Oral Presentation--Grading Sheet by QEg9iD


									Oral Presentation--Grading Sheet

Presenter       _____________________         Subject ____________________

Content (60%)

A C  F       The presentation is well-researched; includes information from books and articles;
                 includes only web sites that are credible, university-sponsored, or produced by
                people with appropriate credentials. The student clearly connects the presentation
                to works we are studying in class. (Note: annotated biblliography should be sent to
                me in electronic form so I can attach it to the class web site).

A C  F       A clear introduction maps the course of the presentation.

A C  F       The presentation is well-organized.

Delivery and Supporting Materials (40%)

A C  F       The presentation is spoken, not read, and the delivery is clear and easy to

A C  F       The presentation is visually interesting and is supported by illustrations, books,
                films, etc. (list):

A C  F       Presenter left room for class questions, and answered those questions clearly and

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