Assignment - Jacksonville Independent School District by QEg9iD


 This is a list of questions that your teacher wants you to answer about your topic.
All of this information should be included in the final product that your turn in.

1. Name of the tribe.

2. Does the name have a special meaning?

3. Where did they live?

4. What size was the tribe?

5. What region of Texas did they live in?

6. Were they hunters, gatherers, or farmers?

7. What kind of crops did they grow, if any?

8. What kind of food did they gather, if any?

9. What kind of animal did they hunt, if any?

10. Did they have a special way of farming, hunting, or gathering?
11. What kind of house did they live in and why?

12. How did they make their houses?

13. Did they have a religion? If so, explain it.

14. Did they have a government? If so, explain it.

15. Did they trade? If so, what did they trade?

16. Did they make crafts? (Ex. pottery, jewlery, etc.)

17. Is there something special about your group?

18. Does your tribe have a neat song or dance?

19. List any interesting facts your find about your group not covered in the other questions.

20. Is there anything else you would like to find out about your tribe?

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