Hostess Coaching Checklist:

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					 Hostess Coaching Checklist:

      Presented a Hostess Packet at time she books a party. Ideally in person.
      Reviewed the Hostess Packet contents with the hostess
      Explained the importance of inviting 3 x’s the desired number of guests.
      Asked her to list items she would like to receive free or at a discount (Wish List)
      Set a date and time for your first hostess coaching call
      Reminded her to send you the Guest List ASAP

NEXT CONTACT: (Two weeks before Party)

      Build her confidence with praise and encouragement
      Asked about her Wish List and totaled the value
      Set a party sales goal
      Talk about advance order to help her reach her goal
      Help her think of additional people to add to her guest list
      Mail invites
      Set a date for your next care call

NEXT CONTACT: (1 week before Party)

      Build her excitement by sharing your plans for the party.
      Encourage her to think about who might be interested in booking a party (her
       “party queens”)
      Check if she needs any additional supplies
      Check on RSVP’s
      Encourage her to keep food simple
      Talk about reminder calls (or use

CONTACT # 4 (Day before)

      Confirm directions
      Confirm number of guests so you have enough supplies
      Remind her of what a great job she is doing and will have a great party!

CONTACT # 5 (after party)

      Send thank you note to hostess.
      Contact “no-shows” to see if they would like to schedule their own party.
                           Hostess Feedback Survey
What did you enjoy most about my party?

What could I have done differently before the show to enhance your experience as a

What could I have done differently during the show to enhance the experiences of your

As I work with future hostesses, what advice can I pass on from you that might help them
have a successful show?

  Ask these questions of your next 10 hostesses. See if there are areas for

Hostess survey: (handout) or (free)

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