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					                                                     ILS MULTI LARK LOCK
                                               OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONS SCHEMATIC

The Lark lock will come with the                                                LARK
Master code active (505050 50)            Input-Door                            LOCK                  There are 51 codes in each lock.

                                                                                       ALARM          1 MASTER – for Head office
The master code must be            Input-Deposit
                                                                                    Duress-output     This code must enable others
changed and then enable the                                                         Blocking-input    Default 50505050
sub master codes which in turn                              1 MASTER CODE
can enable other codes.                                       6 DIGITS + 50                           6 SUB MASTER CODES -
                                                                 F0R H/Q                              For programming and taking an audit.
The master code can enable                                                                            These codes can also enable/disable
other types of codes and                                                                              Open codes, Engineering code and
program the lock, open, close           6 SUB MASTER CODES                                            Audit codes. 6 digits + 42 to 47
times etc.                                6 DIGITS + 42 TO 47
                                           FOR MANAGERS
                                                                                                      40 OPENING CODES for Office staff
Sub master codes can do the                                                                           6 digits + 01 to 40
same but only if enabled by
master code first.                                                                                    1 CASH CARRY CODE to over-ride
                                                                                                      time delay 6 digits+41
MASTER and SUB codes can
not open the safe.       2 AUDIT CODES                                                                2 AUDIT CODES
                             6 DIGITS + 48 OR 49                                                      For taking an audit only
                                                                                                      Default 48484848 &49494949

                                                                                                      1 ENGINEERING CODE
TIME DELAY                                                                                            For service work 6 digits + 00
                                                         MASTER, SUB-MASTER CAN
AUTO TIME LOCKING                                         PROGRAM OPEN/CLOSE
AUTO SUMMER/WINTER                                       TIMES ETC. AND AUDIT VIA
CHANGE                                                          COMPUTER
CLOSE TILL NEXT OPEN                                                                   1 ENGINEER CODE 6
                                                                Cash Carry                 DIGITS + 00
YEAR 2000 COMPLIANT                                             code Id 41

                                                         40 USER CODES TO OPEN
ILS 075/Multi OFS                                       SAFE 6 DIGITS + 01 TO 40 FOR                                                   1 OF 1
23/12//98 ISSUE1                                               OFFICE STAFF

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