Instructions for Completing the SF 424 - United States Department by QEg9iD


									                                           Instructions for Completing the SF 424M
                                                      Revised April, 2011

The SF 424M must be signed and free of white-out or pen and ink changes. Errors, omissions, and/or extraneous
information may cause the form to be returned for correction.

  For the purposes of the Jobs for Veterans State Grant, the definition of "State" includes all fifty of the United
         States, the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

            Type of Submission: Select "Application" if it is     11.        Areas Affected by Project: Leave blank
 1a.        the first year of grant cycle funding or "Funding
                                                                  12.        Congressional Districts of:
            Request" for subsequent Annual Budget Plans or
            Interim Modifications                                            Enter Congressional District of the State Agency's
                                                                             Central Office
            Frequency: Select “Annual” if it is the first year
 1b.        of grant cycle funding and for subsequent Annual
                                                                        b.   Enter "Statewide"
            Budget Plans; Select “Other” for Interim
            Consolidated Application/Plan/Funding
 1c.                                                              13.        Proposed Project Start and End Dates:
            Request? Leave blank
            Version: Select “Initial” for first year of grant
                                                                             Enter the first day of the fiscal year for which funds
 1d.        cycle funding or “Update” for subsequent Annual             a.
                                                                             are requested, i.e. October 1, 20XX
            Budget Plans or Interim Modifications
                                                                             Enter the last day of the fiscal year for which funds
 2.         Federal Use Only: Leave blank                               b.
                                                                             are requested, i.e. September 30, 20XX
 3.         Applicant Identifier: Leave blank                     14.        Estimated Funding:
 4a.        Federal Entity Identifier: Leave blank                           Enter the total amount of funds requested for all
                                                                             JVSG activities, with or without Incentive Award
            Federal Award Identifier: Enter the Federal                 a.
 4b.                                                                         funding as appropriate. This amount must be
            grant number (if known)
                                                                             rounded to the nearest thousand.
 5.         Date Received by State: Leave blank                         b.   Leave blank
 6.         State Application Identifier: Leave blank                        Is Submission Subject to Review by State
            Applicant Information: Enter complete                            Under Executive Order 12372 Process? The
 7.         information for the State Agency which will receive              JVSG is subject to E.O. 12372.
            the grant funding as follows:
                                                                             If the State has a Single Point of Contact (SPOC):
      a.    Enter the legal name of the State Agency                         Select 15a. and enter the date the program was
      b.    Enter the agency's Employer/Taxpayer ID Number                   reviewed;
            Enter agency's DUNS or DUNS +4 number as                         Indicate that the program has not been reviewed by
            provided by Dun and Bradstreet                                   selecting 15b.
            Enter the complete address to include Street                     States that do not have an SPOC must check 19b.
            Address, City, State, Country and Zip Code
                                                                             No state should select 15c.
            Enter the name of the primary organizational unit
      e.                                                                     Is the Applicant Delinquent on any Federal
            responsible for the grant
                                                                             Debt? Select the appropriate box as it applies to
            Enter the last and first name, telephone number,      16.
                                                                             the applicant organization. If yes, an explanation
       f.   and email address of the person to contact on
                                                                             must be provided on the continuation sheet.
            matters related to this application
            Type of Applicant: Enter "A" for State                           Authorized Representative: The SF 424M must
 8a.                                                                         be signed and dated by an authorized
            Name of Federal Agency: Enter "U.S.                              representative of the State Agency. Enter the
 9.                                                               17.
            Department of Labor/VETS"                                        name (first and last), title, telephone number, and
                                                                             email address of the person authorized to enter into
            Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance                           agreements with the U.S. Department of Labor
            (CFDA) Number/Title: Leave blank

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