete must follow instructions and
      advice from the coaches.

   3. SPORTSMANSHIP – Proper sportsmanship must be exhibited during the entire season.

   4. CITIZENSHIP – Conducts one’s self properly in school and community, including trips
      made to away meets.

   5. SCHOLARSHIP – Athlete is able to discipline his/her self to successfully balance
      academics and athletics.

   6. COMPETITION – In order to be considered eligible for a Varsity Letter, an athlete must
      compete in at least 1 varsity race. (Varsity A and B races at Invitationals and the Top 7
      finishers in all district meets.

NOTE: The coaching staff reserves the right to award a letter to any athlete who may not have
competed in a varsity race as described above, but in the opinion of the coaching staff, makes a
significant contribution to the team worthy of a varsity letter. A participation certificate will be
given to all team members who successfully complete the season but do not earn a varsity letter.
                                    PRACTICES and MEETS
Beginning August 6 , practice will run from 7:00 am to 9:30 am Monday through Friday and
run from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on Saturday. Starting Monday, August 27th practices will begin
at 3:15 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am on Saturday. The practice schedule may change
due to weather, school events, and the availability of facilities. Weekday practices will run
approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Weekday meets usually start between 4:00 pm and
5:00 pm. Each athlete will wear proper clothing to practice based on the weather conditions.
Practices and meets are a time for learning, improving, competing, and supporting your
teammates not a time for clowning around. No footballs, Frisbees, or any other distraction will be
allowed at practices or meets. All athletes who need treatment with the trainer, will take care of
this before practice to avoid being late to practice. Attendance at school is required for a student
to participate in practices and/or meets.

*All athletes must accumulate at least 20 practices before they will be allowed to compete in
their 1st race of the season. This is the official VHSL Policy that we will adhere to without

                                           DRESS CODE
Athletes must be appropriately dressed for practice and meets. All shirts and tank tops must
completely cover the athlete’s stomach. No attire representing another high school may be worn
at practices or meets. All athletes will be asked to change prior to participating if their attire is
inappropriate in any way.

All practices, meets, and other team functions are mandatory. Absences or tardiness from
practices or meets may be grounds for disciplinary action, including loss of meet participation or
dismissal from the team. Good time management strategies are expected in order to make the
required full commitment to Cross Country. If you have consistent attendance problems a
parent/athlete meeting will be held to determine if the time management issues can be resolved.

As an athlete at South County Secondary School you assume the role of responsibility and
leadership. You are expected to abide by all team, school, and Fairfax County rules. A minimum
requirement for participation in sports is good citizenship. You are expected to exhibit good
behavior in the classroom, around the school, and on the playing field. Poor attitude, disrespect,
and/or misconduct will adversely affect your meet participation and could result in dismissal
from the team. The coaching staff will strictly adhere to the Fairfax County Extracurricular
policy which must be signed by all athletes and their parent or guardian in order to participate in
our program.

Academics are the top priority. If you need to stay after school to receive help from a teacher,
please do so during the time provided between the end of school and the start of practice at 3:15.
While academics are a priority, it is the expectation of a student athlete to manage their time and
excel both academically and in their sport. The coaches are always available to share strategies
on how to prioritize your responsibilities in order to excel at both.
                           MONITORING ACADEMIC PROGRESS
Prior to interims and before the end of the 1st quarter all athletes will turn in a progress report to
the coaches. Failure to do so will result in loss of meet participation. Any athlete not making at
least a C (2.0) average will not be able to compete until their grades make the standard. Even
though they cannot compete, they should still practice with the team. Written proof of grade
improvement can be provided at any time, at which point, the athlete will again be eligible to

Equipment is your responsibility. You must take care of it and make sure no one steals any of
your equipment. Do not lend your uniform or warm-ups to anyone. Do not wear uniforms or
warm-ups except for meets or when directed by the coaching staff. They are not to be worn as
casual wear.

All team members must take the bus (when provided) to and from meets. When private
transportation is used, the coaches and parents will drive. Athletes will be given a parental
permission form which must be turned in to the coach before departure to the meet. Students are
not to ride to, or ride home from a meet with other students unless proper permission has been
obtained from the school administration and the parents. Students who wish to drive to practice
off campus must fill out the required driver form which will be posted on our website. Parents
wishing to give their underage athletes permission to ride with a student driver must fill out the
required which will also be posted on our website at

All athletes who run off school grounds will be instructed on proper procedure and safety. No
athlete should run off school grounds without a partner or coach. Likewise, safety will
predominate in the weight room and no one is to lift without coaching supervision.


            1. Run single file facing traffic when there are no sidewalks. When sidewalks or
               shoulders are available, use them.

            2. Stop, look, and listen when crossing roads or intersections.

            3. Cross with traffic lights. Do not cross the street on a curve.

            4. Do not cut diagonally across intersections / streets.

            5. Cross entire streets. Don’t get stranded in the median strip.

            6. Always run with a partner. Look out for your teammate’s safety.

            7. Do not run on private property.
            8. Do not carry music players, Frisbees, tennis balls or any other distractions.

            9. Follow the approved, specified course.
10. Check in with the coach at the end of your workout.

11. Run defensively and anticipate problems – DO NOT CHALLENGE VEHICLES.


 1. Always warm-up and stretch before lifting weights.

 2. Make sure you have a spotter.

 3. Do not show off while lifting weights.

 4. Avoid dropping weights on the floor; you or the floor could suffer damage.

 5. Lift only what you can handle.

 6. Maintain good posture/form while lifting.
 7. Use your legs, not your back, when picking up weights.

 8. Breathe regularly while lifting. Don’t hold your breath.

 9. Alternate weight exercises. Using upper and lower body muscles.
We have read and understand the
 team guidelines outlined in the
South County Secondary School
2012 Cross Country Handbook.

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