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					            Face to Face Counselling Service
St Clements Road                                                Tel: 0161 881 1535 (24 hour answer phone)
Chorlton,                                                         Email: info@facetofacecounselling.org.uk
Manchester,                                                     Website: www.facetofacecounselling.org.uk
M21 9AE                                                          Registered No. 1141342

                                  PERSON SPECIFICATION – COUNSELLOR

   1.   Currently on a recognised Diploma Course (or equivalent) in counselling/psychotherapy, or qualified as
        a counsellor

   2.   Primary foundation in Person-Centred Approach (PCA)

   3.   Self- awareness and a commitment to personal growth

   4.   An excellent communicator with both individuals and groups

   5.   An understanding of various counselling methodologies, and a commitment to developing as a person-
        centred counsellor

   6.   A thorough understanding of confidentiality and its limitations as it applies to counselling

   7.   Membership of BACP, and ability to work within its Ethical Framework

   8.   Willing to work to Face to Face’s agreements, procedures and guidelines

   9.   Ability to work as part of a team and to form effective working relationships

   10. Self-motivated with initiative and commitment

   11. Able to fulfil the required time commitment to Face to Face
        (minimum of 2 clients/ week, attendance at 5 community meetings per year, and group training events)

   12. Willingness to take on an area of responsibility within the organisation

   13. Interests/hobbies in areas outside of counselling


   1. Qualified counsellor/psychotherapist
   2. Specific area of interest
   3. Experience of delivering training
   4. Has an understanding about how the voluntary sector works

Face to Face Counselling is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults.
All candidates will be required to go through a CRB check prior to being offered a post
                                              Updated May 24th 2011

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