Other Statutory Provisions (Form F) (Word) by QEg9iD


									                                                                         Part VIII
                                                                         Rule F2

                                   FORM F


The Registrar
Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland
Royal Courts of Justice
Chichester Street

   1. Name of person/s making application

   2. Statutory provision under which reference to the Lands Tribunal is

   3. Description of land, or other subject matter to which the reference

   4. Interest of the applicant/s in such land or subject matter, and the
      capacity in which the applicant makes this reference

   5. The determination which is sought by the applicant/s

   6. Circumstances giving rise to the claim for a determination

   7. Date on which applicant/s first became entitled to refer the matter for
      determination by the Lands Tribunal

   8. Names and addresses of all persons known to have a proprietary
      interest in the land, or other subject matter, or having an interest in the
      determination sought

   9. Whether the applicant/s (by whom this notice is given) proposes to call
      an expert witness on valuation or on any other issue

   10. All communications concerning this reference should be addressed to
       me/us at the address shown above [or to my/our solicitor/agent].

   11. Copies of this notice of reference are enclosed for service by the
       registrar pursuant to rule 5 of the General Rules upon:-

Dated: _____________________________ Signed: ____________________
  1. Where the claim is solely for compensation, whether in the form of a
     lump sum or of rent, royalty or annual payment, proceedings should be
     instituted by a notice of reference in accordance with Form 1 under the
     General Rules rule 4.

  2. In every case where this form of notice is used a copy of any order,
     direction, notice, decision, authorisation or other act founding the
     reference must be sent to the registrar with the notice of reference and
     in claims in respect of planning blight copies of both the blight notice
     and any counter notice of objection should be sent with the notice of

  3. Where the reference is made in pursuance of an agreement to arbitrate
     the written agreement should accompany the notice.

  4. As regards paragraph 4 the capacity in which the applicant makes the
     reference is intended to deal particularly with the case where the
     relevant statutory provision requires the applicant to be, for example, “a
     resident owner occupier” or “an owner occupier” of land of a particular
     description as in section 2 of the Planning and Land Compensation
     (Northern Ireland) Act 1971 or for example a person entitled to claim a
     home loss payment under Part IV of the Land Acquisition and
     Compensation (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 by reason of lawful
     occupation by virtue of a qualifying interest or right for a period of not
     less than five years ending with the displacement giving rise to the

  5. As regards paragraph 6 which requires a statement of the
     circumstances giving rise to the reference, only the circumstances
     necessary to bring the reference within the relevant statutory provision
     need be stated.

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